Shakti: Harman changes attitude, turns tough towards Soumya

Aug 10 , 2017 | | 8 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Harman makes Soumya do all housework

The upcoming episode of Colors’ popular serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will show a new twist in the relation of Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik). Currently, Shakti serial is showing the drama of Harman trying to rescue Soumya from the auction in Bangkok.

Soumya gets trapped by Maharani in Bangkok who decides to sell off Soumya. Soumya tries to escape from the auction. On the other side, Harman reaches to save Soumya. However, when Soumya bumps into Harman, Soumya refuses to go with Harman and prefers to go back to Maharani to be sold off. This shocks Harman and he raises the highest bid to buy Soumya. Harman and Soumya will be seen returning to Harak Singh’s place which will be a shocker for Harak Singh, Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) and family.

Beu even after this, Soumya will remain adamant and unreasonable towards Harman. Soumya will keep the grudge against Harman of being ashamed of Soumya’s identity. Harman will try to win Soumya’s heart by arranging a special dinner, however, Soumya will refuse to be the part of the same. This will annoy and hurt Harman. Saya and other kinners will come to take Soumya back to the Kinner house, however, Harman will refuse blatantly. In the later story of Shakti serial, Harman will be seen changing his attitude towards Soumya.

Harman will be seen making Soumya work in the house. At times Harman will turn tough and make Soumya work like a maid. In the nights, Harman will tie Soumya’s and his hands so that Soumya cannot escape. Will Harman’s new techniques work Soumya to realize her mistake? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

8 thoughts on “Shakti: Harman changes attitude, turns tough towards Soumya”

  1. All depends upon the makers. Their lead actor and actress are preeto and harak Singh.
    Saumya loves Harman and she wants to live her entire life with him,but only because of preeto pressure she is not able to express her feelings and her wish.and she will never be able to do so.
    Inspite Harman knowing his evil mothers planning and plotting towards saumya he is been still shown as dumb.
    He is still thinking why saumya is behaving like that. By the time he should be knowing everything.
    So moral of the story preeto will never be exposed by Harman and saumya will life long sacrifice her love for preeto.
    In Every love story were love and war love wins, but in shakti preeto the evil wins and Wil win forever.
    She is like underworld Don. She rules her house and her family members.
    And Harman easily she can fool him,he is a dumb puppet. She can shape him in her own way, that ordians have witnessed the same in the show
    From her finger she moves everything.
    Harman big dialogue towards saumya are in vain.he can fight with anyone in this world, but he will never be able to fight with his evil and bluddy shit mother, who never respect women’s and humans.

    1. Agree with Sans. They have made Preeto a She Devil instead of a grieving mother and are playing cat and mouse games with Soumya the dumb puppet and Harman Clever in all aspects but some how easily trusting Preeto when she acts sweet and everytime the makers have made the devil win, the trio marriage, turning Surbhi negative and finally the childish immature negative Tarana urf Saumya who according to Preeto order is turning into a prostitute. Soon she will succeed in making her son hate Saumya. Then she will succeed in getting her son remarried. This is not a love or kinnar story it is the victory of a devil mothers story.

  2. As long as Preeto continues to manipulate Saumya, I don’t know how Saumya will realise her mistake. I always say that unless a tragedy like accident happens to Harman and she realise that she is the cause of his suffering, she’ll never accept her mistake and keep on listening to Preeto’s manipulations. I actually don’t know how this love/hate situation will end with Preeto in between. Let’s see what happens.

  3. sheila u remember when harman had an accident preeto never let saumya meet him & she succeded in separating them.and trio marriage had if accident took place same thing will happen.
    this sequence is the last one inspite harman telling the actual truth to saumya about the kinnar murder & that was the real reason for harman not disclosing the truth of saumya revealing the indentity to the world she did not believe harman.
    so it is finished now preeto has played her cards & she succdeed in this.preeto will herself give money to saumya & tell her to return it to harman & free herself from him.
    as it is harman is always in a drunk situation & not in his senses.
    so full fledged plan is plotted by preeto & it is been expedite.
    again saumya will dissappear with preetos plan as she is the don,all her people like varun,ravi,balwinder,harak,shanoo,maninder,malika,other kinnars,police,law & most important saumya herself .harman will be brain washed.harman ke strong dialogues jaise woh saumya ko apne pass se kabhi door nahin karega.marne tak sirf saumya ka raaj ho ga uske dil par,saumya ki jagah us ke dil main koi nahin le payega.uski akhari saas tak saumya hi rahegi uske zindagi main
    yeh sab dhare ke dhare rahe jayenge.preeto will make sure that harman himself will throw her out of his life & after some time start his new he did once earlier also,when he left surbhi middle of the way when she was searching for saumya,as preeto ne kasam de diya tha harman ko.

    as preeto is sure that jab kisiko sade sathi lagti hain to woh nikal bhi jati hain,aisa eg preeto ne diya harak singh ko saumya ke liye.she is confident as she is the mastermind behind this & she will win his son

    actually wanted to see something very different.wanted to see saumya strong in front of preeto & fighting for harman.and without hesitation confessing her love to harman.
    “scene dekhna tha jahan harman saumya ko apni bahu main utha tha hain jab woh apne yaar ko kabul karti hain”aur woh locket pehnata hain jo usne bagkok se liya tha saumya ke liye.
    saumya sab jhod ke bass harman ke be panaha pyaar ko respect karti hain.ek pyaar sa quality time do no ke beech.but everything always will be a dream.
    is kahani shakti main pyaar ki jeet kabhi nahin hogi.


  5. Very good now saumya urf tarana is use to foreign tours now. She has started earning now.after repaying Harman amount. She has nother buyer now or she is more financial richer than Harman being a professional kinner. So she is traveling to dubai. And Harman might be still mad behind her and go again to take her back or preeto already might have separated both of them and he might have started his new life and might be some small week of them meeting face to face for a short while suspense.
    Or he might have married surbhi again and they might be on honeymoon.
    Any which ways now it’s confirm preeto have parted them and it was their leap they will never be together again

  6. I’m really fed up with this, when will Saumya realise her mistake and apologies to Harman so that they can fight this identity battle together. I don’t think they will ever be together if Preeto keeps on torturing Saumya and she keeps on listening to Preeto, their relationship will never be possible. When will shakti makers do what viewers want. We want some romance amidst this late/hate fight.

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