Shakti Latest News: Soumya to return to India as Harman’s wife

Jul 30 , 2017 | | 18 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Harman enters Soumya’s auction to save her

The upcoming episode of popular Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring in a big twist in the tale of Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) as Soumya is stuck in a major racket in Bangkok. Soumya’s misunderstanding towards Harman and the after effects of the same have led to Soumya getting in a huge trouble due to the wrong company.

As known by the ardent viewers of Shakti serial, Soumya gets determined to go away from Harman and hence decides to go to Bangkok. For this, Saya and evil Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) help Soumya. However, Soumya gets into a major trouble as she gets in the hands of the wrong company. Soumya will come across Transgenders’s group leader Maharani, who decides to make use of Soumya for selling her off in the auction. Maharani takes control of Soumya completely and changes her from Saree clad Tarana to a kinner in small western dresses and mini skirts.

Maharani offers Soumya in the auction. On the other side, Harman reaches Bangkok in search of Soumya and finds the details of the person who escorted Soumya. In the upcoming episode of Shakti serial, Maharani will forcibly show up Soumya in the auction while Harman will finally get to know about the auction and will enter it. Harman will buy Soumya as per the auction rules, however, Maharani’s goons will attack Harman and Harman will fight them back. Soumya too will realize her mistake and Harman’s love for her.

Harman will finally get Soumya back to India. Soumya will return to India as Harman’s wife. Will Soumya and Harman will have a better life back home? Keep reading this space for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

18 thoughts on “Shakti Latest News: Soumya to return to India as Harman’s wife”

  1. Again same family drama will continue by preeto. Again tarana will go to other country. Harman always search her.. Makers don’t know any other concept, so usually they try to fool us.

  2. Family drama can be watched with our own family members but not the disgusting drama of prostitution (jism Ka sauda, bechna.) were you are humilating womans.
    Shakti star cast should be ashamed of themselves.
    A clean love story were a simple girl by God’s grace got the identity of kinnar, but a very good human being accepted her and loved her who is been fighting with his family to accept both being together and facing problem with the family, without creating misunderstanding between them.
    But messed up with trio marriage and now disgusting track of Bangkok which cannot even be spoken of with those words like jism Ka bazar. Prostitution rackets. Useless production team

  3. Harman will buy Saumya and Ram Sita story will start. Yes you are right Sans a lot more dignified creative approach could have been taken to show the same story. This is a repeat track anyway as she was sold before to arabs and Harman saved her. Message fromShskti is that kinnars can only be used for entertainment and human trafficking. The real fights that kinnar are doing now by introducing the concept that gender is not binary, fighting for their existence, to work in the army etc. Are not by any means shown in the narrow minded Shakti.

  4. I think Shakti makers are trying to tell viewers what kinners go through in other countries, since kinners don’t get any better jobs to do, they involve themselves into prostitution to survive and people use them for their own selfish needs like what Maharani did to Saurmya. I read somewhere in the net that prostitution is common with transgenders in many countries and they go through so many challenges so I think the makers are just showing us what kinners experience through Saumya. If what I just read is true that Saumya realised her mistake and saw Harman’s love for her, then she has to apologise to Harman and support him from now on. She should free herself to experience real love and stop hesitating. I don’t think Saumya and Harman’s problems will be solved that easily, the family still don’t accept Saumya and society too will cause major problems when they find out Saumya’s identity so I don’t think their married life will be peaceful anytime soon.

  5. Agree they are exploited. But now they are fighting back and have made progress even in India. In the west there is more progress with them being able to take up respectable jobs. This is not shown at all. The makers are somewhat behind in time.

  6. I know in the west there is much progress but I don’t know about other countries, if transgenders are fighting back then shakti makers need to show that and give hope to all kinners in India.

  7. BBC news
    Padmini Prakash has become India’s first transgender to anchor a daily television news show and she has been grabbing attention in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.
    Since 15 August – India’s Independence Day – Padmini appears every evening at 19:00 to present a news show on the Tamil-language Lotus TV based in the city of Coimbatore.
    And she is thrilled with her new job – not only because she is on air at prime time, but also because it is making a world of difference to her and her community.
    “I am so happy. The message has gone all over India and the internet,” she says.
    According to one estimate, India has about two million transgender people and most live on the fringes of society, often in poverty, ostracised because of their gender.
    Most make a living by singing and dancing or by begging and prostitution.
    It was only recently that the Supreme Court recognised transgender people as a third gender in a landmark ruling.

  8. I agree with Sheila. you are right. when harman and somuya return to their house, they will have problems with family members but I think if they return this time, it will be diffrent because when somuya went to kinners house, it made that somuya change to a bold person and this time harman and somuya together will fight for kinners rights. on the other hands I think it was good that somuya went to a other country because the serial showen that kinners don’t have any job for doing unless they should sell theirselves.

  9. I wonder whether Harman will still think of her as his innocent Gulabo after seeing her in that western exposed attire. Or will he treat her differently? Saumya is responsible for this misfortune along with Saya and Preeto.

  10. This is one serial where the makers did not let the lead character Saumya evolve. They kept her dumb all through the 1 year period they have been showing this character. Surbhis role is coming to prominence again. Maybe she can inject some brains into Saumya. By the way villagers I think still know Surbhi as Harmans second wife. What if she becomes pregnant?

  11. makers are very smart.internationally harman ko over smart dikhaya hain,but uske khud ke ghar par use achha khasa gadha dikha ke rakha hain.
    uske ghar main uski world culprit maa usko aram se ullu banadeti hain,varun uske sath rehkar use topi phena deta hain.ravi,shano,veeran & harak singh jaise log murder planner plotter use bevakuf banadete hain.
    aur harman ko pata hi nahin hota.
    what a production team.hats of to them.good.
    till date he is not aware what all his parents & family members have done with saumya.

  12. By the way once they showed Harman could not speak English in Mumbai. But now Harman is speaking in English in Thailand. I thought Harnan had got tourist Thai visa for Saumya. How did that change to a work permit visa in one night?

  13. The Singh family should let the villagers know that Harman and Surbhi are divorced and she is now varun’s wife because they can’t hide this for so long. If Surbhi gets pregnant they will assume is Harman’s child. It’s Preeto’s fault, she shouldn’t have forced Saumya to announce Surbhi as Harman’s second wife in front of the villagers. I really hate that Preeto so much, I wonder what she’ll do to Saumya when Harman brings her back home. I wish Harman will find a house somewhere and live there with Saumya, but as usual Saumya will allow Preeto to emotionally blackmail her that she shouldn’t let a mother be separated from her son. How irritating.

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