Rishta Likehnge Hum Naya: Ratan shattered as Diya on death bed

Jan 08, 2018

Rishta Likehnge Hum Naya latest news: Diya (Tejaswi Prakash) in grave accident, Ratan (Rohit Suchanti) realizes her innocence

The upcoming twist of Sony TV’s popular show Rishta Likehnge Hum Naya will show a big twist coming up with Diya being declared dead after meeting with an accident. Viewers will get to see that Diya will be in her car when suddenly she will get hit by a truck and she will be badly injured. Diya will be rushed to the hospital and her life will be in grave danger. Diya will suffer a head injury and the doctor will not have any hope of her survival. When Yash comes to know about the accident, he will immediately inform Ratan about it. Ratan hates Diya and thinks that she is the one trying to kill him. However, Yash will convince him that Diya is innocent and she herself has become the target of the real culprit. Moreover, Yash will also tell Ratan that the culprit is a woman as he heard her talking about her plan to kill Diya.

Ratan’s arrival saves Diya

As soon as Ratan realizes that Diya is innocent and her life is in danger, he will rush to the hospital to be with Diya. Diya will be on the verge of losing her life but Ratan’s arrival will save Diya. Diya will be out of danger and Ratan will be relieved seeing Diya alive. This will be a big twist where Diya and Ratan will finally patch up after a long rift amid them. Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya. 

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