Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 6 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 05, 2017

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 6 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 7 December 2017 Precap

Laddu asks Bhola to cut apples to her. Anami scolds Ladoo for disrespecting his elders. Laddu asks Bhola to bring apple in his room. Laddu tells that they don't use ji in English. Anami warns him and says if he keeps doing this then she will not send her to winter camp. Laddu says stop if you can but he will go and leaves. Munna comes to running to Adhiraj and tells him that he has got new information and takes him to Hanuman Nagar where Purshottam is staying. Sudha calls Purshottam and tells him about Narottam and calls him to meet. Adhiraj and his officers stand outside his house with their guns they open the door and Adhiraj runs inside. He checks in everything inside and looks at the place from where Purshottam ran away. Adhiraj takes a thing of Purshottam along. Laddu goes to Satrupa's room and shows her his test papers and says he did so well and Satrupa gives him a chocolate. Anami comes there and tells her that he is learing English while is loosing his respect for elders. Anami again shouts at him and Laddu gets angry over her. Laddu tells Anami that she is jealous of him while Anami gets furious and was about to slap him but Satrupa stops her. Laddu starts crying while Anami starts talking sweetly to him and explain him about values. Laddu cries and says that he never imagined that she would raise hand on him and says she has changed. Purshottam gets dressed and he looks at Adhiraj coming to his house and hence he ran away before they could caught him. Purshottam calls Sudha and calls her saying that he has reached near Lal Mahal. Kamini calls at the same place and asks the security guard to send the laundry man as soon as her arrives. The security man checks the car in which Purshottam is. The watchman tells Kamini that the car is being checked. Kamini says who is going to put bomb in her clothes and tells him to send the man within 2 min. The watchman leaves Purshottom. Anami angrily plays football in her room while Gayatri comes there and asks Anami about her problem. Gayatri tells Anami that it was not the correct way to explain saying that she removed someone else anger on Laddu. Gayatri says she hates Satrupa but Laddu likes her. Anami understands whatever Gayatri said and goes to calm Laddu. She comes to him while he runs away. Laddu goes near a tree and gets seated there. Laddu hears Sudha's voice there and then he looks at Sudha and Purshottam and listens to their own conversation. Sudha tells Purshottam about Anami and Satrupa's another move to sign on documents. Purshottam says he will end Anami's game as she is the trouble for them. Laddu hears this and leaves but slips off and Sudha looks at him. Laddu tries to run away but Sudha and Purshottam follow him. Anami keeps on searching Laddu. Laddu reaches there but Purshottam caughts him. Sudha and Purshottam hold him while he tries to rescue. They hide Laddu in a sac. Purshottam leaves from the same place. Anami starts apologizing Laddu.

Precap: Anami goes in search of Laddu. Satrupa tells herself that for the first time Anami gave her mother status and has asked her for help and she will anyhow have to prove it. Anami looks for Laddu while a man comes in front of Anami.

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