Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 5 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 04, 2017

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 5 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 6 December 2017 Precap

Anami puts the blame on Satrupa for suggesting this idea of signing on papers. Satrupa says it was her decision and says Sudha must be good for her but not for the members of Lal Mahal. Satrupa says if Vatsalya was here then he would have done the same thing. Anami says he would have never done such a thing. Adhiraj has complete doubt on Sudha and Purshottam and he says someone from Lal Mahal is helping Purshottam in his plans. Adhiraj assigns his workers the duty to keep an eye over the members of Lal Mahal. Satrupa is tensed as she keeps thinking aboutr whatever Anami said while Laddu enters to Satrupa's room and starts singing a poem. Satrupa gets annoyed and shouts at Laddu and asks him to leave. Laddu's chocolate falls down which he bought for Satrupa and she looks at it and feels bad for shouting at him. Anami gets emotional and keeps thinking about Satrupa and Vikram's decision. Anami picks the stick and starts beating on bedsheet to remove out her anger and emotion. Laddu comes to his room and starts crying while Satrupa comes there and says that she was in tension and thats why she yelled at him. Satrupa asks him to say the poem again and starts singing and sings wrong while Laddu corrects her. Satrupa says please and asks him to sing Laddu again starts singing and gives him his chocolate. Laddu goes down to play and sees Anami crying. Laddu comes and asks her problem. Laddu calms Anami and leaves to play. Anami calls Adhiraj to meet and tells him about the Satrupa's idea. Adhiraj tells Anami that their way may be wrong but not their thinking. Adhiraj also explains that Satrupa must be doing this to save her family. Anami says she will test Sudha again. Vikram calls Satrupa and asks if she got Anami's answer. Satrupa says she has no idea about it as she used his own son for this decision against her daughter. Satrupa gets emotional while Vikram makes her strong. Anami goes to Sudha's room with the file of Vatsalya. Anami tells Sudha about Vatsalya's dream project while Sudha says Lal Mahal will never accept his plans. Anami says but they have agreed with his project. Sudha says then thats the good thing then why is she sad. Anami tells her the decision of Sudha's signature on the papers. Sudha asks Anami about what is written in it. Anami says it has written that Sudha and Narottam can stay in Lal Mahal but they will not have any rights of staying there and they have no relationship with Baldev. Nor Narottam is Baldev's son nor Sudha has any relationship with Baldev. Sudha gets shocked. Anami tells Sudha that her one signature can help a lot of people. Sudha gets furious and says that she would have signed but this fight was not for me and she was till now fighting for Narottam. Sudha says now whatever decision Narottam takes will be her decision. Anami stands in front of Narottam and tells him not to say no. While Narottam also refuses saying that they are erasing his presence. Narottam starts crying and says that she has bought this papers for signing and gets ready to sign on papers and he leaves. Sudha gets furious.

Precap: Sudha and Purshottam plan Anami's death while they see Laddu hearing their conversation. Sudha and Purshottam caught Laddu and kidnapp him. Sudha says he has heard all our plans so they must kill him.

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