Shakti Latest News: Soumya cries for Harman, Harman kidnaps Soumya

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Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Soumya refuses to go back home with Nani, Harman forcibly kidnaps Soumya

The upcoming episode of popular Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring in high voltage drama in the lives of Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) as Soumya has taken the drastic decision to become Tarana kinner and stay in the Kinner house.

Harman’s mother, Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) finally manages to malign Soumya’s mind against Harman and gets successful in filling negativity in Soumya’s mind towards Harman. The happy time in Harman and Soumya’s lives is over and once again Harman and Soumya will be seen suffering for their love. Preeto tells Soumya that Harman only likes her outer beauty and will never let the world know that she is a kinner. Soumya confronts Harman and Harman chooses to be quiet on the Topic of Soumya being a kinner.

In reality, Harman wants to hide Soumya’s kinner status as he worries for Soumya, however, Soumya misunderstands Harman and moves in the kinner house and takes Tarana avatar. Harman gets furious to know that Soumya has gone back to Kinner house and tries to get Soumya back. However, Soumya refuses to go back with Harman. In the upcoming episodes of Shakti serial, Saya will be seen supporting Soumya while Soumya will miss Harman and cry over him. Soumya’s Nani will try to convince Soumya to come back home, however, Soumya will remain adamant.

Soumya will even start learning the kinner ways to live and earn money. Later, Harman will be seen entering the Kinner House and will kidnap Soumya. What will be the fate of Harman and Soumya’s relationship? Stay tuned in to read more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.


13 thoughts on “Shakti Latest News: Soumya cries for Harman, Harman kidnaps Soumya”

  1. Why she has to cry now.she wanted her vajood she got it. Little bit angry with Harman she could have cleared her misunderstanding. Which they did when Harman bought her from her parents home when preeto planned with maninder being nice to her. That day saumya had that innocence in her. But now there is no sympathy for her. As a general public we question the makers if they want to show that kinners are from same society.there is no doubt that kinners are also the part of this society, God has made them this way, it’s not their fault. They have created this difference. Ok fine let’s agree that society created the difference. Why did they continued it.why are begging on roads.they have two hands legs everything. Then why can’t they live as normal people live.they can earn money by working. There are lot of profession. Stitching. Open shops medical etc etc. If 50% people are against 50% will be support for their 50% will automatically support. U make yourself, Noone will come to cannot force anyone to accept your vajood. First you bring your vajood to dignity.
    In shakti saumya is been shown like a prosetute not like a kinar. Why kinar has to go door steps to every house.people take their blessings because they know they are special people of use your ability and dignity u will be the part of society. Adopt children make them a person by giving them education to be independent.
    Which Harman did for saumya and fought with his family. Makers show sensible. Harman should be aware that for every misunderstanding of his relationship with saumya preeto is the reason. If he knows the truth he will make his parents realize.
    Don’t make the mockery of kinner or saumya character. Let her realize what step she has taken against Harman is wrong. Apologize to him. He loves & care for her,do not take undue advantage of his love. If she wants her vajood to be respected let her encourage saya and gang to earn respectfully and create their own dignity. Stop begging and eating. People of the village will automatically respect them. And in future if saumya truth is revealed they will not hate her but respect saumya & Harman for their decesion.

  2. very strange what makers are showing.saumya character has been shown such a cheap & dumb ,cannot beleive.what not harman did for saumya because he loves her more than his life.what more she wants.
    when she committed suicide he jumped into the water & saved him.he married surbhi just for sake of saumya.after marriage his wife was only saumya.he never made her cry.he left his house took with her,he starved & gave her food.he had only one clothes but for her he gave so many.when goons attacked he himself got shot,he risked his life there are so many things which cannot be remembered or listed.but for saumya her vajood was so important for her more than harman love.he does not breathe if she is not near him.such life partner one can never get in this life.
    and she was influenced & beleived that preetoo who never even thought saumya was a human being.
    now it was time were saumya should have confessed her love to harman & that fool left him & went to her so called society.after giving so much she wants still more from harman.what sacrifice saumya did for harman????
    todays she is hurting him so much.where is her love for him???.
    a normal couple don’t love each other so much.harman is exceptional.he loves her unconditionally.
    after showing her hopless get up of kinar which looks like a prosetute disgusting showing attitude to harman is it right on her part?????????she should be ashamed of many scenes makers have edited,very surprising they are not realising their mistake & they are telecasting those scenes.she could have gone to her nanis place if she was angry.why hurting so many.harman,nani surbhi. without no reason.

    1. If I were Harman I would leave the psycho Singh family and totally stupid and confused Saumya and start life fresh. He is young why waste it on Saumya who cannot even differentiate between good and bad. Preeto understood and found why her son wAs behaving differently. Why couldn’t Saumya do the same? Preeto trusts And knows Harman more than Saumya does. By now Saumya should have understood Harman.

  3. Makers should understand what they are showing. Just look at saumya the way she has dressed up and acting like………….
    Now when there is so depressing situation in our country like molestation and rape cases these makers don’t use their brains while showing such scenes in daily soap.saumya was born and brought up with dignity by her mother. Then she was forcefully taken to that kinar world. We’re she was forced to learn as per they stayed.
    Harman gave her good life and love.
    If he did not disclose her identity to the world what wrong he did.infact he was about to do it, but it didn’t happened.
    You people are hurting girls and women’s by showing this kind of sequence .
    After seeing this they will get demotivated as they will picturize themselves in that. So hurting them emotionally is not right
    Why she has to dress so horribly. As it is she left Harman then why can’t she wear simple clothes and live there.
    Just stop it yaar.u want to show their separation show it but not this way.let her be at her nani place. Working as maid in people’s house etc etc.
    Just stop this prosetute scenes in one episode or edit that. It’s horrible,disgusting,ridiculous and illogical.
    Have some sense respect women’s on womans day,here women’s are been insulted.

  4. Firstly that preeto character should be thrown out. Everytime that woman keeps on planning and plotting. Using abusive languages.she misguide people,play with their emotions.brain wash their mind.she did it with surbhi.maninder,saumya, Harman. Each an every person. The hopeless female shouting and screaming.
    Shit the show is only stupid. How can those actors act in such shows. Disgusting. Feels ashamed to see it
    Coming episode is not worth watching. Cannot watch with the family.

  5. Saumya has lost all sympathy now.she was a sweet & innocent face human being .now the way she is looking with her attitude towards harman whos love is unconditional for her is disgusting.
    she deserve to suffer.makers have spoiled the character image of saumya by giving her this look with disgusting attitude.

    1. Preeto, Kamya Punjabis acting was very bad tonight. Her laughter was so forced and artificial. She has lost it.

  6. Now the way Saumya is behaving I don’t know how Harman can get her back. He has to tell her the reason why he didn’t announce her identity to the public then let’s see what she will do. I’m even surprised at Saya, she is experienced and know how the public will react if they get to know about Saumya’s identity. They won’t let Saumya stay with Harman, they’ll sack her to the kinner community and even accuse Harak Singh of letting his son marry a kinner but still Saya instead of putting some sense in Saumya she is rather supporting her and blaming Harman. I don’t really understand anything about this track. Will this Bangkok trip happen? How will Saumya change his mind and accept Harman again? Well, let’s wait and see.

  7. Makers have lost it.what are they showing they only know.saya being a sensible woman surprising she is reacting in such way.when harman was behind bars they made their level best to take him out,and now they themselves are sending him behind bars including saumya.when saya was thrown out of the house by kareena she was on roads,harman was the person who took food for her and now when that poor fellow is sitting outside without water & food nobody is bothered including that selfish fool disgusting saumya.
    she spoiled his whole life & his birthday too,she is a kinner & remain a kinner.she doesn’t deserve harman.that small kid chintu is crying & sitting outside the room with harman for that stupid kinner and she doesnt care a damn for her disgusting so called vajood.
    “is stupid kinner vajood ne aaj tak aisa koi respectfully kam nahin kiya is duniya main jo use koi apnale.”woh harman bhuka pyasa pagalon ki tarah bahar baitha hain us idiot kinner saumya ke liye aur use itna sa bhi pharak nahin pad raha hain.
    preeto sahi kehti thi yeh saumya mar jati toh acha tha.jis baap ne use paida kiya aaj tak woh use kinner toh dur ki baat hain woh use apni beti mane ko tyaar nahin ? aur udar woh bichara harman jo use 2 ya 3 saal se janta hoga usne apni zindagi saumya ke naam kardi or madly in love with her,use yeh disgusting saumya for so called pathetic vajood ke liye chod diya.
    my god too much too digest.
    if still makers are sensible enough to correct their mistake the next episode should be were that disgusting woman must realise what mistake she has done to harman by hurting him & apolagize.and be happy that she has got a life partner who loves her madly.
    infact a normal couple never love each other than what harman does.
    what all he has done for her since she has come to his life,atleast have some respect towards his feelings & love.what harman has done for saumya ,saumya cannot do a pinch for him.she must show the attitude & love to preeto & family that she loves harman for for his sake she will do anything to keep him happy.

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