Salman Khan turned down Arijit Singh's apology

May 24, 2016

Arijit Singh's public apology goes in vain, Salman Khan firm on not calling it truce through Sultan Song

Bollywood biggie Salman Khan is much in news these days over his upcoming ambitious project Sultan starring actress Anushka Sharma that is slated to be a maasive Eid release.

The promos and the song release of Sultan are turning Sultan to be a much promising Salman Khan film and fans are eagerly waiting for any update on Sultan.

However, off late Salman Khan is in other news related to Sultan and that involves famous playback singer Arijit Singh.

Salman Khan shares a bitter past with Arijit Singh and the same has come once again in focus as Arijit Singh has sung a song for Sultan.

In 2013 Arijit Singh had made insulting comment over Salman Khan that did not go too well with Salman and since then Salman has estranges all personal and professional relations with Arijit.

Since then apparently, Arijit has made lot of attempts of apologizing to Salman but Salman is said to have not budged for Arijit’s apologies.

Currently the Salman – Arijit war seems to have intensified as Arijit’s song is Sultan is said to get cut out over Salman’s demand.

With this knowledge, Arijit Singh has yet again apologized to Salman, this time on public platform.

Arijit Singh in his apology has requested Salman to not omit the Sultan song sung by him.

However, Salman is said to be firm on his decision and is not softened by Arijit’s public apology.

Let’s see where this war amid Arijit and Salman leads to.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sultan and Salman Khan.


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