Shakti: After Soumya, Preeto harasses Surbhi, Chintu to help

Aug 02 , 2017 | | 29 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Preeto locks up Surbhi and deprives her of food

The upcoming episode of Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring in a new twist where Harman’s (Vivian D’Sena) mother Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) will start harassing Soumya’s (Rubina Dilaik) sister Surbhi (Roshni Sahota). Surbhi will become Preeto’s next target as Preeto and Harak Singh’s entire family will go against Surbhi.

As seen in the recent episodes of Shakti serial, Saya and Preeto helped Soumya to move to Bangkok. However, Soumya gets into the wrong hands and the wrong company in Bangkok. Harman reaches Bangkok to rescue Soumya, however, finds it difficult to locate Soumya. Harman finally gets to know about Chakri who had met Soumya and handed her to Maharani. On the other side, Preeto holds Surbhi responsible for Harman reaching Bangkok to find Soumya. Preeto decides to teach a lesson to Surbhi and involves Harak Singh, Shanno and Raavi with her.

Preeto locks Surbhi in the bedroom and even stops Varun from helping Surbhi. Preeto will deprive Surbhi of food and water. When Nani will come to check on Surbhi, Preeto and others will hide the truth from Nani and will even refuse to let Nani know anything about Surbhi. When Varun will try to take food for Surbhi, Preeto will scold him and stop him. Finally, Chintu will realize that Surbhi is in trouble and he will trick to feed some food to Surbhi.

Will Surbhi be saved from Preeto’s harassment? Keep reading this space for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

29 thoughts on “Shakti: After Soumya, Preeto harasses Surbhi, Chintu to help”

  1. Harman’s family are very wicked. How can he be born in such a family? They’re vipers. Preeto already want to torture Surbhi b’cos she divorced Harman and she didn’t get her waris so this is an opportunity for her to purnish Surbhi. I wish Maninder finds out about what they’re doing to Surbhi, he’ll go mad and I’m sure he’ll regret letting Surbhi marry Varun.

    1. Mahinder will probably support Varun because he will not want Surbhi to go after Saumya. In real life this is detrimental for ones health. So Surbhi should have been very dehydrated and weak by now.

  2. Hopeless makers of shakti.disgusting.since two weeks they are showing bangkok thailand as if ordians have not seen foreign countries.future story will be,saumya character has settled with this “jism ka vyapar”.so she will be high classed professional prostitute & that poor fellow character harman wil be a drinker aur bar ke darwaze pe pada rahega saumya ki yaad main aur ek din mar jayega.
    saumya ko apna astitva bangkok main milgaya ek prostitute naamse.
    malika ne apni zimedari nibha di.saumya ko yeh tarana prostitute ka tag de kar.
    but saumya aur harman ka misunderstanding clear nahin hua,aur saumya ko harman ke jaisa pyaar karne wala pati nahin uska astitva important hain.aaj uska astitva use kahan lakar khada kar diya.

  3. If Harman becomes Devdas let us concentrate on Surbhi instead. Now the villagers are telling Mahinder that Surbhi is Harmans wife. The writers seemed to be bent on showing love triangle.

  4. The villagers still don’t know that Harman and Surbhi are divorced and Varun is Surbhi’s husband now. Preeto and Harak Singh have to inform the villagers before it’s too late. It’s Preeto’s fault that she forced Saumya to announce Surbhi as the second wife of Harman to the villagers, now if Surbhi gets pregnant right now, they may think it’s Harman’s child which wouldn’t be true. Today’s episode was nice, I think Avinash and that broker are working together because the way they were looking at each other was very suspicious and also how can he and his wife send Saumya to the market whilst they know very well she can get lost easily and she can’t communicate very well. I think Avinash and that man planned Saumya’s kidnapping and Manarani is working for the rich guy Avinash. What else do you think he got rich like that, in this world those who are extremely rich are those who are involved in illegal businesses. It serves Saumya right for being so stupid.

  5. preeto is very wicked. yes she forced somuya tell to all villagers that surbhi is harman’ second wife and if surbhi be pregnant of varun, preeto surely will say to all villagers that this child is harman’ child because preeto is very smart and predict the future but she dosen’t be aware about that this time if somuya return to the house, somuya will not was weak like before and I think somuya will change to a bold person and she will stand up strong in front of preeto, even harman will realize preeto’ plans and harman this time should go somuya to the other place and keep there and also I think varun will not let to preeto that announce his child as harman’ child because varun want to revenge and own all money. on the other in the Banghok in yesterday’ episode Avinash intentionally send somuya for buying because he work with Maharani and send girls to Maharani even Avinash gain money of this way but harman will go to Maharani’ place for saving somuya and harman will buy somuya, also he will free and save others girls

  6. Well Surbhi may get angry with Varun and divorce him and then find out she is pregnant. Saumya witll then give kasam to Harman to declare this baby as his to save Surbhis honour. Nothing is impossible in these serials.

  7. yes shakti makers have lost it completely.what harman is going through & how much he loves saumya she is not aware a pinch of it.harmans maddness love is seen to ordians but not saumya.
    the way he has hit himself saumya is not even aware about much harman loves her makers never show it to saumya.
    and what planning & plotting harmans family do is not known by harman.what these makers show is really annoying.
    what all preeto do harman is not aware that malika had done all this mess by sending saumya abroad,and surbhi is not at all angry with malika.makers will show saumya will never come back with harman.
    nothing is positive,love,respect in this serial.

  8. Shakti trp rating has gone down. It’s in the last position. And in top five it’s not there only.
    Very good now makers will come to know, shakti will never come up if Harman saumya are not together. Ordians want their love story. Not them apart.
    So much money spent in abroad shooting, hopeless track women solding shit.
    Very good. Never listen to viewer’s. No romantic moments between them in
    abroad too.all waste.
    Now soon it will go offair, again trio love story started. Pregnancy drama or again saumya in kinner world as tarana for astitva.

  9. I said it, today’s episode proved me right that Maharani, the broker and Avinash are working together, that’s how he gets his money by trafficking girls and kinners. I suspected it when Saumya was sent alone to the market and claimed that Bangkok is safe. It’s only Saumya who can be fooled like that. She is too naive that she didn’t realise that it’s too good to be true that she just got to Bangkok and she immediately got a job in a rich man’s house without struggling at all. This shows that Saumya can’t be independent and fight for herself, she always needs someone to protect her and I hope after Harman saves her she’ll realise her stupidity and accept that she can’t live without Harman. She was only tough infront of Harman when she got angry and went to the kinner house, let’s see if she’ll be tough when she comes back to India.

  10. When she was touched by the strangers. She didn’t reacted. But Harman touches her inspite being her husband and love and respect her the most she hesitates.
    When seeing him suddenly surprised to See she did not even hug much of attitude. Poor fellow he is surviving just for her sake.
    The way he loves her she will never love him.

  11. Yes Avinash is the real culprit. But Harman did not know that. So when Saumya was lost why did Harman not ask him to report her missing to the police. Last night the detective part was hilarious as was maharani. My family members were laughing instead of feeling sad for Saumya. Yes Saumya does not seem broken. Her Astiva is so important that she is willing to serve drinks in a western dress to men touching her. At least last time she threatened to kill herself. This time she is quite obedient without much force. I don’t know what the producers want us to feel about Saumya. Not sure if they are deliberately trying to make her unpopular. Shakti does not have a romantic love story, neither does it have humour not is it a thriller to keep us in suspense. It had a great concept and cast but could not do justice to that. All of Rashmi Sharma serials are going off air or have low TRPs. Serials generally are going down in ratings. I guess viewers have progressed with time but the makers are still recycling stories that are 20 years back in time. That is why viewers are being drawn more to mythological stories is my guess.

  12. I keep on watching Shakti because of its concept and now the amazing acting of Vivian in the hope that it will get back to the level it had in the first 6 months. But my hope is diminishing with the tracks that are coming up which are silly most of the time. I would liked to have seen some intelligence in Saumya character like Surbhi has, at least gradually over time. But the producers keep on showing her to be stupid. There is a difference between being innocent and being sheer stupid.

  13. Chintu is such a darling hope for best now Harman and saumya meet in precap now wonder what happen next.? what will be their reaction 2 see each other??hope 4 best

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  16. But in shakti everything is shown accept Harman and saumya love and their relationship.
    To aware the society they will have to come together and show them their intense love without their misunderstanding.
    Pyaar main badi takat hoti hain. Undo na Ka ek duserese pyaar Duniya ko dikha dega ke kise ke kami ke karan rishta tooth tha nahin balki aur mazboot Ho jata hain

  17. Yes I have read some of these progression articles as well. That is what I had hoped from this serial and was watching it. But no hope from Shakti makers who are 20 years behind in their thoughts and only want to show Preeto and her evil plotting, murders and negative characters and a love triangle with two sisters. Disgusting. They could have shown Preetos genuine distress instead of making her so evil. Surbhi was introduced as a bold character. She could have played an inspiring role helping Saumya to become stronger, helping the kinnars etc. Instead of marrying her sisters husband to produce children. The 3 of them could have fought with the society instead of being bound in this sickly love triangle. No growth in Saumyas character. She doesn’t even have dialogues now.

  18. aree jab harman jaisa character hi ek kinnar ko pyaar karta hain aur uske sath apni life spend karna chahta hain.
    infact duniya se ladne ko bhi tyaar hain,toh saumya usko support karke duniya se lad sakti hain apne astitva ke liye.
    aur kya chaiye use.they both together will fight with the society for their married life in public & his family.
    that will be a true story.inspite of saumya being a kinnar ,aur jab harman ko pata chala usne usko support kiya aur decide kiya ki woh uske sath life spend karega aur society ko bataye ga.
    this will be a astitva fight against society.but makers are fool they are separating them & fighting with society which doesnt make any sense & no logic behind it.still there is time they can improve but god only help them.

  19. In the precap on Friday, Saumya n Harman came face to face to each other, I hope she doesn’t act stupid enough to run away from him again. She should realise already that Harman is her only saviour and if they finally get to India, she should be brave enough to fight with Harman to be accepted in society because now it seems Harman is ready to announce her identity. It won’t be easy but with both fighting together they’ll be victorious.

  20. a kinnar will always remain a kinnar only.they dont deserve saumya a disgusting kinnar.saumya ke liye woh dal dal wali life hi sahi hain.uske jaise logo ko harman jaisa insaan deserve nahin karta.
    harman doesnt deserve the disgusting kinnar saumya.he must get a girl who will love him too much.but not saumya.she doesnt love him neither respect him.saumya cannot be trusted anymore,agar abhi harman use wapas le bhi gaya uska koi bharosa hi nahin ki woh harman ke liye immandar rahegi.agar woh harman ko marne ke liye chod sakti hain toh woh kuch bhi kar sakti hain.ek kinnar ko kabhi respect aur jarrorat se jyada pyaar nahin karna chaiye.
    woh apni asliyat dikha deti hain.

  21. Mr.San please commands in full english. I am tamilnadu. I can’t understand written Hindi. Its my small request. Because I like your true commands.
    That Somya is fully selfish and very thankless fellow. She is not a human or kinnar. She is the next preeto and totally spoiled Harman’s life. She is not fit to be alive. Her father mahinder is very correct to her. Now this serial is telecasting in our Tamil language with their marriage episode in colors nxt.

  22. its a request raji stop watching do not watch further.its a pathetic its proved that a kinnar will always remain a kinnar.never ever respect,love or make them special in life.they dont deserve to be respected or loved by anyone.
    they show their true colors.a poor fellow has loved a kinnar so much that he has lost his senses.the day when he got married to that shameless,selfish,heartless & inhuman kinnar saumya he has sacrificed his whole life.
    everyday,every minute he just just proving his love towards that disgusting kinnar saumya.
    and that digusting kinnar never proved her love towards harman.
    harman fought with his family for that disgusting kinnar saumya (tarana),he fought with the kinnar community,he is still fighting with her evil father,he risk his life with criminals,gangsters for that kinnar.
    he risk his life by saving her by last he has reached internationally to risk his life with mafia for that hopeless kinnar.and there is not limit for risk that has been taken by harman just to spend his life with love with that disgusting kinnar saumya.
    and that bluddy kinnar never proved nor told harman that she loves her.and she has never done a pinch of thing to confess her love to harman.aree that guide in thailand can see how much harman loves that bluddy kinnar.he just beaten himself with belt till it started bleeding just to get her in his life.and this disgusting kinnar who escaped from that maharani looking at him went back to disgusting it was to watch todays episode.
    whenever that kinnar saumya is lost this fellow is not in his senses ,he just drinks,never sleeps or rest.
    anyone in this world either it may be a kinnar or normal human being if they get lover & partner like harman they will never want anything in life more than his love.
    what more to write yaar.

  23. So Saumyas dialogue tonight was it is better to live in this hell than to live with Harman hiding my identity. Oh my God! I am shocked. If a production could bring their lead character down Rashmi Sharma production has done that successfully. Most viewers now hate Saumya and I think after tonight everything has been ruined. I don’t think people will accept Harman with Saumya anymore. And the whole concept of kinnars has drowned in the sea. The selfish Saumya is no longer human anymore. She does not love Harman. It was clear tonight from that dialogue. As I said before the production team has turned Saumya into a Frankenstein.

  24. I hate this ungrateful and selfish Saumya. Who does she think she is? Most women would wish to have a man like Harman as a husband and she as a kinner is lucky and have a loving man like this and she treats him like a fool. It hurts me so much to see Harman being treated like this. I wish after they get to India, Harman should let her go to the kinner community if she wants to and live his life because enough is enough. I’m tired of her rude behavior, if she wants her identity to be known to the society, she should dress as a kinner and announce it to the society and leave Harman alone. She forgive others who treats her badly but she refuses to forgive Harman who only did one mistake which is even for her own good but she is so dumb that she can’t see it. How can she prefer to be sold to a total strange than going back to Harman just because he didn’t announce her identity. Doesn’t she know that those who are bidding for her doesn’t even know she is a kinner, that’s why they’re interested to buy her, does she think they would’ve bought her if they know she is a kinner? I don’t know what’s wrong with this shakti makers, it seems like Saumya will go back with Saya and live as a kinner again. If that’s the case then they should end this series because its boring and I don’t see the sense of fighting for her astivita. Harman should just move on and forget about her, she is too stupid.

    1. Yes Saumya is willing to sell her body to people who would not buy her if they knew her kinnar identity. Why? To preserve her ego not her identity. Well this is probably the first time in Hindi serial maybe where the lead character is shown to be not only stupid but extremely vindictive who does not hesitate to ruthlessly hurt people who love her and also sell her body just like that without any good reason. Congratulations Rashmi Sharma productions for showing such a horrible lead character who accepts the astiva of a prostitute so easily when she could have escaped. What goes through the brains of these producers? It leaves a very bad unpleasant taste behind. So another message that Rashmi Sharma and Colors are giving to the viewers is do not hesitate to become a prostitute to preserve your ego and stubbornness. If you have a provlem with your family member instead of talking it through leave the country to the unknown and accept prostitution. And why could Harman not say that I will accept your identity in public come back with me? Because of the makers disgusting desire for the longevity of this serial. I think this storyline is worse morally than the trio marriage track. We had so much hope from Shakti, alas all lost.

  25. Exactly Shahed, It’s nonsense to continue this serial. Saumya prefers to live in a strange country as a prostitute than living with her loved ones like Harman, Surbhi and Nani. What a fool she is.

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