Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 08, 2018

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 9th January 2018 Precap

Adhiraj tells Anami that the bus will get repaired soon and he tells that Laddu is asleep. Anami shares her scarf with Adhiraj and falls asleep. Anami thinks about Satrupa and recalls the day when Satrupa took her along from Benaras and she gets scared. Adhiraj looks at her and asks what happened. Anami says Satrupa knows her weakness and she will trouble her foster parents. Anami says she won't go to Benaras. Anami calls her foster father while he is shocked talking to her. He calls Anami to meet at a place. He asks Laddu's mother to pack the bags saying that they have to leave the town now. Anami tells Adhiraj that her Kailash Kaka stay's in Benaras and they will have to go there. Meanwhile, Anami eats mirchi and Adhiraj runs to bring water for her. Adhiraj feeds her food. Adhiraj says that when he used to eat mirchi then his dad used to feed him jaggery and roti. Anami says his dad is correct and he is wrong. Adhiraj makes angry face while Anami says she was joking. Meanwhile, looking at them Laddu starts his drama. And shouts mirchi.. Adhiraj gives him water while Laddu says he did no offer her jaggery and roti and he makes faces. Adhiraj feeds him roti while Laddu refuses. Anami shouts at him saying that he is offering then to he is refusing. Laddu teases Anami. Satrupa tries calling Anami while Adhiraj has set the caller tune as switched off. Satrupa calls the commissioner and tells him about Anami. 

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Meanwhile, Sudha looks at her colorful bangles and she gets ready. Naina looks at her strangely. Sudha says she is happy today. She says she stole colors from Satrupa's life. She says Anami has left her and now Baldev will also leave her soon. Anami, Adhiraj and Laddu are sitting above the bus. Adhiraj tells Anami that he won't let her family come in trouble. Anami says nice style but his officer will get angry on him. Adhiraj says that he can't see her in trouble. Anami asks why while Adhiraj says he was joking. The man whom Satrupa sent reaches Benaras and looks at Laadu's house and finds no one there. Meanwhile her parents have already left. He calls Satrupa and informs that he found no one here and Satrupa throws her phone. Baldev asks her to control her anger. Satrupa bursts on him saying that he did not let her meet Anami and thus she ran away. Baldev and Satrupa start arguing. Meanwhile, Gayatri stops them and she blames Satrupa for everything. Gayatri says if Anami does not come back then she will never forgive her. The bus stops and Adhiraj asks them about the problem. The conductor says the cops are here for checking. 


Adhiraj looks that they are entering the bus to check. Meanwhile, a cop shows the picture to Adhiraj and he asks to check the lady beside him. 

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