Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 4th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 04, 2018

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 4th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 5th January 2018 Precap

Adhiraj talks about his problem to Tanya. Tanya starts asking him questions and she asks him if he loves Anami. He says yes. She asks if he wants to spend his life with her. He thinks about Anami and he tells that he loves Anami a lot. Anami calls Adhiraj he picks it. Adhiraj goes to meet Anami and gets emotional he cries. He controls and tells Anami that this plan won't work. Anami asks him if he can support her. Anami tells him to look after his duty she won't feel bad. Anami asks him to stay here but don't stop me. Adhiraj controls his tears. Anami says she is leaving while she turns back smiles and talks about the pakode he used to bring and tells him that it was very tasty . She says she will miss them as well as Adhiraj and she leaves. Adhiraj shed tears. Anami changes her clothes and Poonam asks her to wear a dupatta. Poonam shows them the ladder and tells her to go from here. Poonam is emotional and she tells her that she will miss her. Anami tells she will miss her to while Laddu says he will take care of Anami. Poonam aslo gives lunch for them. Laddu and Anami get down. Anami takes a sac. They get on the bus and Anami asks Laddu to get into the sac. Meanwhile, a man comes in and calls her inside and tells her that she has to take gifts given by Gayatri. Anami says no she does not want gift. He says its their orders everyone has to take. Gayatri starts giving presents. 

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 4th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Anami is in the line. Poonam comes running and is worried. Gayatri calls Anami for present. Anami walks ahead slowly while Poonam keeps on calling her didi didi. Poonam asks her to cover her hairs as they can recognize. Poonam loudly shouts Didi and Anami gets scared. Poonam tells Gayatri that she is looking for Anami. Gayatri asks why she has covered her face while Vikram says he is happy that people still follow the rituals. Anami takes the gift and is above to leave while a man steps on her clothes (her dupatta) Anami struggles to remove it while it falls down. Anami and Poonam get worried. Poonam comes to handle the situation and she runs to Gayatri and says milk has turned to curd and keeps on saying something. At the moment Narottam comes and puts the dupatta on Anami and takes her out. Anami looks at Narottam. He says go away from Lal Mahal and never return back as no one is trustworthy here. Narottam emotionally asks her to take care. Anami asks him to take care too. Anami walks with those people while she looks at Sudha coming and she covers her face. Sudha bends down and she looks at Anami's slippers and she says Anami wears such slippers. Sudha tries to stop her while Narottam comes there. Sudha shows that girl to Narottam and says that girl maybe Anami as she is wearing the same slippers. Narottam smartly handles the situation and the bus starts.


Naina tells Sudha that there is a huge chaos in Lal Mahal and Anami has run away. Satrupa checks the stairs from which Anami went down with Laddu. The bus is on its way while a car is waiting for them. A man from the car follows the bus and overtakes it. The man enters the bus. Anami removes her dupatta.

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