Porus SPOILER: Puru’s Mother Queen Anusuya is Still Alive

Dec 20, 2017

Porus: Porus meets his mother Queen Anusuya after entering the Paurva Kingdom

The upcoming episode of Sony Tv's popular drama Porus is up for some major twist in tale. Porus learns that Ripudaman and his wife Pritha are not his real parent and he fulfills his foster mother’s wish of not sending Hasti to the Paurav rashtra. Next, he will stop Hasti from going to Paurav Rashtra and would head himself towards the destination along with Lacchi and Sumer. No wonder, being the prince of Paurav rashtra, he is destined to enter the place sooner or later, after all. Meanwhile, Ripudaman and Pritha have no clue that Puru have heard their conversation. During his visit to the Paurav rashtra, Porus will come across a lady. This lady is none other than Queen Anusuya. However, she would be living in disguise as she isn’t aware who she really is. Going by a spoiler, Queen Anusuya post the leap although alive is mentally unstable. However, neither of the two will know who they are and what is the relationship between them. Only Ripudaman can now unite them. Lets wait and watch. Till then keep reading this space for more gossips and keep watching Porus only on Sony Tv.

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