Porus Update: Gear up for Alexander Vs Porus drama

Jan 31, 2018

Porus: Porus to learn his relationship with Bamni and Anusuya?

Sony TV's popular show Porus is about to witness a major drama in the coming episodes. Puru despite being the son of King Bamni of Paurav rashtra is living a Dasyu life where both the king and his men are behind him. Interestingly, neither Puru nor does any of them knows the reality of Porus. Soon Puru will win over the fight with the Persians. The interesting to see how Puru will learn about being King Bamni's son. Now that his foster brother Hasti has set his journey for the Paurav Rashtra with an aim to reveal Puru’s reality in front of everybody. And with Ripudaman joining him too, we do think the family can finally reunite. 

Alexander vs Porus

Now that Alexander is all set to take over the world, it would be interesting to see Porus taking the plunge rather than getting busy in some inside politics. No wonder, Shivdutt, his uncle and his stepbrother along with the Farsis wouldn’t be happy to see him as his father’s heir. However, what would be interesting is to see how and when Yuvraj Porus will stand against Alexander to safeguard his people and homeland.

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