Shakti News: Soumya’s truth of being a maid comes out

Jun 12 , 2017 | | 16 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Upcoming Twist: Happy Singh’s son recognizes  Soumya as their maid

The upcoming episode of Colors’ popular serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring in a new twist as Soumya’s (Rubina Dilaik) truth will come out in front of everyone. Shakti serial is currently showing interesting story line where Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) have returned home as Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) accepts Soumya as her daughter in law.

A happy phase starts in Harman and Soumya’s life as Soumya has been finally accepted by Preeto. On the other side, Surbhi (Roshni Sahota) sends divorce papers to Harman. Soumya feels bad, however, Harman makes Soumya understand that it is important that Surbhi gets to lead her life and gets a chance to make her career. Soumya understands and supports Surbhi’s decision of divorce. Harman and Soumya too are seen getting close to each other. However, in the upcoming episode of Shakti serial, Soumya will get in a new trouble as Harak Singh’s friend Happy Singh will visit Harak  Singh’s house with his family.

If it is recalled, Soumya used to work as a maid in Happy Singh’s house. Soumya used to cover her face with a veil to hide away from Happy Singh and his wife. However, in the upcoming episode, Soumya will be shocked to see Happy Singh and his family. While Soumya will serve refreshments to Happy Singh and his family, Happy Singh’s son will recognize Soumya as their maid. Raavi’s son Chintu will get angry with Happy Singh’s son and both will get into a fight.

Happy Singh will immediately leave with his family while Soumya’s secret will get out in front of Harak Singh and family. How will Preeto and Harak Singh react in knowing the truth? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

16 thoughts on “Shakti News: Soumya’s truth of being a maid comes out”

  1. what is really wrong with the Shakti makers, the Haya hug scene that we are all expecting to see in Haya’s room were edited from today’s episode. Though we saw another hug, I wasn’t satisfied because Saumya was afraid someone might see them so she couldn’t hug properly but in their room she would’ve been more comfortable hugging Harman. Please Shakti makers sit up and bring more Haya romantic scenes or else the TRP will continue to drop. If your Editor is not good, change him or her and get a better one because I’m afraid this one is not doing a good job. Listen to viewers please, because without us your show shakti wouldn’t have been possible.

  2. agree with sheila.while preeto had come to meet saumya when they were leaving the city,saumya was so confident before preeto,so when she is handing the keys to saumya she must be confident enough to take it & do her good job in hadling the keys.
    she must manage the house very properly,preeto & harak singh must think that if saumya would have not been a kinner she would be a prefect match for harman as she is a very good human being without shelfishness like shano & ravi.
    atleast makers ,make preeto & harak singh realise that as a human saumya is a very good person,who never think of separating the family.she always believe in making family together.
    make them start noticing her good deed,and then slowly make saumya pregnant.

  3. those kinners are collecting their earned money for aditya harman & saumya baby to get back.
    but other side harman & saumya are not even bothered about their baby aditya.
    atleast from there harman will come to know how preeto was the one behind in giving aditya to NRI
    for harman saumya is most important in her life,he will have to prove now by his immense love showers towards her & same with saumya also.saumya must now stop hesitating with harman

  4. today I studied one spoi about this harman again will start to search aditya and get back because somuya will miss aditya and harman will promise to somuya so that harman will get back.

  5. makers reallly forgot serial concept. I think that makers should get back aditya because this will make the serial be intresting, serial concept keep, kinners experience maternal feeling, orphan childs become owner a family

  6. actually it would have been fun to watch if some twist would had come as surbhi would have been a kinner & saumya is a woman.a new fresh face.saumya will be just worrying for her & harman and family getting irritated.

  7. Previously harman was romancing saumya in different ways,moonlight dance in the bedroom.
    decorated the room with candles & gave surprise to saumya & had romantic dance.he use to hold her in his arms & love her.but now there is no such romantic scenes between them inspite of being some closeness between them.
    whatever may be the matter he is just happy that saumya is his wife & he got what he wanted.saumya is acting very viered. everytime her shoulders turn upwards like a small kid.folding her lips like a small baby.her body language is horrible to watch when she is in front of harak & preeto.she can stand like a normal human being stand.

  8. fed up with these makers,really irritating.when you people are not knowing how to take the story further,then just end it on a sad note which you have again in the promo it is shown were saumya truth will be revealed & harman also cannot support her alone in front of the society,he will never get support from his family too.
    there that stupid female surbhi is madly in love with harman & creating emotional scenes and all.
    as it is preeto harak singh and family are just waiting to kill saumya and finish the story so makers please end the show by killing saumya & then harman again getting married to surbhi & finish it off.the show is becoming horrible day by day.
    there is no love between saumya & harman ,everywere negativity.there is no point in this show.
    preeto will get his son & proper woman figure bahu back & she will get waris too.because makers will never show the viewers preeto & harak singh realise a human with clean & golden heart,what if she is a kinner.she is beautiful,sweet,clean human being with no selfishness for property,money.atleast if you would have been shown harman & saumya working hard to make their sweet home & they fullfill their dreams & they come to some status level
    but what to write more.its hopeless now.

  9. Sunday episode either saumya will die or Harman and saumya will be part from each other as per preeto plan.because in this show makers will never make them be together. Again back to square one. Harman had said preeto amar Toh banega mera pyaar. This is what will happen. That surbhi is still selfish for Harman. She knows she has still chance for Harman.
    Very surprised for that woman, she is very well aware that Harman does not love her.and her sister does not have choice like her because she is a kinar. Then too she is still in that hope. She must think for her sister saumya happiness. Preeto must realize how much saumya respect harak & preeto. Their own daughter does not love them also and she is only interested in their property.

  10. What else for saumya life sake Harman will leave saumya and send her to kinner world to save her life.
    Back to square one he will marry surbhi and start his new family as preeto wanted and surbhi too is dieing to marry him again.
    Finish it off yaar literally fed up

  11. Preeto has been unbearable for the last 6 months. Now veeran shanno and ballu have become unbearable. Rename it to Preeto ki kahani or Gurdaspur the village of murderers. The Shakti of the Gurdaspur murderers. That is what the theme has become now. A great opportunity lost.

  12. Did Shannos daughter die? Or did the makers not have enough money to pay for the actor whose role was positive, fun and a lot more bearable than that of Ballu.

  13. Why can’t Harman consult a doctor or hospital for saumya female version.
    Medical is so advanced now that for saumya Harman can go to any extent.
    Saumya being pregnant knowing harak and preeto will be out of the world. Both just pampering saumya and securing her from other family members.
    We need to see this desperately.

  14. Now according to adverts Ravi too has become a murderer. I presume the next person to turn negative will be Chintu and he will become a child murderer at the rate Shakti makers are turning people into negative characters and murderers. Nothing is impossible by the makers after they turned the very good Kareena into a murdereress. Gurdaspur the unique land of murderers – new title of Shakti. This is hilarious. Instead the show moving or touching me it is making me laugh. It has become a joke. The actors were brilliant including the actors who plays the characters I don’t like. But the makers failed them and us the viewers.

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