Shakti Latest: Thieves attack Soumya, Harman protects Soumya

Jun 25 , 2017 | | 10 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Harman gets worried as Soumya goes missing from bedroom

The upcoming episode of Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is going to bring a new twist in Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya’s (Rubina Dilaik) life. Harman and Soumya have seen a lot of ups and downs in their life, mainly due to Harman’s parents Preeto (Kamya Punjabi), Harak Singh and the other family members.

Soumya, being a kinner, is hated by Preeto, Harak and others despite Harman loves her immensely. Harman’s family wants to get rid of Soumya, however, Harman protects Soumya every time. The ardent viewers of Shakti serial are aware that Preeto has recently accepted Soumya as Harman’s wife with a maligned intention. Preeto showers love on Soumya to keep Harman assured of Soumya’s acceptance. Also, Preeto gives away houes responsibilities and keys to Soumya to make Raavi and Shanno insecure. Amid all this, Harman witnesses a brutal murder of a Kinner and that makes him sickly worried about Soumya.

Harman becomes extra cautious and extra sensitive towards Soumya. Harman wants Soumya to be safe and protected every minute of the day. In the upcoming episode of Shakti serial, Harman will be seen looking after Soumya and will ensure to keep Soumya safe during the night, Harman will lock the bedroom door. Soumya will be seen hesitant with Harman’s actions. Later in the night, Harman will grow worried as he will find Soumya missing from the bedroom and at the same time some thieves will enter Harman’s house and Soumya will get attacked.

Harman will reach in time to save Soumya and then will look after Soumya’s injuries. Were the thieves appointed by Preeto or Shanno? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial. 

10 thoughts on “Shakti Latest: Thieves attack Soumya, Harman protects Soumya”

  1. saumya is very well aware that accept harman nobody supports saumya or looks after her.when he is so possessive & getting emotional towards her she must understand that something is worrying him for her,so she must support him & try to love him more.
    instead she is behaving immaturitily with him,as not informing him & hiding from him every situation what happened with her.

  2. there should be more & more scenes of chintu with harman.chintu informing harman about saumya time to time.who all are bothering her.where is she going or who is sending her.
    chintu being with saumya 24*7 & keeping her busy with his wishes to drink chochlate milk,paratha.chintu is the cutest child with adorable acting skills.
    scenes of wishpering between chintu & his kans mama.
    makers are just creating curiosity for the ordians that saumya & harman will have honeymoon time abroad,but it is for sure it will be a dream sequence of harman like the dance happened in shooting set.there is no real love happening scenes.

  3. There’s a segment which I saw that Harman almost slapped Saumya for going to see her Nani without informing him. I don’t know if it was after they were attacked by thieves, if it is then Saumya is being careless, her life is in danger and she doesn’t care. If she isbsmart, she should find out why Harman is over protective of her and also she should be worried for him too. I’m glad he didn’t slap her. I suspect that those thieves or robbers were hired by Shanno and Raavi or maybe Preeto herself. I’m sure the trip that Haya wants to take, Preeto will do something to stop them from going. Pls Shakti makers don’t let her succeed. Viewers wants to see some intense romance btn Haya alone without others interfering.

  4. When they stayed separate there was a intense love scene with close dance.but now when they are staying together as legal husband and wife, no intense love between them,still no closeness. She is still hesitant. Atleast now they deserve to a intense kiss with each other. It can be emotionally also shown by Harman of losing saumya and saumya willingly give him for his intense love,both share a special moment.

  5. surbhi & varun first night in one episode but makers took 2 years for one kiss of saumya & harman that too in hand.what a speed in one relation.actually saumya & harman should agree for operation & saumya must be pregnant before surbhi.
    preeto & harak singh must be shocked & totally turn positive towards saumya & take care of her as their own daughter.but insecurity must go around with raavi,shanoo,maninder everybody.
    that will be interesting to watch.all just trying to harm harman & saumya for property purpose.
    and that maninder who hated saumya & tried to kill her must be shocked & get insecure again that saumya by gods grace got every happiness like a big rich family,harman as a husband,both in-laws loving her a lot,but comparatively surbhi totally opposite.
    infact surbhi does not get pregnent as having issues.preeto getting relieved that surbhi went from her house & go on————-nice beautiful story

  6. has harman left hopes for saumya’s life.has he realised that he will not be able to safeguard saumya.what kind of promo is means he will sacrifice saumya for her life,to save her life he will send her to kinner world.he thinks sending her back to that world she will be saved.
    oh god what these makers are thinking don’t understand.first giving her a better & good life then again throwing her back in the hell.
    showing options first as surgery,leaving the house,leaving the country,then again back to square one.his own house.
    they both can live their happy life only if they leave their village & home.or else operation.
    saumya being harman life partner god has given her everything accept a gender.she is beautiful,pure hearted,soft,loving,no expectations for high funda life,a perfect sweet girls.

  7. I think the only solution is for Harman to agree for Saumya to go for surgery. That will end all his fear and live happily with Saumya. Shannon and Raavi may still hate her and try to Harman her out of jealousy but atleast she’ll be a woman and that will safe her.

  8. I mean Shanno and Raavi will still hate Saumya and try to harm her out of jealousy but atleast Saumya will be a complete woman after surgery and that stigma and fear of Saumya dieing will end and Haya will happily as a normal couple.

  9. yes, I agree with Sheila. when everyone saw this new promo for first time, thought HAYA will separate but it isn’t. it mean this that finally harman will decide to agree for somuya’s treatment and he will end to his scare for somuya and somuya will be a woman, then will start to fight for her rights and her love. then somuya will be harak and preeto’s favorite and raavi and shanno’s hating for somuya will get big day to day.

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