Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 13 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 12, 2017

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 13 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 14 December 2017 Precap

Purshottam calls Anami and he calls Anami to take away Laddu. Purshottam asks her to check the box and put the clip and he will contact her using that microphone. Purshottam asks Anami to stay away from her lover Adhiraj saying that he has his eye on everyone and says if he tells anyone then he will do something to Laddu. Anami warns Purshottam while he says to keep her attitude in her place or else Laddu will be in risk. Adhiraj calls Anami and asks her about Satrupa. Anami says she does not know about where is she going. Adhiraj says he wants to say about something important and asks if someone is around her. Anami says no. Adhiraj says after yesterday's investigation their doubt is on Sudha's brother Purshottam who kidnapped Laddu. Adhiraj says maybe they kidnapped him because you offered Sudha to sign on the papers for Vatsalya's dream project. Anami gets shocked. Adhiraj says his kidnapping is based on Lal Mahal. Anami says she will meet him and talk and he cuts the call. Anami thinks about where Satrupa must have gone. Anami takes Vikram's phone and calls Satrupa. She asks him about where she is and says she also wanted to come. Satrupa says she will come soon. Satrupa reaches her destination. Satrupa says she will walk alone from here and nobody will follow as they will come to know about it. Gayatri comes to Anami with food and asks her to have some bite. Anam takes the plate and eats on her own and she leaves. Gayatri asks about where is she going. Anami says she is going to the temple. A goon calls someone saying that Satrupa is coming near the den and tries to attack her with a gun but before he could someone else gun points him. A man comes running to Purshottam and says Satrupa is coming. Purshottam gets shocked. He asks the man to hurry up and hide Laddu. Satupa enters there and walks with her attitude. Adhiraj asks to Satrupa's personal assistant about what is she doing here. She says Satrupa was worried about Laddu so we came in search of him. Adhiraj asks where is Satrupa. Satrupa tells Purshottam that he pretended to be dead all this 5 years running away from the police and is still the same criminal. Purshottam says now no one can save her from his attack and his mans gun point Satrupa. Satrupa says he does not know about her powers. Satrupa's men enter there and start shooting everyone there. Purshottam gets shocked and worried and takes out the nebuliser to breath. Anami was on her way and her auto goes from the same way where Adhiraj and Satrupa's people were waiting. Adhiraj did not notice Anami. Gayatri gets suspicious over Anami and asks Poonam about it. Meanwhile, Satrupa sits in the chair and says Purshottam not to fear as she will not kill him and says there is no benefit of killing him. Satrupa makes an irresistible offer to Purushottam and says she wants him to work for her. Purshottam says he thought he came here to rescue Laddu. Satrupa says she will definately save Laddu. Purshottam says till the time he is fine Laddu will be fine. Laddu is in a car. Satrupa warns Purshottam saying that if Laddu gets harmed then her sister won't even get his dead body to perform the last rites. Satrupa asks him what was the benefit of kidnapping Laddu. Purshottam says 50 percent of the property of Lal Mahal. Satrupa laughs saying that he is so stupid that he came into his sisters sayings and she manipulated him. Satrupa says he won't even get 1% of their property and will kill him as soon as her work gets completed. Gayatri was praying while Sudha comes there saying that she wants to pray for Laddu. Satrupa gives Purshottam and offer of 50 crore and she questions him that has Sudha ever talked to him about his rights and his place in her work. Satrupa asks him to work for her and a man enters with a bag full of 50 crore rs. Purshottam shockingly looks and says he can't betray her sister. Satrupa gets furious. Besides, Laddu cries inside the car for help and some kinda smoke comes inside the car and he keeps on coughing inside.


Precap: Purshottam calls Anami secretly and asks her to meet near a water tank. Anami reaches there and she attacks the man while he removes his weapon. Satrupa asks Heera Singh if he found Laddu. He says not till now. Sudha enjoys her victory and dances before the idol.

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