Porus Spoiler: Puru wins the battle to save Sumer

Jan 25, 2018

Porus: Shivdutt (Aman Dhaliwal) plans to kill Puru (Laksh Lalwani)

The upcoming episode of Sony TV's Porus is up for a major twist in the story line. Viewers will get to witness an electricfying twists amid Puru and Anusuya in the coming episodes. Puru gets a letter to come to Paurava Rashtra to save Sumer. Puru thus decides to visit Paurava Rashtra again along with Anusuya (Rati Pandey) to reunite her with Sumer (Rishi Verma). Besides, Shivdutt has pre planned this and he waits for Puru to come there and to kill him. Puru will sense that Amartya Shivdutt (Aman Dhaliwal) will try to catch him. Puru will then enter the land and would fight with them to bring back Sumer. 

Puru reunites Sumer and Anusuya

Later, he will win the battle and would manage to free Sumer from them. He will reunite Anusuya-Sumer and complete his mission. What will happen next? Will this create a new trouble for Puru? Lets wait and watch. Till then keep watching Porus and stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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