Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 23rd November 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Nov 22, 2017

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 23rd November 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 23rd November 2017 Precap

Anami recalls everything and starts dancing while children claps for her. Anami asks kids to leave as she is not in a good mood today. Laddu comes to Anami and complains her about the guy who kicked him intentionally and apologizes if she felt bad. Anami says childhood was better. Anami says in childhood it was easy to find what is right and what is wrong. Laddu asks Anami to share her problem. Anami asks Laddu if she did right by moving Sudha out. Laddu says she did the right thing. Meanwhile, Gayatri also overhears their conversation and gets happy. Laddu says she scared him and also says that she did the right thing. Gayatri comes and explains Anami that she must not get scared of such decisions and must fight back. Meanwhile, Munna brings a latest news for Adhiraj. Munna shows Purshottam's death certificate to Adhiraj. Munna also says Adhiraj that Anami has shifted Sudha to a servants quarters but he does not know the reason. Munna also tells Adhiraj that Anami was depressed. Baldev and Pujan were leaving when Baldev saw Sudha entering Lal Mahal and stops her. Sudha says she has came to collect her belongings while Baldev replies saying that servents will throw out her belongings. Baldev warns Sudha against taking step towards Lal Mahal. Sudha tells Baldev that he has no rights over this house. Sudha asks about Baldev's status in Lal Mahal. Baldev says don't make me realize my status. Sudha adds fume questioning that she made him realize his status and then leaves. Later, Adhiraj calls Anami and says he has met with an accident outside Lal Mahal and calls her to meet urgently. Anami says she is coming and runs out. Anami comes out and asks the ice cream shopkeeper if he saw any jeep around. He refuses and asks her for ice cream. They have argument and then Adhiraj reveals his face. Anami starts eating icecream and Adhiraj keeps looking at her. Meanwhile, Sudha comes out of house and kids run away getting sacred of her and then she starts painting. She also asks kids to make painting with her. While Satrupa looks at her. Anami comes there and Sudha starts her drama being happy in this open environment. Anami brings breakfast for her. Gayatri asks Satrupa about why she is worried. Satrupa says Sudha is destroying Anami's future. Gayatri asks her about what will be her next move. Satrupa replies that now Sudha will make a move and Anami will notice her every move. Sudha shows her old clothes to Anami while Anami finds some photographs inside it. Anami was about to open the envelop while Sudha throws it down. Sudha asks Anami that she is getting late for college and changes the topic. Sudha asks Anami to leave. Anami gets suspicious over Sudha.

Precap: Anami goes to Sudha's room and searches for the photographs. Anami finds Vatsalya's photo in her room which is scribbled and thinks who must have done it. Laddu goes to Satrupa's room and asks for help that he did not understand math problems and needs help to solve it.

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