Porus News: Porus saves Anusuya from the guards attack

Jan 03, 2018

Porus: Porus enters Bamni's kingdom Puru and Bamni to have a battle ahead

The upcoming episode of Sony TV's popular drama Porus is up for some interesting twist in tale amid Porus and Bamni's life. As per the current track, Porus has entered the Paurva Kingdom and is ready for the fight with the pauravas. Porus says they are invited and they will have to go. He says without meeting Raja Bamni this journey will not complete and he is ready to fight with his dad. He faces Bamni and says he will surely give Bamni an answer. They both are unaware of their relation. Puru doesn’t know Anusuya is his mother. Puru takes Bamni’s blessings before the fight and Bamni too blesses him. Anusuya witnesses the father-son moment and gets emotional.

Porus and Anusuya feel some connection 

Anusuya is worried for Porus. Besides, Anusuya was caged by Bamni’s guards and was mistaken to be an intruder. The guard tells everyone that Anusuya looks mad, but maybe she has a relation with Dasyus. The man orders the guard to kill her. Anusuya pleads for her life while they doubt that Anusuya is Puru’s group member. Puru comes there and saves Anusuya as he respects her. She feels some connection with Puru. Find out on Porus tonight only on Sony TV. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.  

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