Shakti Latest: Soumya supports Surbhi’s decision of divorce with Harman

Jun 08 , 2017 | | 7 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Upcoming Twist: Harman and Surbhi get divorced, Soumya supports Surbhi

The upcoming story track of Colors’ popular serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will witness a lot of changes and twists that will revolve around Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya’s (Rubina Dilaik) life. Harman and Soumya will see some good times in the upcoming episodes of Shakti serial.

After a real hard and troublesome time, Harman and Soumya are back in Harak Singh and Preeto’s (Kamya Punjabi) and will be seen getting close to each other. As seen in the recent episodes of Shakti serial, Soumya proves Harman innocent in the murder case planted by Harak Singh and Preeto. When Harman decides to leave the village with Soumya, Preeto gets worried and annouces that she has accepted Soumya as her daughter in law. This twist brings Harman and Soumya back in Harak and Preeto’s house.

The romance in Harman and Soumya will bloom in this new phase. One more important twist will take place where Surbhi (Roshni Sahota) will send divorce papers to Harman. Surbhi will want to move on with her life and will aspire to build her career. Surbhi had married Harman unwillingly and for Soumya’s sake. Soumya will be shocked and upset to see Surbhi’s divorce papers. However, Harman will make Soumya understand that with this divorce Surbhi can move on in her life and can lead her life the way she wants.

Soumya will realize that Surbhi needs to be set free and Soumya will support Surbhi’s decision. Harman will sign the divorce papers and Harman and Surbhi will separate legally. Will Soumya become a strong and independent person like Surbhi? Or will Preeto play some nasty tricks against Soumya once again? Only time will tell. Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

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7 thoughts on “Shakti Latest: Soumya supports Surbhi’s decision of divorce with Harman”

  1. We want to see saumya as a typical wife of keepping his clothes ready when he leaves to work.his likes & dislikes.preparing his favourite food.
    small husband & wife moments.what they both missed after their marriage which went off in a stressful time.harman messing up the room & wardrobe,saumya being angry.
    in short now they are just fully depend on both of themselves.there is no hesitation between them.we want to see saumyas boldness towards harman being her hubby.making him feed with breakfast when he is getting late.
    vice versa with harman also pampering saumya,making her happy when she miss aditya.
    harman is fully dependent on saumya,calling her 100 times when she is in the kitchen.
    we want more chintu scene also were he is helping his mama to pamper saumya mami.
    little freshness in the show.

  2. these makers are still focusing on other evil useless family members accept harman & saumya.after so much drama preeto is still the same.then what was that fake emotional scenes.
    that shanu & ravi are the real kinners.from head to toes they are lady figure.they look like chudail.saumya is so beautiful,i wish she would be pregnant it was just nimmi’s foolishness that she was under impression that she is a kinner.
    preeto & harak singh must be shocked to hear they declared veeran child as dead.
    by the time they come know harman must leave his house without informing them as he must come to know that his parents has still not accepted saumya as their daughter in law & they are trying to kill her.
    it will be interesting to watch.
    we can only dream for this sequence makers will always stick to negativity with preeto.there will again be misunderstanding between saumya & harman created by preeto

  3. Why are the makers so much in love with Preeto while the viewers are clearly not. Why would viewers constantly want to see an old negative person with too much make up on and monotonous acting on the screen when there is freshness in other serials? Focus on youth and positivity. Cut out silly tracks. Improve execution spend some money. The film hero and heroines looked like extras. People don’t want to see this. Pl understand. Long Preeto, veeran Sanno scenes are very tiring to watch and are not entertaining. Don’t turn Saumya back to a robot again.

    1. Yes don’t want want this gulping nodding Saumya again. She has lived through 2 suicide attempts, kidnapping, human trafficking, losing the biggest strength Of her life her mother , physical abuse by Preeto, homelessness, losing a child, seeing her husband in prison etc. But has gained the Steadfast love of Harman. Has now built a rapport with The kinnars. That is enough to develop a confident Saumya who can speak with poise and confidence without losing her goodness. She has lost her innocence after facing all these cruelties and trauma. Time for her to make a fresh start and behave confidently. That does not mean cheap scenes of fighting the goons with a stick. That lost audience. When she broke the door down and faced the gun, that scene could have been longer and more effective. The makers seem to be obsessed with Preeto. Trust me the viewers are not. The Shakti viewers are not interested in a Kokila type character in saathia. The same ingredients do not work for all serials. Pl bring freshness into the serial. It has become stale and that is why you are losing viewers. You did not listen to us during the marriage trio track. That damaged Shakti like anything. Harman roaming around with 2 wives was disgusting. Good that you understood and moved that track. Now pl listen. We don’t want overdose of Preeto veeran and Shanno. We want independent Harman and confident but sweet Saumya facing the world for their rights to live bravely. Overcoming all hurdles together. Think beyond the kitchen politics.

  4. Now chintu should be shown more.
    He must tell everything happened at home to Harman mama by calling him up.
    Harman must cross question saumya. He must come to know preeto every move towards saumya and safe guard her by his master mind.

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