Ranbir Kapoor visits ex-lover Katrina Kaif’s house secretly

Aug 08, 2016

Ranbir Kapoor visited Jagga Jasoos co-star and ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif secretly and sparked of rumors of reconciliation

Here is some spicy news for all Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor fans out there.  The couple ended their relationship almost 7 months back but it seems that everything is still not over between the ex-lovers. Recently a close friend of Katrina visited her house but was later on shocked to see Katrina’s ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor walking into her house. Although Katrina’s friend was quite shocked and startled by Ranbir’s presence, Katrina did not seem surprised at all and looked like she was expecting Ranbir to be there. Ranbir and Katrina dated each other for 6 long years before they decided to end their relationship in the beginning of 2016. Media reports suggested that the two broke up because Katrina was insecure about Ranbir’s growing bond with his previous lover Deepika Padukone. Initially, fans of the couple expected that the two would patch up soon but that did not seem to happen and Ranbir appeared to move on. The two actors started filming for the final schedule of their film Jagga Jasoos together and it was expected that the two of them would rekindle the flame. However, nothing of that sort happened as Katrina and Ranbir remained strictly professional and maintained a distance from one another during the shoot. However, this latest piece of news has brought in a new twist for Ranbvir and Katrina’s love saga. Ranbir going to Katrina’s house secretly only proves that there is still something brewing between the two Bollywood hotties. Are Katrina and Ranbir thinking of patching up or do they just want to remain friends? Seems like only time will tell about the exact nature of relationship between Ran-Kat. Stay tuned more filmy gossip and gupshup.

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