Shakti fame Kamya Punjabi’s Instagram account gets in Bare Back controversy

Jul 10 , 2017 | | 4 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’s Kamya Punjabi claims that her Instagram account was hacked

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki fame actress Kamya Punjabi is one of the well-known names of Indian Television fraternity. Kamya Punjabi plays the negative character in the Colors’ popular serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, for which Kamya is quite recognized.

Kamya is always known for her upfront, bold and to the point attitude. Kamya has never ceased from talking about her personal life openly and bluntly, which at times has got Kamya in trouble. However, recently, Kamya Punjabi ran into a new controversy that started off due to her Instagram Account. It is a well-known fact that Producer Ekta Kapoor is coming up with her movie ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ which had been caught in controversies even before releasing. Many Bollywood and Television celebrities have come forward for the unique promotion of Lipstick Under My Burkha by putting up social media pictures with a pointing out Lipstick.

Kamya Punjabi’s Instagram account recently went up with a picture of in support of Lipstick Under My Burkha, however, the said picture had lady holding a lipstick on the backdrop of her bare back. The caption of the picture said “They said don’t be that woman…. That that other woman… the divorced woman…. the single mother woman…. Every time I put my lipstick on, I smile. Because I am being true to myself. Whether the world agrees or not I have made my own don’t… Don’t you…” While the post was considered to be a big bold move by Kamya, shockingly, Kamya came forward to claim that she had never uploaded the picture and that when she opened her app, the picture was already deleted.

In her Twitter post Kamya has posted “I did not take off a bare piece of clothing off my back. I bared the innermost corners of my soul…!! #iknowUknowmypossword #instagram” Kamya Punjabi has also claimed to have her Istagram account hacked. This surely looks to be a serious matter. Hope Kamya gets out of this new controversy soon. Stay tuned in for more updates.

4 thoughts on “Shakti fame Kamya Punjabi’s Instagram account gets in Bare Back controversy”

  1. Makers have lost it.what are they showing they only know.saya being a sensible woman surprising she is reacting in such way.when harman was behind bars they made their level best to take him out,and now they themselves are sending him behind bars including saumya.when saya was thrown out of the house by kareena she was on roads,harman was the person who took food for her and now when that poor fellow is sitting outside without water & food nobody is bothered including that selfish fool disgusting saumya.
    she spoiled his whole life & his birthday too,she is a kinner & remain a kinner.she doesn’t deserve harman.that small kid chintu is crying & sitting outside the room with harman for that stupid kinner and she doesnt care a damn for her disgusting so called vajood.
    “is stupid kinner vajood ne aaj tak aisa koi respectfully kam nahin kiya is duniya main jo use koi apnale.”woh harman bhuka pyasa pagalon ki tarah bahar baitha hain us idiot kinner saumya ke liye aur use itna sa bhi pharak nahin pad raha hain.
    preeto sahi kehti thi yeh saumya mar jati toh acha tha.jis baap ne use paida kiya aaj tak woh use kinner toh dur ki baat hain woh use apni beti mane ko tyaar nahin ? aur udar woh bichara harman jo use 2 ya 3 saal se janta hoga usne apni zindagi saumya ke naam kardi or madly in love with her,use yeh disgusting saumya for so called pathetic vajood ke liye chod diya.
    my god too much too digest.
    if still makers are sensible enough to correct their mistake the next episode should be were that disgusting woman must realise what mistake she has done to harman by hurting him & apolagize.and be happy that she has got a life partner who loves her madly.
    infact a normal couple never love each other than what harman does.
    what all he has done for her since she has come to his life,atleast have some respect towards his feelings & love.what harman has done for saumya ,saumya cannot do a pinch for him.she must show the attitude & love to preeto & family that she loves harman for for his sake she will do anything to keep him happy.

  2. Exactly San, Saumya is very ungrateful. Harman is the only one who has done so much for her but she hasn’t done anything for him, this is pathetic. This is just a fiction if it’s real life, Harman would have forgotten about her and move on already. Saya is now annoying me.

  3. Useless drama is going on. There’s no sense in this show. Illogical story line. Now that kinar drama is getting in to the nerves now.that hopeless saumya is going around with her kinar look in the village and nobody is noticing her as saumya. She is fit for that world. She doesn’t deserve a better life.she should survive with those kinar & beg and live life ahead.

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