Porus Spoiler: Porus to fight Bamni for the injustice of mother Anusuya

Jan 18, 2018

Porus: Puru learns that King Bamni is Behind Anusuya’s Condition

The upcoming episode of Sony TV's popular show Porus is up for some high voltage drama in the upcoming tracks. Porus met Anusuya, he shared not just a great bonding but felt a strange feeling that could simply not allow him to get away from her. In Anusuya, he finds his mother although he isn’t aware yet that she is his real mother. This is the reason why he even brought her to the Dasyu rajya all over from Paurav rashtra. However, now that his foster brother Hasti is against him for betraying him before going to Paurav rashtra, he will ensure that he expose the fact that Puru is secretly hiding a woman in Dasyu rajya much against the rules and regulations of the Dasyu people. Hasti has already lit the fire in the hut where Anusuya is hiding. At a distance, Ripudaman and Puru are having some conversation. Anusuya keeps on shouting Puru’s name to help her. These three instances all together will in a way bring Ripudaman and Anusuya face to face. Seeing Anusuya and Puru together, Ripudaman would not hide the reality anymore. However, going by the available Porus spoiler and updates it seems that for the moment Puru won’t know the entire truth but just the fact that whatever happened to Anusuya was because of King Bamni.

Puru decides to take revenge from Bamni

Now that Puru thinks Anusuya as his mother and is already in awe of her motherly love, he will decide to take a revenge on King Bamni for all the injustice he has done to Anusuya. Yes, Porus will turn against King Bamni, his own father. However, he won’t be knowing that King Bamni is his father or he is his son or for that matter Anusuya’s real son. Find out on Porus only on Sony TV. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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