Shakti Latest News: Kinners plan to reunite Harman and Soumya

Jul 15 , 2017 | | 6 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Upcoming Twist: Harman forcibly takes Soumya back with him as planned by kinners

The upcoming episode of popular Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring in a massive twist in the tale of Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik). Shakti serial took a sudden turn in the storyline recently which was caused by Preeto’s (Kamya Punjabi) evil plan to plan to separate Harman and Soumya.

While Harman and Soumya are in much love with each other, Preeto successfully fills Soumya’s mind with negativity towards Harman. Preeto and Harak Singh wants to see Harman and Soumya departed to that Harman can marry a normal girl, who can produce an heir for them. Preeto fills venom in Soumya’s mind by telling her that Harman will never accept or confess that Soumya is a kinner in the society. Soumya challenges Harman, however, Harman hides Soumya’s kinner fact being worried about Soumya’s fate in the society.

Soumya gets furious and leaves Harman and his house. Soumya goes to Saya’s kinner house and turns into Tarana kinner. Harman tries to get Soumya back in every possible way, however, Soumya refuses to even listen to Harman. In the upcoming episode of Shakti serial, Soumya will seek Saya’s help to leave for Bangkok. Meanwhile, the other kinners get impressed by Soumya’s behavior and attitude. Kinners also realize that Harman and Soumya truly love each other. Soumya along with Saya and other kinners will be seen going in the marketplace where Harman will come across Soumya and will plead to go back with him.

Soumya will remain adamant, however, Harman will forcibly take Soumya with him. It will be revealed that this was the plan made by kinners to unite Harman and Soumya. But, Will Soumya go back to Harman’s house or is there more drama lined up? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

6 thoughts on “Shakti Latest News: Kinners plan to reunite Harman and Soumya”

  1. makers are gone really mad.they are showing totally nonsense.where saumya character is getting day by day dirty.when the makers are not ready to make saumya character a simple innocent one then what to comment.
    now she is been going to abroad with her identity,she doesnt want a real love & a secured life with harman.she wants her dirty astitva were being a kinar she is a prosetute.disgusting & pathetic show.
    earlier she was planned to send to abroad without her wish.were saya that hopless woman had asked poor fellow harmans help.that day if harman would have not saved her leaving his marriage,today he would have married with a woman and had his happy family life.
    to save this bluddy female saumya he left his marrige in between with mahi and came to save her by going to abroad when that arab man was taking her.that time malika wanted help from harman .
    and now she is supporting saumya with her this disgusting decesion.
    why the hell that day she stopped harman marrying mahi & called him in between his marriage & asked him to save saumya.
    now she willingly sends saumya to abroad knowing that very surprising.
    if she would have been forcefully taken there would have felt pitty on her,but here she is willingly with support of malika going abroad hurting harman emotion & ruining his life.
    she is really disgusting

    1. San I don’t know who u r? But you said very correctly. Soumya Why are these questions not asking her mother? She is very very selfish

  2. I don’t understand, didn’t she find out the reason why Harman didn’t announce her identity to the society? I thought the other kinners will tell her about the kinner who died in Harman’s arms so that Saumya will realise her mistake. It seems like they didn’t tell her that’s why she left for Bangkok. What passport did she used? Is it the one Harman made for her or anothet one? I don’t understand anything.

  3. I earlier said if she wants her astitva to be respected then do some respectful job.
    It’s not mandatory that they have to beg and survive.
    And what she is doing is really very cheap. The promo what is shown is really horrible.
    My god in abroad this things are very shameful for our culture.
    Disgusting these makers are.a family show turned so dirty.
    ” the dialogue what they showed in promo, tere jaise nayab heere ki jaroorat hain yahan ”
    How can she insult her mother sacrifice. Too much.
    Instead she should have killed herself. This is not her astitva what she wanted. For what astitva she is fighting for with Harman. I am really surprised with rashmi sharma.

  4. Agree that kinnars don’t all dance or do prostitution to earn money. There are kinnars in today’s society who are earning money through respectable means. As I said before the problem is that Shakti writer is living in dark ages. Moreover the producers have always shied away from showing romance between a kinnar and a male. I believe that is why they have introduced this track. I think they created this monster Frankenstein Saumya/Tarana so that when they separate Haya people will hate Saumya so much that they will forget to hate the producers. Now I understand their plot. If you notice they have always been hesitant to show this love story despite audience demands because of their own conservativeness.

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