Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 10th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 10, 2018

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 10th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th January 2018 Precap

Sher Singh informs that Adhiraj used to be out for his work usually while Satrupa says she has doubt on him. Gayatri asks Sher Singh to leave. Meanwhile, Vikram says there is question running in his mind that Anami said she won't leave Lal Mahal before turning 18. While, Gayatri and Vikram start questioning Satrupa. Satrupa gets pissed and she asks them not to question so much as she will get her back and she leaves. Vikram says he always thought that Anami would save Lal Mahal and would complete the dream which Vatsalya dreamt of. Meanwhile, Anami enjoys the bus ride. Anami tells Adhiraj to talk about his childhood memories while Adhiraj does not reply. Anami says sorry that he asked wrong question. Adhiraj tells about his mom whom he lost in his childhood while Anami asks him about his dad. Adhiraj says he will tell her when the time comes. Anami tells him its ok he can tell whenever he wants. The man who was following Anami asks the conductor to stop the bus and says he wants to go to toilet. The bus stops and the man gets down. Narottam is tensed while Sudha comes and questions him about being sad for Anami. Sudha says it is good that Anami left. It is happening because of Satrupa. Anami also did the same thing that Vatsalya did. Meanwhile, Baldev comes there and says what did you say about Vatsalya. Narottam leaves. 

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 10th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Sudha says she said the truth as first Vatsalya left and now Anami. She says even tough he did not accept Anami as his daughter but she is still his blood. Sudha starts manipulating Baldev against Satrupa. She says Satrupa could not become a good wife as well as a good mother. Sudha says she will always be there for him in his thick and thin. Baldev says thanks but there is no need to care about him and he leaves. The follower Raghuveer calls Satrupa and she picks it. He says she must not be knowing him but he knows her very well. He says he got the number from Royal Steel. Meanwhile, Sudha also hears the conversation from the landline. He says he has learned that Anami has run away and he knows about it. Satrupa asks him about her. She says he will get the number of amount he wants. Murari Pathak and his wife are worried that Anami and Laddu did not reach yet. Murari prays that Anami and Laddu come home safely while someone knocks the door. They are happy and they think Anami has come while he is the vegetable vendor. Meanwhile, the man Raghuveer brings police in the bus while they find no one in Adhiraj and Anami's seat. Besides, Anami and Adhiraj had run away from the bus along with Laddu and they get into the van. Adhiraj says he already had a doubt on him. Anami says fantastic. They police shouts the man while Satrupa calls the inspector. He says the trio ran away before they could reach. Satrupa asks who is the third one. Satrupa questions the man about his looks which matches with Adhiraj. Satrupa is furious to know that Adhiraj is helping Anami in her plan. The police van starts following the van in which Anami and Adhiraj are in. Anami is worried.


Vikram gets a call he says ok and keeps it. Satrupa asks him what happen. Vikram says the house has burned and turned to ashes. People saw Anami and Laddu entering in and no one returned.

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