Porus Upcoming Twist: Hasti troubles Puru plans conspiracy against him

Jan 16, 2018

Porus: Hasti decides to avenge Porus (Laksh Lalwani)

Sony Entertainment Television's popular show Porus is up for some high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes amid the relationship of Puru and Anusuya. Porus has finally rescued Anusuya from Kanishk and Shivdutt's attack and has bought her along to the Dasayu Kingdom without letting anyone know. Porus hides Anusuya at a place as no outsider is allowed in Dasayu Kingdom. Besides, Hasti now hates Porus as he betrayed him and did not let him go to the Paurva Rashtra. In the upcoming track, Hasti will learn that Porus is hiding something from everyone and thus he will plan conspiracy against him.    

Anusuya's life at risk

Hasti will find out that Puru has bought someone in the Dasayu Kingdom and thus he will place fire at the place where Anusuya is kept. While, the story will bring another twist when the place where Anusuya is kept catches fire. Anusuya shouts for Puru's help and Porus runs to save Anusuya's life. Find out on Porus only on Sony TV. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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