Shakti Latest News: Soumya goes missing with Saya’s help

Jul 11 , 2017 | | 28 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Soumya decides to be away from Harman and takes Saya’s help

The upcoming episode of popular Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring in a new twist in the tale of Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik). Shakti serial story keeps taking the viewers on the roller coaster ride with the sudden ups and downs.

But this time, Shakti serial a showing a massive shift in the tale as Soumya has misunderstood Harman and wants to be away from him. Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) has filled Soumya’s mind with negativity about Harman. Preeto instigates Soumya saying Harman loves Soumya’s outer body only and wants to hide the fact that Soumya is a kinner. Harman wants to hide Soumya’s kinner status for keeping her safe in the society, however, Soumya misunderstands him and leaves Harman to turn into Tarana kinner.

Harman gets furious with Soumya and tries every way to get Soumya back, however, Soumya remains adamant and keeps Harman away. In kinner house, Saya supports Soumya to be away from Harman and hence Harman kidnaps Soumya. But, Harman gets attacked by other kinners while Soumya saves Harman, but still chooses to be away from Harman. In the upcoming episode of Shakti serial, Harman will perform a puja in front of kinner house and will stay in a tent. But Harman will be shocked to see Soumya behaving like a kinner and dancing in front of strangers.

Harman will get determined to get his Soumya back, however, Soumya will take Saya’s help and will go missing to be away from Harman. Will Harman find Soumya this time? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

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28 thoughts on “Shakti Latest News: Soumya goes missing with Saya’s help”

  1. Harman will definitely find Saumya but she has to find out why Harman didn’t announce her identity to the society so that she’ll stop this madness. She’s really annoying me. I’m more surprised at Saya, she is grown and experienced and she knows that society won’t easily accept a Kinner so why isn’t she putting some sence in Saumya but rather supporting her madness. I really hope this Bangkok trip will happen so that Preeto experiences the pain of losing a son b’cos what her son is going through is her fault and I haven’t seen a mother who can cause so much pain to her own son. It’s a pity Harman won’t find out she is the brain behind his suffering.

  2. Stupid annoying Saumya. I think Harman needs to be free from her. He has faced enough trauma because of her stupidness, hesitance etc. What has he received from her in return? Not a moment of solace. Now she is insulting him. She can go to hell for all I care. Harman should find a new woman (not Surbhi) who will love him and trust him and will use her courage in a rightful way. Saumya can become Guruma and play drums. My blood boiled when I saw her stupidly smiling and going into Mahinders arms. I have lost all my respect for the character Saumya/Tarana. I have Nothing against Rubina Dilaik.

  3. I agree with you 100% shahed, what has Saumya really done for Harman compare to what Harman has done for her. She can’t even allow herself to be romanced, when Harman tries to be closer to her she hesitate. She put others first before Harman in the Singh house, always giving excuses that she has work to do. Whenever Harman come close to her she looks around if someone is watching them, Harman listens to all her whims and she doesn’t please him in anyway, just this once that Harman didn’t do what she wanted, she is treating him horribly and this makes my blood boil. She rather believes Preeto who has made her life miserable rather the Harman who has fought and risk his life several times for her. To me she is very selfish. Its true she has suffered and endured a lot since childhood but if she is lucky to get a man like Harman who loves her despite her identity why didn’t she believe him above everyone. I hope when she finds out how wrong she is about Harman it won’t be too late for her.

  4. Preeto is the lead character in shakti.she is always ready with powders which she uses to make her plan successful.headache,drowsiness,feeling unwell all kind of powders which harman being her son is not she influences saumya surbhi & brain wash them what a character potrayed by makers.according to makers preeto is the main lead of shakti show.she can twist & turn everything according to her wish.and surprising harman is not at all aware of this.
    she knows very well what harman is doing,thinking and what he has planned.but he is still not aware that this poison & negative feelings is filled by preeto.and she is behaving so wow.
    saumya while leaving harman house took her passport along with her as she was aware that she will go abroad?????.what a story writer & makers thought.

  5. Harman has made her passport as saumya Harman Singh
    Her identity is as Harman wife, and she will travel as tarana a kinner to abroad. What a plot?? Great

    1. Well Chintu doesn’t go to school, what a plot? Both male and female Singh family members spend most of their time at home plotting. How does Singh factories run so successfully making so much money? Does mallika wear a uniform or the producers don’t have money for her costume? I had never thought Saumya would turn so petty. This is the way the serial producers are portaying Saumya strong? What a plot? Saumya is still Preetos puppet. Do people realise? She is behaving exactly the way Preeto wants her to. She has always behaved the way Preeto wanted her too. Preeto ki Gulam in true sense and definitely not a strong Saumya as the producers are trying to portray. Dear producers we the viewers have some intelligence. We are not fooled by these stupid tracks. Give her inner Shakti which will guide her in the right path and make her independent. Not influenced by Preeto. She will learn to discriminate between her enemies and people who love her. She told her Nani she didn’t need her hamdardi. What an ungrateful person this Saumya. Her younger sister has to some extent and her mother to a full extent have destroyed their lives for her. I don’t want Harman to destroy his life for her. He should move on to a life without Saumya where there is Ha but not Ya as the latter does not deserve him.

  6. Oh and Shannos daughter has disappeared without explanation. What a plot? And almost everyone is a murderer in this serial. Pathetic. There is no comic relief even.

  7. I feel that the producers had originally written a story with a love triangle in mind but that was rejected by the audience. So they don’t know which direction to go. They are rushing into many plots without careful thought. If it wasn’t for Vivian and Rubinas loyal fans and the kinnar concept this serial would have been off air by now.

  8. I don’t have any problems with Saumya turning into Tarana to explore and understand her kinnar identity but it should be for the right reasons not out of pettiness, stupidity and Preetos skilful puppetry.

  9. atleast continuation should be proper.for saumya her mother,harman & nani loved her unconditionally.there should not be a question for both of them can she be influenced by preeto.after preeto saying her such things against harman her first wise move must be ,she should have shown her angryness to harman inside the house.when she equally loves him she should have removed the truth from his own mouth.leaving him & going to that life is absolutely not a right decesion.where she is hurting him & his sacrifice what he has done for her.more importantly he only & only love her.and there is no confusion in that.earlier each episode says that.
    if you are in this kind of situation its rare you get the better life.and if somebody is giving you ,you are not respecting it.too much it is makers are senseless.
    there is no point in commenting them.they have only one lead role that is preeto

  10. Harman & saumya love will never be successful & accepted in this show.preeto & harak singh are the lead character of this show,,so by default they has to they will win this “bazi” as preeto has said.
    harman will never in his life will come to know that for, his losing his love preeto was behind this,and by chance if makers wish to show that harman will know this truth they will again show in this way were it will be too late & he would have moved on his life with another harak & preeto wanted their waris not their sons love.
    so as makers lead characters are preeto (kamya punjabi & harak singh) sudesh berry.
    as it is saumya character is been decided that she has left harman & she wants her astitva which is very important in her life.
    and she always thinks of dialouge what harman said “mujhe har woh kinar se pyaar nahin hoga jo raste par tali bajate hain par use hamdardi hogi”
    so as it is she wants that harman must love all the kinars in this world & accept them as his wife.because saumya wants!!!!!!!!
    nimmi saumya mother who sacrificed her whole life for that stupid female saumya & poor fellow harman too sacrificed his entire life for her,all went it on vain.this mad woman does not deserve such life.
    its true people say “vinasha kale viprit buddhi”
    being sensible woman saya turned dumb & a dumb woman rani turned wise.

  11. Saya has really disappointed me, she claims she is the second mother of Saumya but she doesn’t know how to be a mother because after all she is a kinner, how can she understand motherhood. A true mother would have found out from Harman what really happened but she only listened to Saumya and supported her without know why Harman didn’t announce Saumya’s identity to the society. She of all people should know that society wont easily accept kinners to stay in their community and though Harman didn’t care about the society before now he cares because of the tragedy that happened. I am sure if Saya had given Harman a chance to explain her reason, he would have told her the tragedy he experienced hence his reason not to expose Saumya to the society, but no she didn’t even give him the chance. I saw in one of the segment that Saumya has been taken to the same kinners whose member died in Harman’s arms, I think its a good thing, maybe Saumya will get to know the incident that took place and will realise her mistake of misunderstanding Harman and that’s what I can’t wait to see how Saumya will apologies to Harman for her mistakes. So far I haven’t really seen her apologising before, she is always the good one and doesn’t do wrong, this time I want to see her apologising to Harman.

  12. San, Preeto and Harak Singh will never win because the series is about a kinner fighting for her strength of existence in the society and if Saumya remains in the kinner community then the story doesn’t make sense they have to end it. Whatever happens, Saumya will come out of the kinner community with Harman’s determination to get her back. It will seem like Preeto has won but she will lose eventually. She has tried several times from the beginning of the series to separate Harman and Saumya but she ends up not succeeding and this time she’ll lose again. The whole concept of this series is kinner fighting to be accepted in society and proving to the world that kinners are also God’s creation and they need to live a normal life like any other complete human beings. In the western world kinners (transgenders) live a normal life like any other person, they are educated and some are even models. Those who have money go through medical transition to be complete women so there is hope for them but it seems like India is still backwards and need more education for them to accept these kinners because if society reject them then it means they’re rejecting God’s creation and we believers know that God doesn’t make mistakes.

  13. Agree with Sheila About most of the things you have said. Hate Saya now. She is fulfilling her selfish desire to be a mother by separating Soumya from Harman, which is what she always wanted and made Nimmis life hell. That bad Saya is back again. It is nothing to do with kinnars identity but only her selfish needs as portrayed by the serial. However a woman and a real mother can also be bad and selfish like Preeto. One strange thing this is one serial where I don’t love any of the characters except Harman. I loved Nimmi. chintu is perhaps the other person. I like Rubina and loved her as Radhika in Choti Bahu. But only was able to love Saumya for a few months. There were so many other characters that I loved in Choti Bahu 1 like Dev, Shastriji, Dadima, Birju etc. But Shakti is so negative that they have even made the lead character unloveable. I know some loyal fans tried to justify and explain Saumya’s character. But their reasonings with all due respect have failed to convince me. And I sincerely want Harman to leave Saumya and the Singh household and start a new life where he is more responsible and at the same time carefree. Her hesitance, trusting the wrong people, doing wrong with people like Kareena,lack of ambition and curiosity, her stupidity, her lack of courage, her ungratefulness, her blandness with all the jis even Chintu ji, her robot like portrayal drive me mad. It is not India but the writer of Shakti is even more backward than the rest of the Indian community.

  14. yes i agree with you shahed.makers are really poor.
    feeling very sad & hurted for harman a lot.infact nani did a great job to give left & right to maninder & his mother.but felt very depressing.
    she spoke the correct right words,the sacrifice what nimmi & harman made for saumya,saumya has just disrespected it so badly to both of them which cannot be expressed in words.
    atleast mallika must have made her understand her misunderstanding,she is very well aware what harman has done for saumya,that saumya also dont know much.the kinnar rani who use to plan against her surprised she spoke the right thing to saumya that she had misunderstood harman.
    by any such ways saumya must realise her mistake & confess to harman that she loves him & say him sorry.but makers will never do that.they will never accept their mistake.
    actually a very poor story line,she is not even bothered a pinch for harman,what he is going god how much he loves her.he only survive for her.

  15. During the trio marriage I so wanted Saumya to go back to the kinnar world and show her dignity but at that time she only wanted a roof, and a child through Surbhi.
    . She has tolerated all levels of humiliations including humiliation from Harman in the beginning. And now suddenly for no reason she has decided to become arrogant. I am glad that some people are enjoying this track because I am not and I hope it finishes soon.

  16. I have no time for misunderstanding for the sake of misunderstanding and the longevity of a serial. Nonsense.

  17. What pains me most is that Harman and Nimmi’s sacrifice for Saumya has all been in vain, at end of the day she went back to the Kinner house which she was afraid of earlier. What a hypocrite, she should have considered all that Harman has done for her and clear things up but no she won’t even listen to him. I hope Rani helps Harman out to locate Saumya because it seems like she has changed and she admire their love alot.

  18. agree with you friends.very depressing for character sauyma attitude for no reason.saumya is very dominating towards harman.when surbhi misunderstood saumya because of preeto cant she recollect that.
    there is nothing to doubt on harman.its just clear like water.the way she is behaving with harman & humilating him its too much.
    dont understand what is her doubt for harman.what makers are showing.she very well knows he had already wanted to announce saumya his wife is a kinner ,infact she herself is the witness for it ,then why cannot she trigger it out that harman is in a dilemma or something is wrong somewhere that he is tensed.why cannot she recollect that suddenly he had become over possessive for her & he never use to leave her alone & he was avoiding to go to factory.
    when he never saw her beside him he use to panic.
    common yaar she should know everything about harman as he knows her.
    if she cannot know him with his nature then she never ever loved him as he did.his love is unconditional but saumya is selfish.she was aware that he will never survive in life without her & now she cannot even see his eyes?????
    what a astitva drama is this????? totally a foolishness.

  19. Exactly San, Saumya is selfish and dumb. She is not smart and she can’t read people, she has been with Harman for a while to know him well but she is still so daft that she doesn’t know who Harman really is. It’s a pity that Harman has to suffer because of her.

  20. actually harman must end his life.because he has loved saumya more than his life
    after getting hurted so much he will not be able to live happily ever after.and no point in staying disheartened with his parents.
    he must leave a letter for his parents & saumya that he is ending his life because his parents dont want saumya & saumya dont want harman because she wants her astitva more than harmans life.
    so finally he should leave a letter that he is leaving the city forever & he will end his life so that everyone can live happily ever one will have problem because of him.saumya can live with her astitva & his parents can live with their status above their sons the time saumya gets this letter her misunderstanding should be cleared by those kinners & she must realise that how much she hurted harman & she has lost him forever.
    and that is the time were she will go mad finding harman & leave her astitva back & all kinars will blame her for this situtaion.
    let saya realise her mistake of supporting saumya instead of clearing her misunderstanding with harman.
    there she will confess her love & say sorry to harman for her wrong demand.but harman will not be found to her.
    what harman had gone through she must also face that.let his parents also realise that they will never get their son back without saumya.this is a love story & it should continue with love itself.
    infact harman should be seen doing some good cause for kinnars & still loving saumya.
    she should feel that pain what harman had gone through.
    when she was taken to kinner world for the first time she was waiting for harman & without that love feelings he had come to rescue how innocent he is.

  21. Contradictions. Saumya doesn’t want to go to the doctor to save Harak Singhs reputation but she will go to collect alms/donation. Will people not see her then. She blindly trusted her father and went into his arms showing her teeth, then she blindly trusted Preeto after they have insulted humiliated and endangered her many times. But she cannot trust Harman. Incredible! I am starting to hate Saumya and her attitude. And I really don’t want Harman to return to her. She has let down all the people who sacrificed for her and is helping all the people who wronged her. There is nothing wrong in trying to find her identity etc. But to hurt Harman like this. I cannot take this. I don’t want to see Selfish Saumya again I will have no problem if she disappears forever but unfortunately the story is about her. She will continue her stupidity throughout this serial although she is given very little screen space in this serial.

  22. Irritating disgusting Saumya I think I have to stop watching. Have you seen what she does with her lips. Is this what Nimmi taught her? A person who loves someone cannot be so ruthless with them, no matter what. Where is her dignity? She wanted to dance for those people. Ugh! Mindless track ever in Shakti. Worse than trio marriage track. Now I want a Harman to marry Surbhi in revenge. At least Surbhi is not as disgusting as Saumya.

  23. Harman should elope to Bangkok with Surbhi leaving dear precious Tarana and her attitude behind. Both Surbhi and Harman are unhappy in their marriage and their common problem is Saumya. It is time Harman and Surbhi had some fun in Thailand. Cannot watch anymore humiliation of Harman by Queen Tarana.

  24. You’re right San, I wish that Harman will get tired of looking for Saumya then he’ll leave his parents and Saumya and go far away to live his life then after that Saumya eventually finds out the truth about the reason why Harman didn’t want her identity to be known then she will realise her mistake then at that time she’ll also look for Harman and will not find him then she’ll experience the same pain she has inflicted on Harman. That’s when she’ll realise how stupid she has behaved towards Harman. She is very ungrateful.

  25. Why did the makers turn Saumya into a monster Frankenstein Tarana without any good reason? If she wanted to avenge Nimmis death I would have understood. But to inflict pain as Sheila says on Harman of all people Harman without a good reason? Bakwas serial.

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