Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 3rd January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 03, 2018

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 3rd January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 4th January 2018 Precap

Satrupa, Gayatri and Baldev enter Anami's room while she gets worried. Later they find Anami and Laddu listening music with headphones and dancing together in their room. Anami and Laddu look at Satrupa and others and they remove their headphones. Gayatri gets furious and shouts at Anami for hearing music by closing the door. Anami says sorry and she will not repeat the mistake. Gayatri asks her to get ready and come for pooja. Anami walks away while Satrupa starts apologizing Anami. She turns around and looks at Anami is enjoying her music and did not listen anything. Satrupa leaves. Anami says she will go so far that she can never abe able to find her again. Anami looks at a bhajan man's car and gets the idea to leave for Benaras. Anami comes down. Gayatri talks to the bhajan people about their journey. Anami listens carefully. They say that they will leave today. Poonam tells Adhiraj has come. Gayatri asks to call him in. Adhiraj asks Gayatri if she called him. Gayatri tells him that he will have to take Anami's security. Vikram tells him that he must explain her and make her understand that it is not safe for her to leave Lal Mahal. Gayatri says they do not want to lose Anami. Adhiraj agrees. Sudha says there is something cooking between Anami and Satrupa. She says if Laddu told anything about her then she will kill him. Narottam says why are you creating trouble for Laddu. He must have not told anything. Sudha says hope this is true. Laddu prays to the God while Sudha comes there and says did he pray for his and Anami's life? Laddu gets scared while Poonam takes him away. Anami asks Poonam to pack her bags. Poonam asks her if she is going somewhere. Anami says yes she is leaving Lal Mahal and will leave very far. Poonam says she won't let her go and says this is her house and she has to stay here. Anami says her house is in Benaras. Poonam asks her to talk to Gayatri once before taking any decision. 

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 3rd January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Meanwhile, Gayatri burts out on Satrupa for using Laddu. Vikram asks shouts Satrupa for her mistake. Satrupa says she did this for her daughter. Baldev says don't bring Anami's name into your mistake as you have done this for your own selfish motives.  Pujan adds fume to fire saying there is not much difference between Purshottam and her. Satrupa tells Gayatri at least you understand while Gayatri and Vikram asks her to stay away from them. While, Satrupa was just dreaming about this sitting on her couch. She thinks if Anami tells everyone about it and then thinks she won't. Satrupa is confused and worried. Meanwhile, Anami tells Poonam that if she tells this to everyone else then this will create another mess. Anami asks Poonam if she is with her. Poonam says she is her only friend in this house and she will help her. Poonam asks if she informed her Adhiraj. Anami says "My Adhiraj?" She says yes she informed and he will also join her. Meanwhile, Adhiraj is tensed, he thinks about everything and punches the punching bag. Tanya brings cold coffee for him while he does not reply. Tanya leaves. Adhiraj says he did not refuse and says sorry. Tanya says you said sorry. Adhiraj asks her to sit and he tells about Anami. He says his duty does not want Anami to leave while Anami wants to leave Lal Mahal. Anami runs to the lady from Bhajan service and she asks her from where did they came. She says we came from Haridwar. Anami says she wanted to know where is their room in Lal Mahal. Poonam reaches to the special guest house. Anami asks their place of return. She says they will go back to Haridwar. Sudha asks her if she never went to Haridwar and why is she questioning so much? Anami asks why will you pay my tickets for Haridwar. Sudha taunts her says home is where the heart is and you can't regard this place as home. She says she must be planning to take away Laddu from here. Anami says thaks for thinking about me but not to think so much for her again and leaves. Sudha decides to know Anami's plan. Poonam is busy to remove some clothes from the guests bag. While the lady walks towards the room and enters in. Anami gets disappointed and feels she got caught. Poonam comes from behind and shows Anami the clothes. Anami hugs her and says now its time to vanish and leave for Benaras. 


Adhiraj tells Tanya that he loves Anami a lot. Anami gets ready and wears the dress. Poonam asks her to cover her face with dupatta. They give presents to the ladies while Anami is also in the queue. Gayatri asks her to come forward. Poonam looks at Anami. Sudha also looks at her suspiciously.

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