Romanian Tabloid's claim: Salman Khan married to Iulia Vantur

Aug 15, 2016

Romanian Tabloid Click refers to Iulia Vantur as 'Doamma Khan', which means 'Royal Mrs. Khan', are Salman and Iulia already married?Read to find out more

Biggest news is coming in for the humongous fans and followers of Bollywood Super Hero Salman Khan as the star is claimed to be married to his alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur in Romanian Tabloid 'Click'. Salman Khan and Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur are said to be in relationship, but both have never been open about the same. Salman and Iulia were rumored to be getting married in the December of 2016, a rumor which both Salman and Iulia have not commented on. Every Indian and Salman fan always has one prominent question and that is, When will Salman Khan get married?. However, as per the latest edition of Romanian Tabloid 'Click' Salman Khan is already married to Iulia Vantur as the Tabloid has mentioned Iulia Vantur as "Doamma Khan". The meaning and translation of "Doamma Khan" is "Royal Mrs. Khan". This really is shocking as none of the Indian media has reported anything beyond Salman Khan dating Iulia Vantur. So it is really difficult to understand if the Romanian Tabloid Click has mistakenly used the adjective Doamma Khan for Iulia or they have simply assumed Salman and Iulia's wedding. On the other hand, Salman and Iulia are seen together on most of the occasions and places. Salman currently is in Ladakh for the shooting of his upcoming movie 'Tubelight', directed by Kabir Khan. Iulia has accompanied Salman to Ladakh and recently paid a visit to His Holiness the Dalai Lama along with Salman. Well we are sure that some confirmation or explanation will surely come out for this news. So stay tuned in for more updates on Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur's alleged marriage by Romanian Tabloid Click.

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