Shakti News: Preeto traps Soumya to think negatively about Harman

Jul 03 , 2017 | | 12 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Preeto fills negativity in Soumya’s mind about Harman

The upcoming story track in Colors’ popular serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring in a new drama where Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) will once again tighten her clutches against Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya’s (Rubina Dilaik) love. The future story of Shakti serial will once again take a completely new turn and with that, the happy days in Harman and Soumya’s life will be once again over.

The ardent viewers of Shakti serial are aware that Preeto has made a big drama of accepting Soumya as her daughter in law. In reality, Preeto hates Soumya for being a kinner and wants to throw Soumya out of Harman’s life at any cost. On the other side, Harman and Soumya love each other immensely, however, Harman worries about Soumya as Harman has witnessed a brutal murder of a kinner. Harman wants to protect Soumya and hence wants to keep Soumya’s kinner status a secret.

But soon Preeto will be seen using Harman’s worry to her advantage. The upcoming episode of Shakti serial will feature Harman’s birthday celebration where Soumya will look ravishingly beautiful. Harman and Soumya will celebrate happily with family, however, later in the party, Harman will leave the party. This will surprise Soumya and Preeto will grab the opportunity to influence Soumya. Preeto will try to make Soumya believe that Harman only loves Soumya’s outer beauty, but in reality, Harman wants to hide her Kinner status from the society.

Soumya will be shaken up with this thought. Will Soumya fall in Preeto’s trap and get influenced against Harman? Or will Soumya have faith in Harman’s love for her? Keep reading this space for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

12 thoughts on “Shakti News: Preeto traps Soumya to think negatively about Harman”

  1. Inspite showing game plans of preeto & harak singh to separate saumya & harman,change them positive by realising their mistake of being cruel.
    let harman decide for a operation for saumya because without her in his life he will not some twist,were we want to see saumya being pregnant & both in-laws taking care of her as a flower.
    harman is very well well aware about his parents tricks of separating both of them.saumya should not behave like a dumb,she is very well aware of harmans love for were is the question of doubt for her.cant she give him immense love which he deserves.
    he loves her so much that he has fought with entire world for her & still he will do the same thing.there is no point in doubting harman by saumya.
    she must in every each way give him happiness & love which he deserves.

  2. U’re absolutely right San, Saumya shouldn’t be dumb and believe Preeto. With all that Harman has done for her, risking his life for her many times, her faith for him should be more stronger than anything and she should prove to Preeto that nothing that she says will make her doubt Harman. Their love should triumph and put Preeto and Harak Singh to shame.

  3. When saumya is surprising harman so much for is birthday,i wish harman would have done for saumya for her more special moment could have been shown on harman birthday.
    harman demands a sweet gift from saumya on his birtthday when he gets up seeing his room decorated so much.a sweet morning happy birthday kiss and saumya also accepts for his wish & give him.slowly their closeness will become their roots of their love,which no one can separate will be worth watching.

  4. this preeto & harak singh are really a torture.what kind of parents they are cant they see or understand for harman,if they do anything to saumya they will loose their son,infact they must try & support him & find a solution together with him so that saumya & harman live happily in their future.for say help him in medical point for saumya.
    and saumya why she is forcing harman to love her astitva,he respects it & immensely love her as a human being.that should be more than enough for.why she has to doubt or question him.saumya must have only reply for preeto that she will always be together with harman whatever may be the situation.whether he loves her beauty,as an individual,or a human being.whatever may be harman loves saumya and she is his life thats all.
    nobody gets such a life partner who loves unconditionally.and harman should be smart enough to guess with his mother preeto plan.we are waiting for romance between harman & saumya,but god knows its a dream sequence in bangkok shooting.

  5. San I agree with u. I hope this Bangkok trip happens because if Preeto succeeds, the trip won’t happen. For once Shakti makers should let Saumya and Harman spend quality times together without any interference. What is wrong with Preeto, Harman is not a baby, he is a grown up and they should allow him to live his life with his wife. If it wasn’t Saumya who allow Preeto to manipulate her, Haya would’ve been out of Gudaspur by now.

  6. its harmans life now.if he is loving someone by his whole heart & want to live his life with her happily,infact he is happy also why so much of interfierence.atleast he also loves his parents & respect them.he wants to stay with them but they have made his life miserable with planning & plotting.we want peace yaar.saumya is too a very simple sweet innocent human being.preeto will never get such girl in her whole life.
    her own daughter is so selfish,that mahi,surbhi all were so rude,selfish,demanding but saumya she is so clean hearted.preeto & harak singh must realise that.
    saumya has each & every good qualities in her accept to be a mother.thats not her mistake,

  7. Exactly San, they just hate her because of her identity which isn’t even her fault. I pray that Preeto’s plan fails and Haya will be able to go to Bangkok.

  8. Why makers are showing saumya negative now don’t understand.preeto has washed her brains now.and stupid fool girl is dancing on her tunes.what makers are showing is absolutely wrong.why saumya has to force harman to accept her identity.
    he had fought with his family always for her love,why she has to force him for her identity???.he always said to his family i don’t care if she is kinner i love her because she is a good human being,sweet,innocent & beautiful infact he never mentioned about being beautiful also.he loved her innocence,so this time saumya is wrong towards harman.she must be happy that he loves her & inspite everybodys objection he accepts her.she must realise that this all is preetos plan to separate them & she must not get influenced from her which she had done earlier also & spoiled so many surbhi marrying harman,hurting harman & forcing him to marry her.
    so she must not take advantage of harmans unconditional love towards her.makers are spoiling saumya image

  9. Crap storyline and dumb Saumya again. Why doe sent she ask Harman what is bothering him. She is sweet to Preeto and Mahinder but shows all her anger to the person who loves her selflessly and has proved it again and again. Dumb dumb Saumya go to Savitri Devi hospital so that they can insert some brain in her head. She does not seem to have any. No wonder people labelled Saumya as one of the dumbest character ever shown on TV who trusts the wrong people time and time again. Saumya character improves a little then goes down the drain. People don’t want to see such stupid lead characters I am sorry to say. Who is the writer of Shakti who comes up with such crap storylines? Extremely frustrating.

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