Shakti Latest: Angry Harman confronts Harak Singh over Murder Trap

May 29 , 2017 | | 22 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Upcoming Track: Soumya proves Harman innocent in murder case

The upcoming episode of popular Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring in the high voltage drama as Harak Singh and Preeto’s (Kamya Punjabi) reality will come in front of Harman (Vivian D’Sena). The future story of Shakti serial will show Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) rescuing Harman from the murder charges with help of Surbhi (Roshni Sahota), Mallika, Nani and the kinner group.

Soumya will prove Harman innocent, much against Harak Singh and Preeto’s plans. As known till now, Harak Singh and Preeto plan to get Harman trapped in the Police Station by making a fake drama of murder. While Harman and Soumya are out, some goons tease Soumya, angry Harman fights the goons and mistakenly believes that he killed one goon. Harman gets arrested and shattered Soumya tries to bail out Harman. Soumya seeks Preeto’s help but instead gets thrown out of the house.

Meanwhile, Soumya, Mallika, Surbhi and Nani get suspicious about Harak Singh and follow him. Soon Soumya realizes that this is all Harak Singh’s plan as the dead man, in reality, is alive. Harak Singh and Preeto want to trap Harman and Soumya in a situation where Soumya becomes a helpless puppet of Harak and Preeto. Soumya, Mallika, Surbhi, Nani and other kinners bring the man in Police Station and prove Harman innocent. Harman comes to know that this murder and arrest trap was created by Harak Singh and hence Harman confronts Harak Singh.

Harman and Harak Singh get in a huge argument post which Harman tells Harak and Preeto to stay out of his and Soumya’s life. Will Harak and Preeto understand Harman and Soumya’s true love? Keep reading this space for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories, and spoilers on Shakti serial.

22 thoughts on “Shakti Latest: Angry Harman confronts Harak Singh over Murder Trap”

  1. Why harman disclosed that he will leave the city gurudaspur & go.he should not have told them,interesting would had been without harak & preeto knowing harman must have left the city with saumya.looking both missing atleast some realisation they would have felt.
    but again some other misunderstanding they will create between saumya & harman and again something negative will happen.
    now there should be much more close love between harman & its saumyas turn to be more closer to harman so that what he expects little attention,love from saumya she must give him.atleast she can hug & kiss him.a sweet love

  2. May be he shouldn’t have told his parents about leaving gurudaspur but I guess he said it out of desperation because it pains him that his parents could do this horrible thing to him. I think he said it to warn them that if they don’t leave Saumya and him alone, they’ll never see him again which most parents wouldn’t want that. It’s high time Harak Singh and Preeto realise that whatever they do they can’t separate Harman and Saumya but I don’t think they’ll stop.

  3. but harman after coming out from jail he should be smart enough all the time.his parents will always try evil things against him or saumya just to separate them.he must not just give them any such chance.
    actually harman & saumya both are very innocent.makers show harman a strong person.because earlier also he never knew about his mothers conspiracy to separate saumya & harman.
    he is not qualified enough too get a secured job.he should do a business kind of thing,were someone will take him to some something interesting were he becomes big.
    his parents have a lot of attitude because of money & power.
    they should be left out empty handed without power & money.

  4. actually jab harman saumya ko pehli baar kinner basti se bacha ke laya tha woh log ek chote se ghar par rent pe baithe the.
    that man will definetly help them & that house is aslo very nice and safe.
    infact surbhi also stayed there very safely.for harman & saumya that house is perfect.
    they can also keep a watch on his parents.

  5. preeto & harak singh have so much of overconfident about contacts & financial positions.if saumya is a kinner she is a human being also.she is been mentally,physically tortured by both preeto & harak singh.
    they make her come on roads without food,clothes,shelter.they treat literally saumya worst than a dog.
    its shameful on their part.they are in humans.they don’t deserve happiness in their life.they must realize their mistake.

  6. Makers might hve forgotten but viewers are not. Saumya mother nimis death happened only and only because of preeto.
    Both harak preeto has done a lot of things wrong in their life

  7. Common yaar makers show some excitement.let saumya confess her love to harman & they spend some cosy nights together were they come very close to each other ,so after that any one comes in between them they will not be able to stay separate from each other.
    aisa kuch ho jaye ke dono ek dusre ke bina ek pal alag nahin rahe sake.a love bond between them should be so stronger than anything in this world.
    kisi ko bataye bina dono ne city rathon rath chod de ni chaiye.apni alag aur bahut khobsurat duniya basa deni chaiye.harak preeto must be stunned .inspite of them blackmailing saumya she must confront them saying if at all she leave harman he will not survive without her,so there is no point in me hurting him.he needs me in his life & my love so for him to be happy i will give him per your society i cannot give him happiness as his wife but he wants only love from me so that i will definetly give him.

  8. Hello guys … I’m back was extremely ill so wasn’t watching anything… anyhow so glad to the twists & turns which happened the past few weeks with HaYa … however would not see not expect any changes in Preeto/Barak Singh evil attitude coz this will wrap up the show & ends it if the do change their evilness …

    However I agree with San that we need to see more romance & confession of love happening from Saumya’s side … & why not adopting another child??? What happened to the 1st one??? Have loads to watch & catch up

  9. Welcome back Zouz. Shakti lost viewers during the trio marriage track. But it is not gaining back the viewers although TRP is now stable is not that high. I think in order to improve TRP they need to increase Harman Saumya screen space, with uninterrupted sequences, stop turning everyone into a muderer and stop making petty childish unrealistic tracks like the one with film hero.

  10. Actually makers are not concentrating on saumya & harman.still saumya is not fully wife of harman.still saumya avoid harman when he comes near to her.she should not do that.for her not doing that makers will have to show & confess her love to harman,instead of showing all shit murder case,preeto overacting,harak singh maddness.
    inspite of harman murder case episode they should have shown preeto trying to kill saumya & she lands up in hospital with death & life situtaion,and harman comes to know that this is all done by preeto and then he shows preeto what he will do if anything happens to saumya.
    saumya is his life,if anything happens to saumya harman will also be finished.this he will have to show preeto & to save saumya life he must take saumya away without anybody knowing.
    show the intense love story of saumya & harman,let them come closer more and more.both pampering each other.and most important saumya has to confess her love to harman.were he will just feel top of the world.
    they will have a special night.were saumya will just leave her “sharam & everything and she allows harman to love her without any hesitation.then she will have that confidence in her to say harman is hers.

  11. The most unconvincing track is Veeran turning into a murderer. The actor looks confused too. This is probably also contributing to low TRPs.

    1. Viren turned into a murderer??? Who did he want to kill??? Guys I am watching the old episodes so only reading ur comments … what’s going on??!!

  12. Pl makers we were tortured a lot by the trio marriage track and I stopped watching then. Pl don’t make me stop watching again with Veeran Balwinder and Sanno trio track. Believe me it is horrible to watch this. Shaktis TRP will go below 2 if you only show a few minutes of Saumya Harman and this trio plus Varun plus Mahinder plus Raavi shouting instead of Preeto. Shakti has a lot of potential pl don’t destroy it.

  13. The recent promos are again on Waaris drama. What if Harman was not able to become a father due to medical problems and Saumya could after having treatment? Why do you take it for granted that it can only be the women’s fault when a couple is biologically childless? Which era are these serial makers living in? Harman Saumya you don’t need to go far. Adopt Chintu and take him away from his evil parents and grand parents. I am afraid no ones heart is melting watching Preetos emotions and tears because the Makers have stretched her evilness capacity too far. It is now beyond repair. Preeto is perfectly in her rights not to want a kinnar Bahu for her only son, but to be so evil and now Harak has joined the club? A few episodes ago Harak said he would never stab Harman from behind. He will always challenge him face to face. Did the makers forget that scene and spoilt Haraks character too. Makers pl rethink and save Shakti. There is still time and scope. Don’t keep on disappointing the viewers with poor long tracks and short good tracks.

  14. preeto overacting is too much.harak singh is a gone case.harman was happy outside his house.he said it right his house is a cage for him,were there is no happiness for him.
    in precap again preeto taunts suamya and takes her.dont understand why harman is back he should have independent.
    atleast there should be a changed harman now. has come back but he must not accept anything from his parents.
    no cars no money nothing.his life style should be the way he stayed when he left his house.
    he must go for work to shooting sets as usual he must earn money.he must get things from his earned money not from his father.saumya must also live life as per her husband stays.then it would be interesting to watch.
    he must work hard to be independent and make his own house for saumya.
    he must clear his parents that if he has come back for parents love but not for property or money so he is not interested in all this.

  15. This show is really very torturing one.why everytime harman inspite of knowing his parents nature & decession of not accepting saumya as his wife.why always he make saumya face them.why cant he be independent enough to take responsibility of saumya & aditya.when once he took a step of being independent he must not back out.he must show his parents that whenever they will hurt saumya he is cable of leaving the house & taking the responsibility of his wife saumya & child aditya.
    preeto & harak singh are just trying every each way to separate harman & saumya.everytime negativity.we wanted harman & saumya to be closer & saumya confess her love to harman.
    but they are never left alone. when they were separate from their family they spended a good quality time together and were coming very close to each other,but now inside the house they are again separated.slowly preeto will create misunderstanding,fight,brain wash saumya to leave house,or to convince harman to reunite with surbhi,and then again will make saumya shift to guest house,or try to kill her,or else will embarase her in public,or make setting with kareena to expose her.shit all boring to watch.

    1. Yes Shakti is back to square one unfortunately after 1 year and th e promising track was cut short and was not successful to its potential because of the leads getting very little screen space. Frankly speaking it is quite boring to see a serial focussing only on old negative people. It does not have freshness or positivity. Nowadays I stop watching when there is too much of veeran trio or harak and presto on screen. No disrespect to the actors.

  16. preeto is telling saumya that kinner toh sabko ghar jake duwae dete hain,how saumya will know as she herself was born & brought up in the same society as preeto is there.infact saumya herself was not aware that she was a kinner.
    shahed is right makers are only focusing on preeto & harak singh.
    there is no closeness,romance,love scenes of saumya & harman.this season was their love story & they should have started their struggling life to successful life.
    but again its back to square one with preeto & harak singh evil come harman is not aware about it & he came back home.

  17. Preeto & family had insulted,humilated,hurted saumya for being a kinner.but there should be some humanity in each human being.if saumya was a kinner it was not her was almighty decesion of making her like that.
    that doesnt mean you can humilate physically mentally anybody if the person is just being silent & listening to the person in front of him or her.flash back scenes of preeto towards saumya was not at all acceptable till as a mother if she is been hurt by harman,she deserves the worst from him.she had humilated,insulted & killed a mother who sacrificed her life for her child saumya for a normal life.and if almighty has decided harman as a partner for saumya with a pure relationship who is preeto to force him.
    preeto & harak singh made a property and as waris they got a son harman to continue this.
    now its harman generation he will continue in his own way.let him be free towards his decesion.
    as what almighty decides for everyone “an individual come to the world with empty hand & goes with empty hand.” so preeto & harak singh have lived their life & by the time harman will grow old they will not be there,so why to crib so much for waris.harman wants his life with saumya so let him live his life.infact as harman said to harak singh you be happy with your family,i will be happy with my family so why to interfiere.
    “abhi phirse itna saumya ko sunane ki kya jaroorat hain”???how could harman listen that & he must now just not stay with his family because they will never accept her

  18. You’re absolutely right San, now Surbhi and Harman are divorced. What I don’t understand is its strange for me to believe that in India a man can marry two wives legally. I thought its only the first marriage that is legal, I didn’t know the second marriage too is legal. Anyway, I’m glad they are finally divorced. Now Saumya will be Harman’s only and legal wife.

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