Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 4 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 03, 2017

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 4 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 5 December 2017 Precap

Satrupa tells that this theft was done to show that it was failed burglary. Flashback- when Sudha enters Lal Mahal and loots from Kamini's room. Adhiraj walks away with Sudha and questions her about not being scared. Adhiraj says he doubts that the person was his relative. Adhiraj questions Sudha about her family and mentions about her brother Purshottom. Sudha says he is no more and says perhaps he is not aware about the complete truth. Adhiraj says she was in mental asylum when Purshottam died and asks how can she be so confident. Sudha changes the topic. Adhiraj says its their work to doubt on people and asks her to stay careful and leaves. Sudha gets worried. Laddu starts acting like Adhiraj and plays with Poonam. While, Anami enters there and Laddu says that he was impressed by Adhiraj and he also wants to be a CBI officer. Laddu runs tu play. Anami is tensed. Poonam asks her about her problem. Anami says she was thinking about Vatsalya and his dreams he had written in his dairy. Anami says she wants to fulfill his dreams. Poonam says that Anami should win Vikram's trust. Vikram asks Satrupa about the theft while Satrupa says its all because of Sudha. Satrupa looks at the file and asks Vikram about it. Vikram says that Anami came to him with Vatsalya's file and says he did not feel like Anami could complete Vatsalya's dreams. Meanwhile, Kamini gets irritated by the theft incident while Pujan handles her and says he will prepare a glass mahal for her. Besides, Purshottam calls Sudha and Sudha informs him that Satrupa has doubt on her. Laddu, Satrupa and Anami sit together to write Laddu's story. While Laddu asks both Anami and Satrupa to say one one lines on his story. While, Satrupa and Anami starts their own story. Laddu gets confused as Satrupa and Anami starts fighting in the story. While, in the middle of the story they start talking about Vatsalya. Gayatri asks Vikram if he got any call from Adhiraj. Meanwhile, Satrupa comes to Vikram's room. Anami wants to complete Vatsalya’s dream project. Vikramaditya and Satrupa find a perfect opportunity to strike a deal with her. Vikram and Anami knock Anami's room and asks her if they can come in. Vikram talks to Anami about Vatsalya's file. Vikram gives him the permission to complete Vatsalya dream. While Satrupa says she can give her this opportunity on one condition. Satrupa asks Anami to get sign on the papers while Anami asks about what is written in it. Satrupa says it has written that Sudha has no relation with Narottam and Baldev. Anami gets shocked and says Narottam is Sudha's son. Vikram says Vatsalya's future is depended on her answer. Vikram says she does not have to worry about them as he can pay Sudha and her family so much of amount that they can spend their rest of the life in luxury.

Precap: Laddu hears Sudha and Purshottom's conversation. Unfortunately, he gets slip while running and gets caught by Sudha and Purshottam. Laddu tries to run away.

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