Shakti Latest News: Harman disowns Soumya as his wife

Aug 15 , 2017 | | 38 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Upcoming Twist: Harman vows to not treat Soumya as his wife

The upcoming episode of Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring a new twist in the tale of Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik). Harman and Soumya’s relationship has turned upside down, thanks to the misunderstanding roped in Soumya’s mind by Preeto (Kamya Punjabi).

Soumya is unwilling to stay with Harman and just not ready to realize or reciprocate Harman’s love. Soumya feels that Harman only likes for her beauty and is not ready to accept or declare Soumya’s kinner status. Soumya feels that she needs to stay away from Harman to find her own identity. Soumya goes to the extent of leaving Harman and going to Bangkok, from where Harman saves Soumya by buying her in the auction. Harman brings Soumya back home and stops her from going back to the kinner house.

Harman tries to win Soumya’s heart in every possible way, however, Soumya remains unapproachable and adamant. Soumya refuses to accept or acknowledge Harman’s love and leaves no chance to make Harman realize that she is not interested in staying with him. In the upcoming episode of Shakti serial, Harman will get gifts for Soumya but Soumya will refuse to accept them. Soumya will return the gifts and even the previous gifts and will just think of herself her the maid. Soumya will refuse to be as Harman’s wife.

This will irk Harman and he will be emotionally hurt. Angry Harman will take Soumya in front of Mata Rani and will vow that he will not think of Soumya as his wife and henceforth will not show her any love till Soumya realizes her love for Harman. Harman will disown Soumya as his wife and for a change, Soumya will be shocked. Will Soumya’s misunderstanding get cleared? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

38 thoughts on “Shakti Latest News: Harman disowns Soumya as his wife”

  1. I’m very glad Harman is doing this to Saumya, she thinks by behaving rudely towards Harman he’ll throw her out of the house, now things have changed. He won’t throw her out and won’t give her wifey duties either. She has been pampered so much by Harman that she’s fooling around. If Harman doesn’t mind her anymore she’ll realise his importance to her and how much without him she is nothing. In that house Harman is the only one who supports her but if he stops she’ll see how it feels like to be rejected.

  2. Yes supper revenge. Saumya thinks b’cos Harman loves him, he is a fool. Let’s see what happens, I hope it won’t be too late for her.

  3. very good this is what preeto wanted & she got saumya is gone,there is no support for her in this house as harmans wife.this all happened because of saumya.
    she wanted the life of kinnar & not wife of harman.finally she has got her astitva malika can proudly take her to her own community.harman will never come behind her now. he started hating her & preeto got her success.
    i think shakti going off air,new show in colors is coming.
    kinnar will get her community because she never wanted a life what harman was giving her.finally he will throw her out of the house,or he will let her go from his life & will never try to convince her also.
    there was a chance for saumya to confess her love but she missed she is free bird to hell with her.
    ise kehte hain dushman ko mauka dena jo saumya ne preeto ko diya.jis ke liye woh ab pachtayegi. yaa nahin kyonki she wanted her astitva not love.she wanted to stay in kinnar community as a kinnar only like begging dancing & earning money or selling of herself good business.

  4. jab saumya harman ko wapas ghar le aayi thi ,preeto ke bade bade dialogue dekh kar hasi aati hain.maa ke baare main bade dialogue mare the but maa ka matlab hi nahin malum hain usko.
    harman se bol ti hain beta maa se ruth jaye naraz ho jaye mu pher le tabhi maa ke dil se hamesh bete ke liye dua hi niklegi.aur hamesha kush rahe.
    bloddy shit preeto disgusting woman,bete ko badua ke alaya kuch nahin deti.uski zindagi barbad karke rakh di hain.aur khushi uske zindagi se chin li hain.
    poor fellow uski zindagi saumya hain par use usse door kar diya,use aisi jagah bhej diya jahan woh bik ne ko tyaar ho gayi.uske sath kush rehta tha ,par use use nafrat karne pe majboor kar diya.
    aisi maa hone se anath hona jada acha hain.har bar bas use dil pe vaar karti hain.shayad ek din apne bete ko kho degi,aur saumya apne attitude ke vajah se harman aur uske pyaar ko hamesha kho degi.
    jis preeto ke liye woh harman ko chod rahi hain , harman kabhi preeto ko wapas nahin mil payega agar woh saumya se juda ho jayega toh,but is bewakufi se saumya bhi harman ko kho degi.
    but good she must realise her she will never be able to confess her love to harman because preeto will never make it happen.if she will be willing also preeto will never let them meet again.misunderstanding will increase.good very good liked it.

  5. Yes Sans Preeto wins all the time. She succeeded in throwing Saumya out the first time, getting Harman married to Surbhi, sending them on honeymoon and making them share same bedroom through puppet Saumya, in removing Aditya from their lives, throwing Haya out of their house and then fooling Saumya to return back home, managing to convince the stupid Saumya about Harman not accepting her identity, sending her to Bangkok, creating a cold war between Haya, making Saumya ill through over work, creating a rift between Saumya and Surbhi, now finally Harman disowning Saumya. In each and every game Preeto has won and succeeded to make Saumya her puppet fully. Haya has lost everytime and has never found peace.

  6. Absolutely right sheila. Till preeto is there they will never be together.
    And saumya will always be preeto puppet. Instead realising Harmans love don’t understand this stupid donkey female saumya.
    Chintu a small kid is more clever than this donkey female. He judge people more than her.

  7. harman needs to be smart now.he must stop drinking.he looses his senses due to his drinking,and his family take undue advantage of this.saumya need not fight with preeto its more than enough if she only stood by harman as a support.
    that donkey saumya must learn from chintu that adorable kid.he knows that only harman is the jewel in that family.and she doubt him how stupid as that.
    harman must set something outside for him & saumya.he must take saumya away from his family and start something so that he can start his life with saumya without preeto knowing.
    because harman knows very well what preeto is up to.preeto ko kitna ghamand hain paise par.20 lakh de diya saumya ko harman ko dene ke liye & she took it also.why dont harman warn his mother.

  8. It’s very true, Chintu is much more clever than Saumya. As long as Saumya is Preeto’s puppet Haya relationship will always be a nightmare. I don’t know how Saumya will realise her mistake and apologise to Harman. Preeto will do everything she can to make Harman hate Saumya so that he throws her out himself but I have the feeling that she won’t succeed with Harman, she succeeded with Saumya who is so dumb to always fall for her tricks but with Harman she won’t succeed.

  9. Harman should stop getting drunk and living on his fathers wealth. Shakti has become so boring with this repetitive Malik and Gulam track. This track needs to end. Makes no sense. Nothing has progressed in Shakti. Saumya remains dumb and puppet. Preeto continues to plot and wins. Saya continues to plot to take Saumya away. Mahinder keeps on cursing Saumya. Only progress is Saumya has accepted her identity. But that us turned her from a nice person to a sulky, self centred, ungrateful, arrogant negative, disgruntled unlikeable person. She talked to her Nani about kinnars getting sold. Human trafficking is not only done with kinnars. It is done with women and children too. People who were bidding for her did not even know she is a kinnar. It was a stupid dialogue that the creative team made her say to her Nani. The first bit was ok then they lost the plot.

  10. Does Harman not get bored with the kind of life he is leading. I would. He does not seem to have friends anymore. He does not have peace at home. He has no social life. He has no hobbies. He does not go for trips or holidays. He has a dumb arrogant wife at home who is constantly misbehaving with him. His mother is plotting. His aunty is quarelling. I would want to run from this kind of life. Why is he not explaining to Saumya about the real reason for him not revealing her identity? Why does he not tell people during his wedding anniversary? I think Saumya needs a very hard slap to bring her to her senses. And Harman needs to get a life. I have seen beautifully executed love story in Choti Bahu season 1. But Shakti makers are presenting something that does not flow, no beauty, no moving scenes. Maybe after 40 episodes you get one good episode. It has become really boring. Even Vivians charisma and excellent acting cannot negate the boringness of Shakti now. That is the only thing to look forward to in Shakti. Vivians acting. Rubina does not have role or scope as the female lead. Either we will see months of sweetness and innocence, then months of puppet like acting, now months of this arrogance. Each phase goes like a straight line with constant expressions for Saumya with zero layers. Therefore it does not give the depth of the character for the actor to portray. If they had been shown that she is behaving like this in front of Harman and then breaking down behind his back, showering affection on Chintu but freezing in front of Harman, what is going through her mind etc. Then at least Rubina will get scope to act and her character would be interesting. At the moment the only interesting thing to watch in Shakti is Vivian and perhaps a bit of Chintu. Harak Singh used to be interesting but now he has become boring too. Kinnars plights have also become repetitive. Again there was scope there too. But the makers failed to exploit it.

  11. very strange saumya is judging harmans loyalty of love towards her.harman has proved himself ,its time saumya proves her loyalty of love towards she so stupid that she beleived preeto about harmans loyalty.
    now her shakti should be that without anybodys proving or telling she herself know what harman is & how much he loves her & to what extent.inspite of her misunderstanding what is he doing to take care of her she herself has to realise.
    saumya ko manlena chaiye ki ab bas saumya harman ke liye bani hain aur harman saumya ke liye,aur yeh use preeto ko dikhana ho ga apne pyaar se jo woh harman se karti hain.
    woh preeto ke liye apni aur na harman ki zindagi barbad karne de sakti hain.
    abhi se usne harman ke liye jina hoga,ab preeto se jada harman ka khayal rakhna hoga,uska pina band karana ya kuch kam karne ke liye support karna hoga.
    aur preeto ki har chal ko maat dena hoga.shano aur baki gang ko aisa lesson sikhana chaiye ki woh galat kam karne se piche hat jaye.aur is main saumya ke sath chintu aur harman uska saath de.she should make harman more responsible than before.pure gav (village) main saumya aur harman ke naam mashoor hone lage.
    saumya ko apna pyaar itna mazboot karna hoga ki preeto koi bhi chal chalde use haar hi mile.woh thak jaye saumya ke pyaar ke aage. harman keeps the tray & kadha glass behind the table,so as her harman instructed saumya to clean his room,why cant she found out that.she can ask chintu that who was there is the night to take care of her.and chintu must tell what harman went through when she was away from him.he lost his senses and closed himself in his room.atleast chintu ko mata rani ne bheja hain aur woh sab saumya ko bol raha hain.chintu ne khena chaiya agar aap harman mama se door hongi toh harman mama mar jayenge.need to see saumya over protectiveness & possessiveness towards harman & harman also should feel that he is special for saumya.thoda nakhra harman ne dikhana chaiye jab saumya use manaye.akhir harman ne kasam khaya hain mata rani ke aage.saumya bas majboor ho jaye harman ke gale lag ne ke liye aur pyaar ka izhaar kar ne ke liye

  12. Is this the first Hindi serial where the hero does not work and spends all his time running after his undeserving wife, kidnapping, threatening people and getting drunk. This is what they are now showing for Harman. At least when Harman was doing stunts, or working in the factory it was good for his character.

  13. Preeto ne apne puppet saumya ko kaha tha ke Harman Se door Jane ke liye use Harman ke dil main apne liye nafrat Lana hoga.
    Good saumya is so obedient to preeto. What a good job she has done. Finally Harman has disown saumya as his wife. So jab Harman hi pati hone Ka hakh nahin jatayega, Toh saumya Ka Harman ke life main importance hi khatam hogaya.
    Saumya Toh apna pyaar confess hi nahin karegi Harman ko kyon ki preeto uski malkin ne kaha hai.
    So Harman soch lega ki saumya uske sath jina hi nahin chahti aur use jabardasti rok kar Koi matlab bhi nahin.aisa Harman ne pehle bhi Kiya tha,isliye woh use azzad kar dega gulami Se aur woh malika kinnaron ki Duniya main laut jayegi.
    Is tarah preeto Ka sapna pura Ho jayega.
    Harman pite pite ek din thak jayega aur preeto uski Dobara shadi karva degi aur apna waris lelegi.
    Saumya apne astitva kinnar ki zindagi jiyegi Jo woh chahti thi. Story ends new show coming up.trailor started in colors

  14. two shows are coming up in it will replace shakti.lets wait & watch.
    but these makers are too much it is they have shown the lead character saumya negative & day by day she is turning 2 more are in que that is harman & surbhi and this is only because preeto & harak ko positive dikhana hain.
    aaj ke episode main phir se preeto aur harak singh positive ho gaye.these both are not humans really.woh preeto ek worst aurat hain,saumya ko ek aag ka example de rahi hain faltu ka.respect dena toh usne sikha hi nahin kisiko.
    aree insaniyat se toh socho saumya bhi kisiki beti hain,agar woh ek kinnar paida hui toh uska kya kasoor hain aur mata rani ne harman ko us ke liye chuna hain toh kya hua yaar.shayaad us main bhi kuch acha hoga.
    kaise kaise words saumya ko diye hain woh harman ko bol rahin hain mujhe aapka pyaar shadi ahsan nahin chaiye.aur harman ne us ka khayal rakha woh bhi uske liye kuch nahin so they are turning saumya negative.
    preeto has played her cards once again through varun,he will tell surbhi that harman ne saumya ko birthday ke din sab ke samne uske so called astitva kinnar ke saath apna ne se inkar kiya tha.
    surbhi is as it is gone case,woh bhi saumya ki tarah dumb hain,preeto ne pehle bhi surbhi ko brain wash kiya tha.
    this time also same will happen,she will turn negative towards harman & confront him.woh harman ko bolegi agar aap main itni himat hi nahin thi saumya ko apna ne ki phir yeeh pyaar karne ka dikhava hi kyon kiya.
    she will also not believe harman that he did only because he was afraid of loosing she will instead convincing saumya support her & take revenge from harman.both saumya that stupid kinnar & that idiot surbhi and with them malika will fight with harman new track turning harman negative.
    i hope and request this makers while ending the show please do not show our lead actor vivian in negative.saumya as it is turned negative but plz dont do this with harman.he is a true lover.

  15. makers are such a smart people they do not want their lead role preeto & harak singh to be hated by people.
    wah kya dialogue diya hain preeto aur harak singh bhi galat kam kar rahe hain woh harman ki bhalayi ke liye kar rahe hain.they are not selfish they are doing it for their sons sake.what nonsense do makers think that we ordians are fool.what they have shown preeto & harak singh as parents in real life parents are not like them.
    aree jab ek beta apne parents ki harkat se thak jata hain toh woh haar kar unke pass ata hain aur sache dil se bolta hain ki please mere jine ki wajah woh ek insaan hain agar woh nahin to main bhi nahin.ek maa baap ko bas itna hi bolna kafi hota hain,but preeto aur harak singh jaise character maa baap nahi hote.
    aree woh itna bhi bol gaya ke tum budhe aur main jawan hoon.agar main is duniya main hi nahin raha toh kya karoge apne selfishness se???chod do meri zindagi ke sath.and that stupid saumya the words what harman said to her is more than enough for a girl to understand that to what extent a human being like harman can love that kinnar saumya.
    too much these makers are.

  16. They are showing Saumya disgusting by the day. Next Rubina should receive an award for actress in a negative role. howcum Harman has become so stupid that he thinks a surprise marriage anniversary party will make this ungrateful stupid stubborn Preeto ki Gulam Saumya happy? Preeto is getting victorious by the day. She is winning the chess game. That is what the makers want as well because of their own conservative outlook. They used kinnar concept not for social message but for business and TRP. In their own mind they are like the people of Gurdaspur. Preeto represents the mindset of the producers themselves that is why there is no progress in the story and Saumya remains stupid and weak and now negative. The producers like to propagate negativity and hence made Saumya negative and Saya negative again.

  17. come on guys please don’t insult Harman, he is in love and he is just trying to pacify his ungrateful wife who is so dumb that she can’t see beyond her anger to forgive. For one year that they’ve known each other, she still doesn’t know the real Harman and can’t realise that whatever he does is for her sake. What I can foresee is that makers want Saumya to realise her mistakes on her own and should experience how it feels like to be rejected by the only man who has fought against all odds to defend her. Now that Harman will disown Saumya as his wife, lets see how she can cope in that house. All this time she hasn’t realized Harman’s importance in her life, this is the time she’ll feel the pain of losing him. Harman should let her work tirelessly in that house as a slave so that she’ll pay for the humiliation and pain she put him through when she chose to sell herself. How ungrateful fool.

  18. But sheila if she realizes her mistake then to she will never confess her love to Harman because makers will never make it happen.
    Because preeto will loose her game. After all she is the lead character of shakti.
    Jab Tak preeto hain saumya kabhi use confront nahin karegi aur use Se Dab kar hi rahegi. Saumya is preetos puppet. Galat sahi preeto Jo bolegi saumya karegi.
    Uske liye Harman Se jyada preeto important hain.

  19. The TRp audience likes to see Preeto winning. So I am afraid this will continue for sometime. So my family members and I will take a break until Preeto is shown to lose the game and makers have improved Saumya character.

  20. Yes you’re right San, with Preeto around, Saumya will never confess her love to Harman. Shakti makers are still making Saumya Preeto’s puppet, so I don’t see how the misunderstanding will clear. I just hope Saumya herself will use her brain to solve this problem without any third party b’cos she has never used her brain.

  21. 😱😱😱😷😷😷😅😅😅
    I stopped watching the serial for months, and now I have wondering wether Somya’s character has been changed to a strong confident woman or not !!!!!!!!!

    Nothing happens
    Really it’s strange 😂

    1. I am afraid there has been no development in Saumyas character. She is still Preetos puppet. Saumyas character has turned worse. She is now mean and cruel to Harnan for no good reason. She is rude to her grandmother and sister as well. But she is sweet to Preeto etal and all the people who try to exploit her. Had never seen such a stupid female character in TV or film before.

  22. there is no point in commenting guys.makers have lost it now.saumya replied to preeto good.but she is still her puppet.a person should not be punished who has not made any mistake.
    harman is been punished & badly hurt every single minute by saumya which he does not deserve.he loves her more than his own life & he deserves the same from saumya which he will never get from saumya & preeto will never let it happen.
    exactly it happened what was predicted.surbhi & nani asked saumya about the truth but surbhi is also the same as saumya a dumb female,she doubted harman & if she knows the truth also they will blame harman a coward only.both female sisters will never beleive his extreme love.both dont deserve love in their life,because people like harman who love a human out of the world these both dont understand.
    kyonki un dono ne zindagi main kabhi kisiko itna pyaar kiya hi nahin aur na kar payenge.dono ko pyaar shabad ka matlab hi nahin malum.
    surbhi ke pass acha chance hain woh varun ko pyaar ke jal main fasa kar pata laga sakti hain ki harman ke sath kya hua aur preeto ne uska kaise fayda uthaya.but saumya is def,dumb & blind for her astitva wajood what all bull shit.
    actually two sufferes should be there one is preeto & other saumya.
    vivian is a superb actor.still remember his scene were in bagkok he was all alone beside the seashore & feeling so helpless of not finding saumya.he has litraly cried from his heart & still cries.when he was with that guide he was a stranger for him but that man even realised his love & harman as a & night with his bag he was only on roads of bagkok to search for this selfish woman saumya.he was only drinking.he hit himself so badly that he started bleeding.when this selfish kinnar went to her community house that time also harman lost his senses & just drinking,begging before her,not sleeping,living in the tent in rains without even having food.there also he hurted himself.he cried for that selfish woman.he gathered people also so that he will say to the world that he loves saumya & she is his wife and a kinnar. but she without even thinking for a minute ran away to bangkok.when harman found her in bagkok in that situation his heart broke there & he huged her so tightly & cried .his feeling was why did he made a mistake of leaving her alone.his birthday night he kept knocking the door with that little angel chintu & wanted to talk to her but she just left him die there & as a puppet of preeto went from there .that little boy chintu knows his mama so well than anyone.that small boy chintu uses his brains & he knows why harman is doing & when he is acting .but this female saumya bluddy selfish woman like preeto disgusting.
    saumya ke jagah koi bhi hota toh apni zindagi ware deta harman jaise insaan par.harman ke pyaar ke liye preeto se bagawat karta naki uska puppet ban ke harman ko hurt karta.too much to digest.
    the attitude what she is throwing towards harman is ridiculous.

  23. preeto is a rascal woman.yesterday episode were preeto emotional scene was shown to get sympathy from the people.but that woman is disgusting bloddy shit woman.a selfish brat.she only thinks of herself.
    she is a disgusting woman who never does good deed in life.a widow who spoiled a family & family lost his son.
    harak singh pe doore dale aur ek vidhva doosri shadi kar li apni zindagi basane ke liye.old age ko toh respect dena aata hi nahin uska.dehati aurat.paisa ka itna ghamand hain usko.sabko apna naukar samajhti hain.
    harman kaise use jaisi aurat ko itna pyaar kar sakta hain maa jaisa.khud ke beti ki zindagi barbad karti hain woh aurat.ladkiyon ki zindagi kharab karti hain.khoon karti hain.harman ne bola tha saumya aur us ke rishte main aag mat laga.but yeh aurat kisiki a human being a person she is a gutter.

  24. I have read the update. Because I did not want to spend more than 5 minutes on the current track of Shakti. So as I understand both Surbhi and Preeto trust Harman more and understand him more than Saumya does. hai this Preeto puppet when will she get her senses. Maybe Surbhi can insert some sense into her. I will not have any problem if Harman throws her out. Vivian is such an outstanding actor that I can watch him on his own or with any other female lead. Nothing agsinst Rubina but Saumya is extremely irritating.

  25. I think in today’s episode after Surbhi and Nani listened to Saumya about the reason why things have changed btn her and Harman, Surbhi realised that the mess somehow was caused by Preeto b’cos she knows that Harman will never have hesitated to let society know about Saumya’s identity, even she sensed that there is something wrong but not that dumb stupid Saumya, she doesn’t think at all. I don’t blame her, she has always depended on her mom, she can’t think for herself without someone thinking for her. What a daft person.

  26. I had once predicted that at the rate the CVs were making characters negative soon Saumya will turn negative and she did. Latest promo shows Harman being physically violent with Saumya so he will turn negative as well. Rename Shakti as Negativity and if that is what increases TRP I am disappointed with the Indian viewers. This is entertainment? Sorry.

  27. I don’t think Harman will turn negative, he is just very angry at Saumya. The way she brought all the gifts she received at their wedding anniversary and even removed her ring was very cruel, it was too much for Harman that’s why he was strangling her and also disown her as his wife. It serves her right. Just because he didn’t announce her identity to the society which he has a tangible reason for, she has caused him so much pain. I wish Harman will make her pay for every pain she has caused him, she doesn’t deserve to be loved. I hope the time she realise her mistake, it won’t be too late for her.

  28. Even I feel like strangling Saumya. But physical violence is not good no matter how hurt you are. Let her go. Kick her out.

  29. The one person who loves unconditionally & without any hesitation is harman.all the old episode & each an every scene if you see its seen harman is the only person who knows each & everything what saumya thinks or do.whatever she thinks inside her mind he knows that.
    but saumya doesnt deserve that love,because she is the person who till date dont understand his feelings,love,care & his only wish.he has always said saumya that he has decided in his life that he wants to spend his entire life with her & he has married her and she is her only wife.he never ever hesitated saying to the world that she is a kinnar.
    aur agar is jannam main woh use door hui to woh mar gayega,uski jeene ki wajah hi saumya hain.
    agar phir bhi saumya ke liye harman chod kar preeto aur harak singh life main important hain,then no point in commenting its clearly seen she is been foolish.she will never come to the level were harman loves her.
    jab woh ab tak harman ko samaj nahin payi na hi uski dil ki baat toh woh uske layak hi nahin.woh kya pyaar karegi harman ko aur kya ladegi preeto aur harak singh se harman ke liye.
    harman ne jo challenge diya hain saumya ko woh kabhi pura nahin hoga.harman galat bharosa kar raha hain.saumya harman ko kabhi nahin confess karegi ki woh use pyaar karti hain aur woh apna misunderstanding kabhi clear nahin karegi harman ke sath.kyonki uske liye harman ki zindagi aur khushi se zyada preeto aur harak singh ki selfish khushi zaada important hain.aur apna so called astitva.

  30. What disgusting these shakti makers are.
    Sab kuch internally kar dete hain. Kya mazak banakar rakh diya hain shaddi ke naam Ka.phele surbhi ki shaddi Harman Se karayi, phir divorce Ho gaya, aur abhi varun Se shaddi Ho gayi, do no ki suhagrat bhi Ho gayi. Abhi phir Se saumya preeto aur harak Singh ke sath milkar phir Se Harman ki shaddi surbhi Se Kara rahin hain.
    Aur dono Harman aur varun hath main chudiya pehn kar baithe hain.jahan preeto aur harak Singh black mail karte hain woh shaddi karne baith jate hain.
    Don’t understand who is kinnar? Saumya or Harman and varun???
    And surbhi now again putting a chance on Harman and trying to seduce him with revealing clothes oh god undigestable.

  31. The best scene of this show till date is “harmans scene were he reaches bagkok & start his search with background song from my name is khan,ajnabi mod pe noore khuda noore khuda”listening to the song each an every word seems to be written for him”
    award winning acting is been done by harman for that per his character potrayed he has done 100% justice for that scene.that scene is more than enough to judge harman that how much he love saumya.for him saumya is only his world.he is been surviving just for her.
    for his true love he should deserve saumya love.
    but makers are not ready to show that saumya will confess her love to him without the fear of preeto,harak singh & the society.
    she still begs in front of harak singh & preeto that she will leave harman & go.
    infact she must realise harman love & on anniversary occassion she must confess to harman that she is his beloved wife and she loves him more than anything in this world.and she will only leave him when she dies.but this will never happen & all dirty unwanted crap will go on.

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