Shakti: Harman – Surbhi’s sacrificial wedding track criticized by fans

Jan 07 , 2017 | | 23 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Viewers are turning averse to Soumya’s helpless avatar against Preeto

Colors’ show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki has been one of the most controversial yet popular show of Indian Television, as Shakti has boldly and yet very sensitively has managed to touch upon a never before handled topic of Kinner (Transgender) as the main track. Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is story of Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) who is a Kinner, it is a story of Soumya’s troubles, experiences, hurdles and life in which her struggle with family and society is elaborated.  The show Shakti started off with the unique concept where in Soumya did not know that she is a kinner as her mother Nimmi was her strong support.

Soumya’s father hates her while Soumya’s sister Surbhi (Roshni Sahota) turns Soumya’s support and shield. Soumya is seen as a very sensitive, delicate and scared person in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. Later Harman (Vivian D’Sena) comes in Soumya’s life who turns Soumya’s life upside down as Soumya and Harman all in love with each other, despite the forced wedding. After knowing about Soumya’s kinner truth, Harman despises Soumya, but soon realizes that he likes Soumya. Whenever Soumya falls in trouble, Harman comes for Soumya’s help.

When Harman’s mother Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) sends Soumya off to kinner home, Harman goes against his parents and brings back Soumya. However, Preeto and Harak Singh are completely against Soumya and Harman’s relation as Soumya is a kinner and can’t produce a heir. Then Preeto starts her secret torture technique on Soumya wherein she forces Soumya to get Harman married to Soumya’s sister Surbhi. Though Surbhi and Harman refuse to marry each other, Soumya emotionally blackmail Harman while Surbhi agrees to marry Harman when she comes to know about Preeto’s torture.

Ultimately, Soumya is seen as helpless person while Harman and Surbhi are marrying against their will. Fans are strongly objecting to this sacrificial marriage amid Harman – Surbhi. Fans are demanding the makers to make Soumya a strong person, not let two sisters marry the same man and focus back on Soumya’s journey as independent and strong person. What do you think of this track in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki? let us know in the comments below.

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23 thoughts on “Shakti: Harman – Surbhi’s sacrificial wedding track criticized by fans”

  1. Nonsense track. I am big fan of vivian-dsena but i am also not watching this track. Fed up with this sas bhau drama. Feeling very sad that Vivian is part of this drama.

  2. We are watching Shakti only for Saumya Harman beautiful bond..we are crazy about HaYa.makers r playing with an institution of marriage. Is it right tht a kinnar girl is tortured constantly by her own saas nd with lots of pain she has to make agree her own husband to marry her own sister …where her husband is in love with her it the social msg.
    If I being a girl can’t conceive child..will my sister marry my husband for making waris for my sasural…is it the social msg Shakti giving us.Saumya is helpless and thinking tht Harman will be happy without her being in his life..Harman does not want to marry his shali surbhi..but this surbhi..she is smart na..she knows everything abt preeto’s torturing on Saumya.. Still she is silent in front of harman.and Saumya never request surbhi to marry Harman, she herself agree to marry her own jiju..surbhi is not a mahan but a selfish girl who always jealous of Saumya and desires Harman. She is a shame for sisterhood. I don’t care about anyone. I care abt Harman Saumya.. If they r together then only it means to Shakti for me…else Shakti is nothing but crap..thank u..nd yes Ppl watching Shakti bcz they r eager to know the path breaking love story of HaYa not for nautanky drama of preeto nd surbhi..both of them r is hiding from her son nd one from her sister….

  3. Disgusting track was watching show for Vivian desena only but now it will be saas bahu and surbhi saumya will be all central in show so quitting the show.

  4. Was watching it for the bold kinnar concept and as Rubis comeback. Brought more awareness about kinnars struggles to me. But rashmi sharma could not sustain the concept. She has acted irresponsibly towards kinnars, by making them looking like worms. They are oppressed but they are fighters. No justification of sister marrying brother in law. Can Surbhi and harman take her for medical checkup to see what is actually wrong and can it be corrected. Can they help saumya to develop her potentials perhaps in dress making. Can saumya become financially independent perhaps a dress designer of repute with support from harman Surbhi abhishek and the nice kinnars. Become an inspiration of kinnars how to change their lives and people’s attitude. Can saumya get her fighting spirit back? But no. Such an offensive track and promo. It does not relate to today’s society although the setting is. We pay to watch so we have right to say. Don’t know how the actors agreed to shoot the threesome promo. This wedding is surely illegal in Indian society definitely is in western society. Saumya can fight kinnars but not saas. Therefore this track should be banned.

  5. We want soumya strong and fight for her and Harman love.sisters marry one person is not suitable to this society. Objecting this wedding

  6. I hate current track. We want somya to be strong .harman and surbhi marriage is a biggest flop and it is not our culture . A man marring two sister bakwas . Plz writers we want Harman and sowmya pair only . I don’t know how surbhi protect somu better she take her to her house . We want only haya . Plz don’t bring this preeto and surbhi between our haya

  7. I know people are watching this show for their favorite actors so that they are getting high trp.lakin cannel & writer ko lagata hye ki logoco ye track pasant hye

  8. As I commented earlier in the telly update website on the article titled “Are you losing interest in Colors Shakti?” I live in Egypt and have to watch the show online after being translated into Arabic with a delay of 2 or 3 episodes… and was a dedicated fan of the show waiting for the uploaded episode every night.

    Unfortunately I lost interest watching the show few weeks back ever since Harman brought Saumya back to his house and the storyline had shifted from the main bold idea of exposing Kinners’s problems within the indian society as well as sending a message to everyone on their rights.. to a wicked and devilish “Saas-Bahu” storyline which is focused on that Saumya is not able to deliver an heir to the family which any woman could be in this situation and will be treated by her saas the same way as Saumya is being treated except I guess the track of a man marrying the two sisters would not be applicable.

    What was unique and different about the show beside the outstanding 2 lead actors “#Vivian and #Rubina was in fact the boldness of the idea of showcasing a Kinnar’s life and how the society see them as well as highlighting their rights to live a quasi normal life in a subtle message using the love story between HAYA.

    Maybe I was wrong in expecting that the main storyline will follow the main idea with some twists here and there focusing on the difficulties they both face, and I recall that the summary of the show at the start mentioned that 2 sisters will fall in love with the same man where one sister is so lively as fully active and the other is shy and being over protected by her mother… so maybe THAT was the main storyline and we all got carried away with the twist that Saumya is Kinnar???!!! Was it????!!! hope not!

    I saw Saumya fights for her rights to live a normal life and not being mistreated when she was kidnapped and lived among other kinnars… also when she stood for the rights to be treated in normal hospitals when Karima Didi had being hit by a car… so where did this fighting soul go after coming back to Harman’s house???

    Why does she agrees on Preeto’s wishes while she knows damn well that she hates her and would never accept her as she was the one who sent her to the Kinnar’s world…had she forgotten or what????

    Anyway…I really feel sorry for Vivian Dsena as after all this time he accepted this project because it was different and yes he’s doing amazing and was the only reason for me to follow the show till now even through the written updates ..but if the show flops this will unfortunately takes him down which is something i would not like to see happening and I really believe that the show is being saved till now ONLY because of him …so Plzzzzzzz writers save the show as we want it to last for years …but if this new track going to continue then I think the show will loose Huge no of its followers and could be taken off air.

    Anyway…just sending an endless appreciation and love to Vivian…Rubina and Preeto actually they are super stars and the fact that we all hate Preeto means she delivered her role in an amazing way…so GOD BLESS You all 3…really love u xxx

    1. Agree with you. I think originally the story was about 2 sisters falling in love with same man, which would have been fine. But then Rasmi Sharma very cleverly used the kinnars and their story as a publicity stunt. Once she got the praises and awards she went back to her old formula. This serial is not about social message but is like any other serial. The cruel thing is that Rashmi Sharma used the kinnars to earn fame and money. I like both Vivian and Rubi and the lady who portrayed Nimmi. I used to like Kamya but her acting has lost its layers and became predictable. Since it is giving a very shameful social message, the editing is poor, even I can cut and join better, and is also not entertaining why watch? Hope the actors careers don’t get affected because of their choice of serial.

  9. I hate the idea of Harman-surbie marriage and the torture preeto is giving saumya. I don’t want preeto to succeed, she has to be exposed by harman and the wedding has to be stopped. Saumya is suffering and for how long will this go on? She deserves some happiness with Harman by her side. This story is about Saumya’s struggle to be accepted in society and her husband’s family are torturing her a lot. Her only supporter is Harman and if he marries Saumya’s sister, how can he give his full support to her. Please producers of Shakti, don’t let this marriage happen or else it will spoil the whole concept and we the fans will stop watching. It won’t make any sense to watch it anymore.

  10. I sure this marriage will make that soumya be strong, fight for her love and her rights because soumya will see and aware that she can’t live without harman, also will pay attention surbhi want to betrayal to soumya because surbhi’s emotion will revive for harman again but meanwhile will unfold that soumya is a girl normal and isn’t a kinner and this unfolding reality will make that soumya become stronger.

  11. surbhi get married with harman for revenge of preeto and against preeto’ wish, she will bring both harman and soumya closer and day to day relation haya will be stronger and preeto’s plan will fail and meanwhile will unfold soumya isn’t a kinner and soumya will get pregnant but later surbhi will start to love harman but soumya and harman will fight together with everyone.

  12. The current track really is absurd. How can CVs justify their handling of this so called” never seen before” ,bold concept in such a frivolous ,regressive manner.Initially audience could relate to Preeto’s concern and love for her son, but lately it’s downright criminal. Is this the responsible social commentary the makers and the channel want to make😱

    1. Could not agree more. Understand that a mother will not want her son to marry a kinnar but turn into a criminal really? This is 2017.

      1. I don’t know much about what’s being allowed in the Indian society regarding being married to both sisters at the same time (in Egypt it is definitely not) coz from the responses I guess it is not allowed…am I right? so I am wondering how the writers thought that this would be accepted by the viewers …even if the main reason for this marriage is sacrificial as they are trying to sell it to us???

        So how on earth a mother would accept such an illegal marriage just for the sake of having an heir????

        Preeto’s character from the very beginning, i guess is meant to be criminal just like Maninder’s (trying so much to kill his own daughter) coz I recall how badly she used to treat Shanno and she was the one sending Saumya away to Kinnar World also plotting the kidnapping of Saumya and selling her as slave with the other 2 kinnars to the extend of sending her own son to jail to buy time till Saumya is gone… she was the main reason that Nimmi died and deep down in her heart she knows that she killed her with her cruel words… so no wonder to try to kill Saumya with poison as well as manipulating and blackmailing her emotionally to do her dirty work herself….

        Does such characters really exist in real life??? I wonder will she and Manninder be really punished for all what they did or will end up admitting there guilt and everyone will forgive them coz one did it out of her love to her son and her lust for an heir and the other out of social shame?????

        Anyways…i guess there is one more player will wait to see what will he do..”Varun” coz i guess the coming episodes after the marriage…Varun will comeback and a new twist will happen

        1. Haha let us have the other criminal Varun back. He can shoot Surbhi for revenge or Harak Singh. Already tried to kill Harman. The actors, the director and the producer of Shakti have misrepresented Indian culture to the entire world and caused embarrassment. People from different parts of the world are asking in Indians can a groom get married to two brides simultaneously. How distorted can the entire Shakti teams’ creative imagination be? Shakti team has blackened Indian television. Scandalous.

  13. Soumyas character has been reduced to a mouse Harman to a puppet Surbhi to confused hero (did not have to make this sacrifice because abhishek was willing to let her sister live with them) and Preeto to criminal Shakti and Indian culture has been ridiculed. Because of the last reason the best serial award for Shakti should be withdrawn by ITA.

  14. Yes we want Harman and Soumya together and not Surbhi in their ilfe .The track is out of line and dont find ineresting at al..

    Actually the story should be that Harman should fight against all odd to get soumya her rights rather than been puppet and getting married to Surbhi.

    He should have tried his best to avoid the mairrage with Surbhi.

    Show maker pls change the story otherwise your TRP will go down.

  15. Absolutely right..the serial is definitely taking a most gross and silly turn..if surbhi is so concerned about how to shelter saumya she could easily do so by getting married to abhishek and keeping saumya with them..and what was the point in showing situations where saumya didnt succumb to the transgender community then and now is acting as if she doesn’t have a mind of her own..the writer needs to take a call on the serial if wishes to have an interested for me i have called it quits rather than going nuts..!!

  16. Very bad track! Nonsense! The only reason I was watching this serial was because of the sweet relationship between Harman and Saumaya.
    The whole serial has been ruined! What a stupid idea!
    I refuse to watch this rubbish until they have somehow changed this track back to Harman and Saumaya.
    So if you do want people to start watching this serial again then you will have to rewind back, somehow, to before this ridiculous second marriage!!

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