Shakti: Harman makes Surbhi sleep on Bedroom floor

Jan 10 , 2017 | | 7 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Soumya leaves Harman and Surbhi in the bedroom, Harman sleeps on Sofa

The upcoming track in Colors’ popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will show a new twist post Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Surbhi’s (Roshni Sahota) wedding. Harman and Surbhi get married as per Preeto’s secret plan where Preeto kept on torturing Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) for Harman and Surbhi’s alliance.

Preeto kept harassing Soumya while Soumya with an attempt to win Preeto’s heart kept getting manipulated. Soumya sacrificed her love, her husband Harman to make Preeto happy. When Surbhi realizes this she agrees to marry Harman in an attempt to keep Soumya and Harman under one roof. Soumya even manages to convince Harman to marry Surbhi through emotional blackmail. Soumya warns Surbhi to never let Harman know about Preeto’s torture on Soumya for the marriage. During the wedding Surbhi makes sure that Soumya also takes wedding pheras along with Harman and Surbhi.

Later Soumya decorates Harman and Surbhi’s bedroom and bed for their first wedding night. Soumya even goes to the extent of informing Surbhi about Harman’s likes and dislikes. In the upcoming episode of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, Soumya will take Harman to his room and will leave him with Surbhi. However, Harman will rudely tell Surbhi to sleep on the bedroom floor while he will sleep on the Sofa. Harman will refuse to accept Surbhi while Surbhi will face the humiliations and blames for Soumya’s sake.

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7 thoughts on “Shakti: Harman makes Surbhi sleep on Bedroom floor”

  1. After knowing somu as kinner Harman treated her like this only after wards he had soft corner on her which turns into love. The same drama is going to happen in surbhi life also its damn sure.the makers r repeating the story.

  2. I don’t agree with amm opinion. this both subject are quite different because never and not at all, true love was’t died, doesn’t die and will not die. I don’t think that from then on, maker cause to continue injustice about soumya, I think will stop injustice and promotion overcome good to bad because otherwise to question some one cultures and traditions in society.

  3. Surbhi on the floor …Harman on the sofa…then who’s on the bed?????

    Also if this leak is true, I wonder what made Harman all of a sudden mistreat Surbhi and let her sleep on the floor…he did not do the same with Saumya after knowing she’s a Kinnar??? as far as the leaked news…all this marriage has been done as a mutual agreement to preserve Saumya’s rights in the house??? so why the sudden change???

    Here it was mentioned that Surbhi was the one requesting that Saumya should take the pheras as well…however in another site I have read that it was Harman has put this condition to continue the marriage rituals…

    This leak is so confusing…could this is meant to be a test balloon for the fans??????

  4. It is true that Harman asked Surbhi politely to sleep on floor It was Surbhi idea for marriage with Harman to save Saumya. As Harman was binded with promise from His Wife Saumya to marry Surbhi, he asked Surbhi to step out of marriage but she didn’t
    The marriage does happen but let’s see what Channel gives this kind of **twists
    We want Saumya to be strong & face demon & gain back her true love

    1. Yes I have seen some offscreen footage on youtube after posting my comment and there was one where Surbhi talks for about 4+mins but unfortunately couldn’t understand what she said as it was in Hindi 🙁 but from what I understood that he asked her to sleep on the floor and he slept on the couch and she did it without a word coz she couldn’t argue…also I guess there was a question about till when this will be going on or when Harman will know the truth behind her marriage approval and she said something but i didn’t know what it was …if anyone watched this clip on youtube could be please translate it to me plzzzz

      The thing i was wondering about is that…Saumya till after the marriage still lives in the maid’s room outside the house … so she’s basically not living in the house nor with Harman and they see each other under his whole family supervision and intervention as well…so why did Surbhi agree on this marriage and not marry Abhishek and take Saumya with her…Harman can visit her anytime…and spend the same amount of time with her….also why didn’t they think of going back to the rented room overlooking Harman’s house…that way they are safe and not apart …this could result in strengthening Saumya’s character…solve Harman’s family problem of Saumya living in the same house…

      really sooo messed track and what Kassam should be fulfilled by doing something outrageous like the double marriage????

      1. Agree with all your points. Very illogical track presented to the audience. I am not watching as find it tormenting rather than entertaining but read bits and pieces.

  5. I think harman’s misbehavioring with surbhi is quite logical because harman try much for refusing but surbhi didn’t it’s and hraman will hate of surbhi as preeto’ hating of soumya because surbhi at all will not tell truth to harman because surbhi is promised to soumya. surbhi will try to close harman and soumya and she will get successful, this come to close, will make soumya get pregnant and every one will shock but on the other hand will see that surbhi’s emotions will revive for harman. soumya will notice her sister want to betrayal to soumya, therefore soumya for her love and rights will fight with surbhi and later surbhi will get married with varun.

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