Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 14 February 2018 Written Update: Anami shocks everyone with her entry

Feb 14, 2018

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 14th February 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 15th February 2018 Precap

Adhiraj tells Dhiru about Anami birthday and he tells Dhiru that Anami has invited him. Dhiru says he has refused for bringing Tanya and Adhiraj along. Tanya and Adhiraj try to convince Dhiru. Dhiru says Anami is part to Lal Mahal and he will never accept the member of Lal Mahal. Dhiru refuses and leaves. Adhiraj says he will surely go. Meanwhile, Avdhoot bribes the DJ to play the pen drives songs when the cake gets cut. The stylists start to make Anami ready. They curl her hairs. Poonam brings Anami's new sandals. Anami impresses everyone with her special look. Kamini looks at Anami and says that she will fall down and will loose all her attitude. Flashback, Kamini decides to break Anami's heels. Meanwhile, Anami steps down. Kamini laughs loudly thinking that she fell off. Satrupa looks at Kamini strangely. Gayatri is worried if Anami wil fall while Satrupa says she will come properly. Everyone claps for Anami. Kamini's plans flop. Anami tells Gayatri that she wore sneakers instead of heels. Gayatri and Satrupa tell Anami that they love her the way she is. Satrupa says she is looking like a princess. 

Avdhoot's plan against Anami

Flashback is shown when Avdhoot plans with the man who is invited in party. He asks him to call the conference and the questions will be planned by him. Avdhoot also ask him to call the media. Vikram is happy and he makes Anami meet everyone. Anami waits for Adhiraj. Meanwhile, Anamii gives her special speech at the party. Kamini says she won't be able to say anything now. Anami leaves everyone shocked with her beautiful speech. Vikram is proud. Avdhoot tells Kamini that his plans won't flop.


Anami blows the candles and was about to cut the cake. The DJ guy plays the pen drive and Satrupa's conversation with Sher Singh gets played in front of everyone.

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