Shakti News: Surbhi plans against Preeto, Soumya worries for Surbhi

Aug 20 , 2017 | | 53 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Soumya tries to convince Preeto to declare truth of Harman-Surbhi relationship

The upcoming episode of Colors’ highly popular serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring high voltage drama of relationships amid Harman (Vivian D’Sena), Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) and Surbhi (Roshni Sahota). While Soumya and Surbhi will be seen trying to protect each other, Harman’s parents Harak Singh and Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) will once again turn out to be the biggest evils in their lives.

As seen in the recent episodes of Shakti serial, Harman spends 20 lakhs in the auction over Soumya to bring her back with him. However, Soumya behaves rudely with Harman as her misunderstanding towards Harman is still not cleared. Soumya is trying to find her identity and hence keeps Harman at a distance. Soumya refuses to acknowledge Harman’s gestures and behaves likes Harman’s maid. Soumya wants to return Harman’s 20 lakhs so that she can return to Kinner house. Harman gets irked and disowns Soumya till Soumya doesn’t realize his love for him.

On the other side, Harak Singh and Preeto refuse to declare that Harman and Surbhi are not married anymore despite Surbhi is married to Varun. Soumya worries for Surbhi and hence requests Harak and Preeto to tell the truth to the society so that Harman and Surbhi can live their life freely. However, Harak and Preeto refuse and blame Soumya. Surbhi overhears their conversation and decides to teach a lesson to Preeto. Will Soumya manage to get 20 lakhs? Will Surbhi succeed against Preeto? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

53 thoughts on “Shakti News: Surbhi plans against Preeto, Soumya worries for Surbhi”

  1. Hey Guys I saw this video clip and sleeping beauty Surbhi is coming to Prince Charming Harnan in the form of a triangle. I write and moan because I cared for Shakti because of the concept and the cast. It had the potential to be something different and get national and international fame. But the makers are 20 years behind in their outlook and have completely lost it. I give up.

  2. This is what preeto wanted.rejection from harmans side.saumya will never confess her love to harman that is for sure.and if it at all shown saumya’s confession that will be a drama for some planning by preeto & harak.
    now slowly harman will start hating saumya as preeto will play a lot of game and situation created between them were saumya will always be negative.slowly they will part themselves.
    finally he will let her go & live her life.preeto will also help her in paying back 20lks to him as he wanted (saumyas earned money) lead role of the show is preeto who have to win at any cost.

  3. Oh my God what kind of parents are these, can’t they realise that they’re harming their own son. Why do they want the villagers to think that Harman and Surbhi are still married? Is it to punish the sisters? Can’t they realise it’s affecting their own son? Varun has to do something to let the people know he is Surbhi’s husband, he shouldn’t allow Preeto to manipulate him. Harpreet are very evil.

  4. do not critizise harak & preeto,makers will feel bad.they are the main lead of the show.preeto’s acting has started to show saumya negative in front of harman & she being positive to harman.and saumya is very well supporting preeto good.very good.
    let the show go on.

  5. The way Saumya is determine to leave Harman I don’t know how they can reconcile. She’s not even listening to Harman to tell her about why she didn’t accept her identity in front of the society so how will they solve this problem?

  6. It is a relief to watch Surbhi who has intelligence and common sense most of the time than the cruel heartless stone like Saumya. Saumya must be the most hated female/kinnar lead in the history of Indian television. We had hoped for a track with Saumya inspiring kinnars with Harman, fighting society, having medical treatment etc. And what we got. Yuck. I would rather watch Surbhi than the current Saumya. We know awards are manipulated anyway. Saumya getting award does not mean she is popular. Trp is gaining simply because people like to see an angry Vivian. Not because of the content or anything else. But people will soon get bored. Since the makers have completely failed to develop the kinnar track maybe they will focus on Surbhi and Varun.

  7. Forgot to say as long as Surbhi does not form a triangle with her sister and brother in law I don’t mind if she takes more screen space and is shown to be bold and positive which is lacking in this serial. There is no hope for Saumyas character to develop. The writer are making Saumya as regressive and small minded as themselves.

  8. U know what Shahed, I have the feeling that Surbhi will be the one who will help clear the misunderstanding between Haya b’cos she can sense something fishy going on and she strongly suspect Preeto’s hand in it that’s why she’s trying to find out why Harman didn’t declare Saumya’s truth to the society on his birthday. She suspect something definitely went wrong b’cos she knows Harman will never hesitate to announce Saumya’s identity. If Surbhi can help clear the misunderstanding, then I don’t have any problem with that since she is more sensible than her stupid sister.

  9. What is wrong with Harak Singh, must he always do what his wife wants? B’cos Varun asked about what happened that night, they want to sack him from the Factory, I wish Varun will revenge on them when they sack him. He has to help Surbhi expose them.

  10. What is wrong with the makers Sheila? They pick up a bold topic and then destroy their own creation. Saumyas behaviour and dialogues last night yuck. Sh has started shouting too.

  11. Don’t even say it Shahed, you don’t know how Saumya annoys me. Harman has done so much for Saumya but for only one thing he didn’t do for her own safety, she behaves so rudely, how can she be so ungrateful. I hope she regrets her actions and will not be too late for her. Unfortunately, Harman will forgive her easily since he loves her so much.

  12. shahed & sheila makers have now plotted a plan to show emotions of parents i.e.preeto & harak.
    because both have done too much of criminal acts & wrong with their own son ,so to show them positive they have changed to this track, infact they are also having preeto promotions in ahmedabad.
    as it is saumya’s character is been getting negative now & it will remain negative so that harman & saumya does not come together.that makers have fixed it misunderstanding will not be cleared between track cannot be this track will continue.
    you can confirm it from todays episode.were jab harman ne kaha saumya ko party main aane ke liye tab use harman aur pure parivar ki izzat ka khayal nahin aya.but jab preeto ne aur malika ne kaha toh woh use yeh nahin laga ke use katputli samjha ja raha hain.
    suddenly face expression saumya ka change hota hain.harman se itna attitude aur use itna insult kar na aur usi time preeto ke samne bheegi bili ban kar mangayi.jabki use saf dikh tah hain ke preeto ne khud harman ke birthday ke din saumya ko kaha tha ki woh sab log use society ke samne accept karne ko tyaar the aur aaj wohi preeto use ghar se nikal jane ko kehti hain aur usi ne saumya ko passport diya tha abroad jane ke liye.aur harman ke samne apne aap ko negative dikha ke us ke mann main apne liye nafrat payda karne ke liye.and otherside harman is still ready to announce in front of the society of her astitva & he only beleives that she is her only wife for his life time.
    then what kind of misunderstanding has to be cleared , there is no misunderstanding at all everything is clear.this is only shown to separate saumya & harman,because as per society a kinnar cannot be a wife of a normal man & cannot be accepted in the society.
    and main it is parents right that they cannot approve this kind of love for their if saumya part with harman , harman will have to live his life according to his parents.
    so separation is must,saumya & harman cannot be together.there will be mutual understanding were harman will have to free saumya from his wife relation.he is only allowed to love him but she will never be part of his life saumya will have to separate herself from him & make her own kinnar identity in community without harman.
    “”””parents emotions are higlighted to turn them positive””””

  13. those rings which harman has kept near mata rani,will be destroyed by saumya herself on preeto instructions,preeto straight instruction for her slave saumya is to create nafrat for her in harman eye ,so that he start hating her & he himself throws her out of the house.
    for the climax of this show.
    when a small kid chintu can understand harmans mind & his heart its surprising such a big grown up kinnar cannot undertand.atleast this kid knows how much harman loves her & other family members are devils & not humans.
    chintu is aware of everything.he knows the truth of saumya,harman,surbhi,varun & other family members.and he is too a very responsible kid.saumya must learn something from him
    and harman must stop drinking & be in his senses to see that to what extent his family members go to ruin his life & do wrong things.

  14. Sans absolutely right. Last nights episode was the worst so far. The great news is Shaktis TRP has dropped and it is out of the top 5. I cannot believe I used to promote this show to family, friends and colleagues all over the world. Now I feel happy at its drop in TRPs. I have noticed the focus on Harpreet. That is because through them the producers are expressing their own views on kinnar and man marriage. It is crystal clear. It is their conservativeness which is making the story regressive. I remember one of the Shakti actors jubilation when it was no 1 recently and saying how much effort the producer had put in to buy the blue costume and how much hard work the director and the actors did etc. Etc. It was short lived. Viewers have progressed and they will not accept ridiculous content as is shown in the current track or the trio marriage. What used to work 5 years ago dont work anymore. Look at the TRP of all serials and wake up. Don’t give us psycho characters and content.

  15. exactly shahed & sheila what i meant.the track which they are moving on let them do they will never be able to make a u turn out of it.they have already moved very ahead in their track now.
    now they will forcefully have to show saumya negative character only.she cannot change now to a innocent saumya who truly loved harman but never expressed her feelings to him as shown by makers.
    makers will have to turn harman stubborn now towards saumya & start hating her.,because they have shown her as she is not interested in harman love or anybodys love now.she just want her kinnar astitva back & want to spend her life with malika & in kinnar community.yesterday episode makers have put preeto & harak on emotional track of parents now,so they will turn saumya & harman negative towards each other.
    they are going to show saumya fighting opposite with harman & demanding her astitva from him & forcing him to accept her as his wife in front of society.she will forcefully do it as she will use all kinnar community & black mail harman,this way preeto & harak will win in parents emotional lead role.
    makers will be 100%sure of getting all viewers TRP to them so let them be in that happiness .we will wait & watch.
    they easily forget their old episode & continue without they are showing saumya heartless,rude,arrogant,selfish etc etc then why did they show her crying for haarman when she went to bangkok & when she was away from him.that moment of time she use to tell her that he loves her & he will do everything for her or might end his life too,but now the same person saumya is been shown that she never loved him or loves him or cares for him.
    so dont be surprised if saumya is been shown leaving harman or blaming him for her astitva or her life.she will be shown ungrateful ,selfish & every negative face of her when harman disowns her.
    next week the track will be were harman has now realised that saumya has changed in her life & she was just using him & she never loved him or she loves him now.and this will be proved by preeto because now mother & son relation has come together again.the glance we saw in todays episode were preeto was favouring harman & in his support.were she says that you have ordered saumyas favourite cake & all.
    friends just wait & watch the drama now.
    the essence of the show “harman & saumya unconditional & unique love story” has been turned it to a illogical dirty pathetic track by makers.
    we expected that harman & saumya will fight their society fight together with their unconditional love & unique love story but makers want to show it differently so good luck to them.!!!!!!!!

  16. The TRP has gone down further not unsurprisingly due to Preeto screen dominance and Saumya nonsense. Which producer spoils their lead character in this way? And Sleeping beauty has come to Prince Charming. Harman should run away from the psycho trio Saumya Surbhi and Preeto.

  17. Shahed dont waste your expensive suggestions on these useless producers,directors of shakti.they do not deserve our suggestions.
    let them continue with their stupid story were that brainless idiotic character saumya is not ready to understand.makers are not ready to solve the misunderstanding between harman & saumya for emotional track of parents preeto & harak.were they do not deserve to be parents.
    so separation will be done,they are still showing harman dumb,were he inspite knowing his mother preeto believe her blindly.the way she is torturing saumya mentally harman is episode 247 were saumya said to harman when they were on roads “harman ji mera vajood ho ya na ho main hamesha apke sath rahoongi” were is the promise gone??????????? from saumya
    for her harman should be important in her life not preeto.she must trust him & live for his happiness.she is very well aware harman only live for her,nothing matters him other than a sensible woman she must ask harman what happened on his birthday,he was ready to tell her the truth. in shakti saumya & harman bonding is important i.e is their real shakti to fight with the community.need to see harman supporting saumya in expanding business & encouraging her talent towards the community.and saumya loving & caring harman more than anything else.
    forget it yaar leave these people alone.they move their story without viewers interest so why to comment.

  18. Surbhi & varun are married & spent their night together , what a disgusting shakti makers are.
    they are once again trying to pair surbhi with harman as preeto wish.varun role is harman throws him out of the house.again preeto is secured .her evil truth is hidden from harman.
    ridiculous,ashamed of this make preeto a lead role makers can go to whatever extent they want.just for waris preeto is again matching pair surbhi & harman what a disgusting pathetic show it is.and harman cannot see what bluddy shit his parents are doing with his life.he cannot take stand against his parents.but cannot blame him because these all shit is been created by makers to make preeto & harak on lead role.

  19. Since The producers have shown Saumya brainless just showing her giving business suggestions do not make her look intelligent to Viewers that is like clutching at straws. If they show her strength where she is not a puppet but fights with the likes of Preeto et al rather than Harman that would make her look strong and intelligent. But makers have decided to give all of Saumyas brain to Surbhi. If Surbhi can expose Preeto then this unbearable poor track will end. Haya is so busy being puppet of Preeto when will they fight society. Last night Harnan was shown to be brainless as well. These makers do not know how to respect their characters and how do they expect viewers to like their characters. there is one clip which shows Saumya begging Preeto and Harak to reveal to society that Surbhi and Harman are divorced. How long can they recycle the same story to viewers and hence the gradually declining TRP. I am also tired of watching this irresponsible Harnan who does not work and lives off his father.

  20. I liked Surbhi more than Saumya tonight. She has the intelligence and guts to stand up to Preeto. What does Saumya have? Even her mean expressions showing her teeth don’t make her look good.

  21. Preeto the lead character of shakti has won by separating saumya & harman .
    after saumya burning her hands on preeto instruction harman & saumya are separated from each other.saumya doesnt share the room with harman.preeto has successed in her plan.
    harman and saumya doesnt stay in one room.
    so slowly surbhi is coming close to harman now.all fake kasam of harman in front of mata rani.saumya will never accept harman as her husband & harman has already left hopes.the locket which he buyed in thailand for her ????
    sasural simar ka is going off air & now next is shakti.happy ending surbhi & harman together,saumya in kinner house.good thank god the stupidity has finished.

  22. I don’t know what’s going on now, Preeto is succeeding all the time and Saumya’s stupidity is ruining her relationship with Harman. The misunderstanding is still not being cleared and the situation is getting worse everyday. I just wish Harman will leave everything and everyone and go far away b’cos this is too much. I pity him so much, the way Saumya is treating him. Makers should end this series once and for all because I can’t stand it anymore.

  23. I’m glad that Harman has let Saumya go, it’s the best. He should move on in his life and if they’re meant to be together, Saumya will realise her mistake and come back to apologise. Maybe being in the kinner community will make Saumya find out the truth and make her realise how stupid she has been for not trusting Harman. I hope it won’t be too late for her.

  24. still you have not realised makers mentallity behind this per our community they cannot show a unique love story between a kinner & a normal man.and parents inspite being a criminal,heartless,huligans,maneaters,selfish,like character preeto & harak singh they are parents who has to be respected & we need to understand their emotional feelings towards their son thats what makers want us to believe.thats the reason they started showing saumya negative to the she cannot be made positive any which she has been again turned to emotional character as earlier she was,for harmans parents & his family reputation if her misunderstanding is been cleared also she cannot live her life with harman as his wife & never express her love to him.

    if she wish to live her life with harman she cannot as still our society never accept such love in our society.
    so this track is been shown now.were they have shown that harman is aware of his parents cruel act towards saumya & saumya herself cannot go against them & accept his love,so how long he will fight alone with the society or with his parents when his love does’nt support they have shown that he himself leaves her.
    vivian dasena is a superb romantic his real life also he has been hurted badly from his his real hurted love expression is been seen in his reel life acting.
    so i only wish at least makers show a intense love from harman character to the viewers who believe in clean & unconditional love.we request the makers they cannot show the reunite of saumya & harman so atleast they can show harmans love.
    next should be were harman should write a letter to saumya & preeto-harak that he is leaving this city forever and if he is able to continue his life without saumya he will survive or else he will end his life but he will never come back.
    kyonki uske parents apne bete ki khushi aur uski zindagi se jyada apne waris aur khandan ki izzat jada zaruri samajhte hain.
    aur uski maa preeto jo uski bete ki jeene ki vajah hain saumya ko jaan se marne aur taklif deti hain toh woh ji kar karega kya.
    aaur jise woh apni zindagi manta hain “saumya”jab woh hi uska sath dene ke bajaye uske maa baap (ppreeto aur harak) ki khushi ka saath deti hain harman ki khushi chod kar toh woh jee kar kya karega.
    preeto,harak & saumya should just get a shock after reading harman letter.saumya must realise that for preeto & harak wish she has lost harman.and she had no right to end his life for sake of preeto & harak.
    preeto & harak must realise that they have lost their son for ever just for their selfishness.
    harman ne preeto ko likhna cchaiye ki tujhe apna beta kabhi vapas nahin milega.aur saumya tumhe harman ji kabhi pareshan karne tumhare kinner duniya main nahin ayenge.
    surbhi must also tell saumya that even she will never interfere in her life henceforth.
    just end this show with such a intense love from harman to a kinner.

  25. is show main bhagwan ki bhi koi value nahin.harman ne mata rani ke samne rings ko bandhkar kasam khaya tha ke jab tak
    saumya dil se harman ko pati nahin manti woh kabhi use se pati hone ka hak nahin jatayega
    but yahan toh harman abhi tak use mana raha tha aur makers ne use hi villian bana diya.
    ab harman ko hi makers ne deaf,blind villian, infact ek pagal insaan ke roop main khada rakh diya.aur preeto aur harak jaise real bluddy bastard ko support kar raha hain mata rani .
    forget it show are there from sept ,lets watch that guys.
    vivian is a superb actor,he deserves a good he had earlier madhubala & ,pyaar ki ek kahani.

  26. if at all makers are continuing showing harman & saumya love ,then its a wish show a strong letter written by harman to his parents & saumya.
    surbhi must help harman in this plan.surbhi must tell harman that this time she will help him in getting his love back.
    harman must write in the letter to saumya ‘main apne gulabo ke bina ji nahin paunga,par shayad meri gulabo apne harman ke bina ji sakti hain.isliye ab uski zindagi main dakhal nahin doonga.khushi hain ke ab meri gulaboo ladna seekh chuki hain duniya se.use harman ke sahare aur pyaar ki jaroorat nahin.dil se mata rani se dua karoonga ki woh apne astitva ki ladai main jeet jaye.
    par maine toh gulaboo ke bina jina sikha hi nahin aur na sikh na chahta hoon.meri toh duniya hi meri gulaboo hain.jab meri duniya aur meri zindagi gulaboo hi mere pass nahin toh ji ke kya karoonga.jab bhi gulaboo naraz ho kar door jati thi mere se,ek umid thi ki main wapas use le aunga ab toh woh umeed hi nahin rahi,meri gulaboo muzse itna nafrat karti hain ki woh mera ehsaas bhi apne pass nahin chahti.aur is nafrat aur sach ke saath main jeena nahin chahta. isiliye yeh duniya chod kar jaa raha hoon.
    saumya must be restless reading this letter,till now she always saw harman coming behind her after she left him,but this time he himself left her to live her life,and ending his own life.when she calls surbhi for harman,surbhi must tell her that he is missing & he will never come back again.why should he come back & for whom??? and why she is worried for him.he is not any which ways related to her.use kya farak padta hain harman jiye ya mare.she must not be concerned.she wanted her own life without him which he gave her.
    surbhi ne khena chaiye yeh zindagi aur jis astitva ke liye woh lad rahi hain woh harman ne use duniya se lad kar use di hain,jiski use kadar nahin.jiske pyaar ki use kadar nahin.use duniya se ladna aur jina harman ne sikhaya,preeto ne nahin.aur jab ek kinnar ka koi rishta hi nahin hota is duniya main toh harman aur choti,nani,chintu uske kuch nahin lagte.toh agar woh mare ya jiye use pharak nahin padna chaiye & stop talking to her. she must go mad searching harman & confess him that she loves him and she is his gulaboo & wife and nobody can separate them.

  27. shakti makers think that ordians are fools.they dont understand what game they are playing.
    the weekend episode they shared with u me tv where harman left saumya forever and now they are sharing upcoming clips of tonight episode were he is getting romantic with saumya after her burning her hands.when there is nothing left between the two why showing hopeless scenes.
    total how many times she is going to leave him & go & total how many times he is going to marry surbhi & then give divorce & then marry.
    what a shit is happening in this show.once and for all just end the show.
    the main thing in love is this show only harman blindly trust saumya but saumya till the start never trusted him & never ever trust him there is no meaning left in this show.
    makers as per society cannot reunite them so they please the ordians with some short romantic scenes in between,i.e the reason misunderstanding are never cleared and main culprits & criminals,murderers like lead role preeto & harak singh are still blindly been trusted by their sons.
    and character like saumya listen to killers like preeto & harak singh.

  28. after watching shakti nobody will ever help kinners on human grounds also.saumya jaise ehsaan faramosh kinner ko dekh kar koi bhi insaniyat ke naam pe madd nahin karega.harman ka unconditional pyaar jo saumya ke upar hain uska saumya ne jo insult kiya hain aur uska phayda uthaya hain woh shameful hain.
    aisa kuch bhi nahin bacha hain jo harman ne saumya ka pyaar aur saath pane ke liye nahin kiya ho.aur sabse badi bath saumya ek kinner hain yeh bath pata chalne ke baad harman ne use pyaar kiya.
    aise insaan aur pharishte jaise ke sath jo woh kar rahi hain that is too much.what makers are showing.
    and now she is been shown planning & plotting against harman.a normal girl would have been given herself to harman for his extreme love.
    now as kinners are thrown out of the house so shelter will be given by saumya to give their house back preeto has blackmailed saumya to leave harman right she has blackmailed harman that if he forces her to stay with him she will eat poison.and harman as it is his unconditional love for her let her go.
    now i think she will fight against harman itself for their house & shelter.
    what makers are portraying saumya they think that people are happy watching saumya stubborn behaviour against harman which is practically illogical.slowly they will realise this but will be too late for them .lets see good luck to them.
    whatever saumya is doing with harman now is not love its all she is using him for her selfishness now.

  29. And all of these kinners malika & gang including saumya never showed their humanity towards harman when poor fellow stayed outside their house for saumya to take back.
    none of them gave him food,water.infact a blanket when he was standing in rain.such selfish kinners are those.
    now a time has come were they are on roads,but this time also they will be helped by harman.because he is a clean heart man.
    if those other kinner including malika has some brains they will make saumya that brainless woman understand that harman is not wrong and clear her misunderstanding.and they should support harman & saumya to fight against preeto & harak
    but i am sure it wont happen. because preeto & harak are the main leads of the show.
    how happy they are now,their plans are moving nicely without any difficulty.their son is also not aware about their evil plans,and if he comes to know he cannot do anything because that fool saumya kinner is against harman.

  30. Hello makers
    Why not give the next updates in last 10 days If you have the courage, give the updates. We’re still ready to tear you down. How darer you take this irritating track? Do you think viewers are fools? This is very usually saas-bahu drama. Why do you use for this transgender subject. Do you think we’d see any type of story? If we start to see a different story, you’re ruining it? Recently I saw a transgender interview in a tv.In fact they love affection. Why do you make them wrong? Give viewers the respect of comments. If not, our appreciation? will continue. Take the story as our wish.

  31. Agree with you all. Great news that Shakti is out of top 5 and no 1 position in Colors. If they continue in this way I hope that the show is taken off air and a good creative teams takes on a 2nd series of Shakti. They have also made the Harman character weak by showing him not knowing anything about business, depending on his parents for money and getting drunk to drown his sorrow and sometimes being stubborn instead of logical. Otherwise I love Harman character only in this serial. But it seems that they are in the process of ruining it. I would also like Harman to leave the country writing a letter to everyone that if you had truly loved me you would have not hurt me in this way. There is no one to support me through my pain or to understand me. So I am leaving you all and Shakti should end. How the creative team can conjure up these cruel scenes is beyond my grasp. They should be banned from producing shows and I have said this before there should be a censor board for Indian TV serials. Otherwise these types of serials will have a negative effect on society.

  32. shakti have lost its charm now.shakti charm was harman & saumyas unique love story.which makers have lost it.and with their mistake they are not ready to rectify it.
    if they dont continue with their love bonding with each other it will not work.they think if they show their hatred between them so that it will work,no it wont.
    let them try by the time it will be too late.lets wait & watch.nobody is liking their hatred track thats the reason show is coming down.its still going to continue with same track for months.
    she will stay with kinners in their community for their rights & harman will try from her behind to show his love.
    do you think ordians will be happy to watch those kinner get ups of saumya ,disgusting language of kinners,preeto & family.
    the show was going on till saumya & harman were together & fighting with the watch from todays episode both are parting with each other lets see how long this will work.they themselve will realise this.the show comes for 15 minutes and there you are just watching these kinners,and saumyas illogical behaviour with arrogant,shouting,irritating,insulting harman,so whos going to watch this people will start switiching to other shows.
    let them come to know themselves.forget it.

  33. they tried to show all kind of nonsense kasam.makers ne harman se 100 times kasam khilaya main kabhi saumya ko akela nahin chodunga,apne se door nahin hone doonga,woh meri zimmedari hain,pyaar hain,meri zindagi hain,jeene ki vajah hain.
    aur everytime useke kasam ko tod diya.
    harman se yeh tak bhi bulvaya ki jab tak saumya dil se mujhe apna pati nahin man leti main use pati hone ka hakh nahin jatangoa.mata rani ke aage kasam tak bhi dal diya ring bandh kar.ab aur kya baki raha.then too they showed her leaving him.
    what?????harmans all effort of protecting saumya went in to vain.his love confession went to waste.he saying such hard dialogues went hay waiya.i mean there is no sense in this show when that stupid saumya is acting

  34. Saumya and Saya have joined hands with Preeto so Harman can’t do much. Surbhi is our last hope. Instead of forming a love triangle if she comes as a saviour for Haya. But with these negative and prevented minded creative team I have little hope.

  35. dont be surprised guys this all is played by makers.they want to show saumya negative so its going to there will be more negative by saumya.makers want to separate both of them as per society kinner & normal man cannot have relationship.
    but one thing i cannot understand if the makers did not had that guds to show a transgender relationship then just to move their show they showed harman saumya love as unique one & fooled the ordians.
    makers will have a good for this.they are the real hypocrits.if shakti makers had shown guds the show would have been one of the topest.they lost that opprtunity.
    they should have shown a tough bonding between both of them.nobody can break their unique relationship.their trust & their unconditional love.but makers are “hypocrates”.

  36. what intelligent these shakti makers are.till last week malika was financially so rich that she had sent saumya abroad,and then she was going to buy tarana (saumya) or say kinner double the amount what harman had buyed, around 40 lakhs
    and yesterday malika did not payed 3 months rent really surprising.and now saumya has turned a business woman who is fighting with harman for her so called astitva.and now she is going to divorce harman.what a mokery to laugh.
    what a joke makers had shown harman fighting with society,his parents,maninder,kinners for saumya being his wife & now the same saumya is against that man harman who fought for her with these people.
    makers have made harman as a biggest enemy of saumya that kinner.oh god.
    the people who were against (saumya) & her life are now her well wishers & the man who just lived for her & was ready to end his life is now her enemy.she is been shown blindly trusting these people (preeto,harak,maninder,malika,kinners everybody) and insulting & doubting harman.what a good makers.hats off

  37. Exactly Kareena, it’s so sad that the person who stood by Saumya through out all her struggle is now her enemy and those who has treated her so badly are her well wishers. Preeto tortures, humiliates and treats her cruelly but Saumya defends and hides her crimes from Harman. Now she has left him and I don’t know what will happen. Makers have really disappointed me. I don’t even watch anymore.

  38. To turn preeto and harak character positive Makers have started showing saumya and Harman character negative between them.
    After all preeto and harak are the lead of the show.
    Harman and saumya relationship can not be moved further as per society grounds so they have to make them enemy of each other by hook or this will continue finally they have separated by giving divorce also.
    They cannot show parents turning negative inspite of crimes son will be used for their support against saumya. So enjoy guys.

  39. Superb what a bonding for characters preeto & harak specially kamya punjabi by makers.preeto & harak are the lead of shakti.vivian & rubina are just the side actors but surprising how can they not realise this.vivian i still can understand but rubina is very smart on this part.
    so preeto kamya punjabi will never be shown negative,if her act is violent,evil,cruel,crimes she will be shown positive as a mother who has done all this for betterment of her son.but it is too much to be digested,the cruelty what is been shown is misguiding in-laws who torture their daughter in law for dowries.some parents in real life play with the emotions of their son to convince him to get dowries from the girl.
    its very necessary that a boy should be very smart enough to handle situtations like this were he must understand that some one is been pressurised by other, as what happened in todays episode with character saumya .
    the boy must learn sensibility from this show were how character preeto is pressurising character saumya in front of her son harman without even he getting to know.he is been so easily fooled by emotional drama of his parents.
    and a mother can play such games so well.kamya punjabi will receive an best mother award for saving his son from kinner attemting criminal act.such deaf,dumb,emotional fools sons like harman are still there on this earth who have blind faith on parents inspite they being a in human people.
    suddenly makers have changed harmans character as a foolish,dumb man.the man who was so smart enough,have turned a hopeless fool now.he had been shown were he use to catch hold of his parents specially preeto everytime on their evil act with saumya,but now he is been shown having blind faith on preeto & easily coming on her words.
    but there is no point in he being smart its decided there is no unique love story of harman & saumya.they are separated & divorced & to continue the show they will continue with this hatred between them
    fights of kinner astitva & planning plotting of harman married a kinner without knowing brought her home as a wife then she was thrown out and again brought by harman & made to stay in out house ,then again harman brought her home as wife ,but now same story repeats from wife she turned prostetute & brought back as wife but accepted as a slave,now again from wife shifted to out house & finally again thrown out of the house in kinner community.but this time with both mutual understanding.the character harman who fought for saumya his love & had sweared that he will never let saumya separated by himself,he had to let her go because the lead character preeto kamya punjabi has to rule the show.

  40. The barbaric minded makers should be forced to end this show. It is an unnecessarily wasting a prime slot. The TRps are falling because viewers are not willing to swallow this amount if negativity and cruelty when watching a serial for relaxation. Totally unbalanced negativity. Why is Preeto so dear to them when viewers really don’t want to watch her?

  41. Just for preeto character to be highlighted in the show why makers are just ruining the show.rashmi Sharma has lots of money so she doesn’t bother if the show go off air.
    If Harman & saumya are not together the show will drop down.such loose dumb are these makers.
    When both left the house & started the new life from a hut,that was a story which was to be moved further.being both less educated makers should have shown their struggle were they achieve a position in business with making other kinners work in life with them.that would have been a social message to the society & their love story too.were after getting some position Harman & saumya both tell the society being a kinner my moral support was my husband Harman & I achieved this position in life.
    But here illogical story is been moved.just for preeto character to be higligted makers are thinking blindly.

  42. Harman exposing preeto what sense it makes??.last night episode he warned saumya not to take his parents name to create hatred for her in him.he has a special respect for his parents.
    What makers want to show that inspite parents being negative they only do the crime for their children sake.makers had shown earlier when preeto had given saumya 20 lks to give it to Harman,Harman requested his so called mother “mere aur saumya ke rishte main aag mat laga”.he knows that his mother is behind all this then what he has to expose,and why surbhi has to prove & show it to Harman that preeto is the culprit.while leaving to Bangkok Harman himself said in front of family “mujhse ek galti hui jiska kisine fayda uthaya,”so he is very well aware that preeto had created misunderstanding between saumya & Harman on harmans birthday night.
    don’t understand what to prove & whom to prove?just preeto to be in limelight makers are just blind.what they are continuing they themselves don’t know.and makers have shown saumya is very well aware that Harman will never move in his life without her, after marrying her real sister surbhi he did not moved in life,then why makers are showing that saumya is expecting that Harman will move in life if she will be separated from him

  43. I don’t understand anything, makers has made Saumya so dumb and stupid that for one thing that Harman didn’t do for her to protect her, she has forgotten everything Harman has done for her. Isn’t she the same person who told Shanno and Viren after she was pushed from the balcony that they should let her live or else when she dies Harman’s life will be ruin then why does she think that Harman will live a happy life when she leaves him. Has she also forgotten that when she suggested to do surgery Harman stopped her and said he loves her the way she is and she should accept her identity then why does she think that Harman loves only her beauty but not her identity. She is so daft that she doesn’t think deep to realise that what Harman said that night was out of frustration because he was being tauted by the tragedy he experienced, if she was smart she would’ve realised that there was a tangible reason why Harman didn’t accept her identity to the society but of course she allowed Preeto to poison her mind and believed her instead of Harman who had fought tooth and nail to protect her. If they really divorce then there is no need to continue this series. Makers should end it once and for all. It will be unfair if this misunderstanding doesn’t clear up and Saumya doesn’t realise her mistakes and apologise to Harman and also if Preeto doesn’t get punished for her crimes then how can this series continue. If Shakti is about Saumya’s astiva and Harman is her rakshak then makers should prove it to viewers and focus on the main lead and let love win not evil. We’re fedup of Preeto’s evil drama.

  44. makers only priority now is to show a kinner & common man separate as per society knowing the each & every earlier episode they have just become deaf & dumb.
    preeto is the lead character of this show so to make her positive any which ways will be used to prove character saumya & harman negative.parents are always right with using evil acts.
    To prove earlier episode false as we are listing to the makers they are trying their level best to change the character saumya & harman as much as negative they can with each other.
    so coming weeks character saumya & harman relation will be so negatively created by makers that ordians will themselves say that they must be separated as ordians are saying it now.
    this is all strategy used.they had started this kinner concept to gain popularity from the ordians & for the show & their production now they have gained that so they are back to pavillian can see the tv news now rashmi sharma new show is lined up with the love just to wind up shakti they are changing the characters story without even bothering about the ordians views.
    so no point in recollecting them the old episode,they are very well aware that they are totally changing the two characters knowingly.
    so saumyas character has been made so negative towards harman that he himself has also turned negative towards saumya & they are separated by getting divorce.
    so ending of this show is saumya will get her astitva back & preeto will get his son back & her waris with his new life with new girl.

  45. I don’t blame Harman for supporting his parents because any responsible and good son will support his parents in this situation. Even if the parents are bad people they’re still his parents and he can’t allow anyone to disrespect them. Though Saumya’s behavior is fake, Harman doesn’t know that his parents are involved in this conspiracy and he doesn’t expect them to go to that extent of allowing Saumya to insult them just for her to leave his room. If he gets to know. he’ll be ashamed of his parents for stooping so low. One thing I don’t understand is does Preeto and Harak Singh really love their son? Because I find it difficult to understand how a mother can conspire with her daughter-in-law to hurt her son so much like this. Preeto is the one giving Saumya ideas to hurt her own son and Saumya too so stupidly following her orders. Is Saumya so dumb that she can’t fight this battle alone but rather asking for advice from the same person who hate her so much. If she is Harman’s mother doesn’t mean she should be so stupid to follow her orders always, she has to use her brain for once. Makers shouldn’t let Preeto get her way all the time, she has to be exposed for Saumya to realise that she is the mastermind of all the problems she and Harman are facing and she should realise that the only good thing in her life is Harman and if she loose him, she’ll regret it for the rest of her life. I hope it won’t be too late for her when she realise her mistakes.

  46. Surveen you have summarised the Shakti storyline accurately. Vena i agree that when Haya left home their journey could have been handled beautifully and would have fetched TRps. In fact I thought they would Saumya perhaps making and selling dresses blouses through the kinnar community and inspiring them. She getting stronger and with Harman doing stunts or whatever fighting with society while their hut was being burnt down. But no silly film actor actress their pettiness and Ballu viren and Shanno trio juked that track. And Mahi I also don’t understand why they making harmsns character so naive. I agree with Sans about the true intentions of Rashmi Sharma productions. And finally with Sheila if there is divorce between Haya let this could be beautiful but now horrible story end.

  47. shahed the show has been spoiled now by the makers.just reading the update or watch the repeat if interested.its horrible watching now.just those kinner drama & their so called astitva,preeto evil acts crossing beyond the limits.
    they have totally changed the characters harman & saumya.they have both become negative towards ordians & themselves by the makers.preeto & harak singh are the lead of the show.its disgusting watching saumya kinner look,showing her deaf,dumb & brainless,harman been shown dumb,without brains.he is been shown literally blind belief on his parents & family members.
    earlier makers had shown when harman had returned home after leaving the house with saumya he had said to saumya “preeto aur harak nahin badle hain woh mauke ki talash kar rahe hain hame alag karne ke liye”.and he had warned preeto agar is main koi chal huyi to teri kasam main kisiko nahin chodunga.
    and makers played the game.preeto ne mauke ka fayda achi tarah uthaya aur dono ko alag kar diya.
    as preeto & harak are the lead of the show.and after all they are parents .
    ladki ka rape karvati hain preeto,ladki ko itna majboor karti hain apne aapko jalane ke liye,ladki ko majboor karti hain bazar main apne aapko bechne ke liye.ladki ko majboor karti hain apne bete ke samne nafrat dilvane ke liye.cruelty,crime all shit is been done by preeto as she is the lead role.
    and harman & saumya are shown deaf & dumb as per society grounds.because there are no love stories between them.
    they will have to part away taking divorce.harman will have to be deaf & dumb & start beleiving that saumya doesn’t love him anymore as preeto wanted.
    so he will start his new life as his parents want & he realised that saumya has started hating him & now she does not love her so he will move on his life.saumya will live her life with kinners as per her astitva.
    evil wins as per society not love.

  48. The new spoiler is that Saumya is going to become Guruma. I think I had predicted this would happen about 7/8 months ago. No upliftment of kinnar, no Haya, no unique love story, a dumb Saumya and not a dumb Harman who has suddenly become blind to his parents game. I will stop watching after tonight. It was very very bad, except for Chintus role. Surbhi is taking steps to expose Preeto at a tortoise speed.

  49. Such a sweet little darling is chintu.
    How true that angel speaks.
    Saumya Harman and himself are made for each other. Yes the trio relationship is mindblowing.
    Chintu is more intelligent than both Harman and saumya. Like to watch chintu more when he finds out what is happening with saumya and Harman. And what preeto and team planning against them. True words that angel says.
    These people are not good they will throw you out of the house. As they did separating you from mama’s room.
    But his scenes are hardly there.
    Back to square one. now it won’t be there too as saumya left the house and now she will continue in kinner house and Harman will never be at home.
    Preeto is the lead of the only her scenes will be there.

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