Shakti News: Harman gets insulted by Kinners for the help extended

Jun 20 , 2017 | | 9 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Harman’s help for the deceased kinner gets rejected by the kinner group

The upcoming episode of Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring in a new aspect of the lives of Kinners in the society as a whole. Shakti serial will try to show the social and economic truth of the condition of Kinners in India.

This twist will involve Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and his actions in order to help the kinners. Apart from this, Shakti serial is also showing Preeto’s hidden plans of using Raavi and Shanno against Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) to get Soumya killed or thrown out of Harman’s life. Preeto hands over house responsibilities and keys to Soumya to make Raavi and Shanno insecure. On the other side, Harman comes across a tragic incidence of a Kinner’s death. Harman stops some people from brutally beating a kinner, however, the kinner gets shot and dies on the spot.

Harman gets shocked with the turn of the events and gets worried about Soumya. Moreover, the Police take kinner’s death very lightly and despite the murder, police refuse to file any complaint. This shocks Harman and decides to pursue the matter. In the upcoming episode of Shakti serial, Harman will be seen going to the kinner house to help out the kinners. However, the leader of the kinners will inform Harman that they don’t intend to take Harman’s help as neither other kinners nor the police will help to find out the murderers.

The kinner leader will also inform Harman that they do not have money to fight against the injustice. Harman will give some money to the kinner leader but the kinners will get irked and will ask Harman to leave immediately. Will Harman give up on helping kinners? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

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9 thoughts on “Shakti News: Harman gets insulted by Kinners for the help extended”

  1. harman must not behave like a dumb & blindly trust his family.he must notice every small things happening with saumya.
    he can also cross check or ask chintu what is happening in the house behind him,is his saumya mami in some problem,or family members are troubling her.
    after the incident were raavi & shano pushes saumya from terrace ,harman must be aware towards them.he must know that saumya life is been danger from his family members as still they have not accepted her including preeto & harak singh
    now harman must take the decesion of saumya going for treatment for conversion for her life sake.
    finally saumya giving waris to preeto & harak,they must realise that inspite of hating her so much she is a clean hearted human being with no negativity in her,no shelfishness,not greedy for money or property.a very kind hearted person.

  2. As I am watching Shakti I am writing this. Absolutely boring so decided to stop watching. Furthermore Saumya is now shown to not to know English. Yet in Mumbai she was shown to fill in an English form, signing in English. And knew what gender meant. Writers are memory less but we are not. Shakti unfortunately has gone down the drain. I had stopped watching after honeymooning with two wives and the unconvincing murder done by Kareena. Started watching again with Saumya’/ suicide attempt. Will stop now. Waste of time.

  3. Its a love story,but there is no love scenes yet.harman being so romantic saumya still hesitates in holding hand with him.when in earlier episode were the actress had kissed harman she felt hurted looking that.but now when they are together she cannot even satisfy him with small love gestures like a kiss,hug & many more.
    on one side she says “main unhe patni ka sukh nahin de sakti,and on other hand when he comes near & love her she avoids.this is very when they stay together in their own room she does not allow him to come closer.she tries to change herself through medical treatment but is she ready to have the relation & give harman a baby???
    common guys,its a love story u need to show some close love between them after above 100 episodes.saumya should be bold enough to love harman.she must respect his love.

  4. Yes the makers have made Saumya character very boring. There is no spontaniety or curiosity in her character or eagerness to learn. Very bland straight character. Very little glimpses of naughtiness. She also supports wrong people. So how long will virewers want to see such a boring character with no spice. It is not interesting. They have allowed her only very limited growth. The makers are unwilling to show show romance between a kinnar and a male. It is quite clear now. Yet they will not allow medical treatment. So instead they are focussing on Shannos gold and Mahinders suicide drama. Yawn!

  5. the earlier episode where saumya & harman got married,scenes where harman use to drape her saree,help her eating food.many romantic moments,but now its just torture to see saumya always hesitant infact specially with harman.its boring to watch now.

  6. The idea of Haya coming back to the Singh house is a big mistake because Saumya has started her hesitation again. Whenever Harman wants to come closer to her, she hesitate. what is all this, before I thought she was doing it because of the trio marriage and also she was scared of Preeto but now that Preeto has accepted her as her bahu, she is still hesitant to be close to Harman. I can understand that she is shy in front of the family but in their room there is no one there, so she has to feel free and be close to Harman. Please shakti makers let Saumya allow herself to be romanced and also don’t edit the little romance scenes that at least viewers can enjoy. We’re watching because of Haya so please don’t take the romance scenes out of the screen and let Saumya confess her love already, we’re tired of her behavior. Shakti makers listen to viewers for once please.

  7. Exactly San, Saumya must respect Harman’s love and stop this hesitation. If Harman has accepted her identity, the little she could do for him is to make him happy by stopping this hesitation and allow Harman to romance her. This is really annoying me.

  8. Rashmi Sharma is a successful woman. Yet her MBA pass heroine will spend her life producing 3 children, making sweet tea and Aloo paratha. Having a job is a sin. Why spend money on educating Surbhi? She is the most educated person in this serial, the only one who seemingly can speak English.

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