Shakti: Preeto targets Soumya through Police post Harman’s arrest

May 22 , 2017 | | 17 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Preeto uses Harman’s arrest to torture Soumya

Once again troubles have started for Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) in popular Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki as Harman has been arrested on the murder charge. After a brief time of happiness and romance, Harman and Soumya are once again trapped in the tragic events.

Shakti serial will show turbulent times for Soumya as she is left all alone without Harman’s support and in Preeto’s (Kamya Punjabi) evil trap in Harman’s absence. The recent episodes of Shakti serial have showcased Harman mistakenly shooting a goon while the goons misbehave with Soumya. Angry Harman warns the goons to be away from Soumya and while saving Soumya, a goon dies of the gunshot. Harman gets charged with murder charges and gets arrested. Soumya breaks down and feels helpless.

Soumya leaves food and water in Harman’s absence. Surbhi (Roshni Sahota) and Mallika turn up for consoling and supporting Soumya. Still, Soumya refuses to eat or drink anything. Surbhi wants Soumya to fight for Harman strategically and hence tries to make Soumya understand. Meanwhile, Preeto plays an evil game against Soumya, seizing the opportunity. Preeto harrases Soumya through Police in Harman’s absence. Police appear in Soumya’s hut and start breaking Soumya’s hut. Soumya tries to stop the Police and pleads them to leave Harman.

Soumya promises to leave the city with Harman, but Police refrain from listening to Soumya. Police break down Soumya and Harman’s hut, shattering Soumya. Preeto wants to use this opportunity to breaks Soumya mentally and blackmail her to leave Harman in lieu of bailing out Harman. On the other side, Soumya decides to fight for Harman at any cost. Who will win? Preeto or Soumya? Keep reading this space for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories, and spoilers on Shakti serial.

17 thoughts on “Shakti: Preeto targets Soumya through Police post Harman’s arrest”

  1. one thing we desperateley want to see is that harak & preeto remain penniless.we want to see preeto face humiliation.the wrong thing she has done in life she should face it.saumya is exceptional,but preeto is mannerless woman who does not respect people.her language is like tu hat,tu nikal,tere baap ka nahin,teri aukad hain kya
    she should realize that she herself dont have any aukad.she is a very big panvati to singh family.where because of her coming married to their house harak brother died.hopless woman
    harman should be released only by saumya effort.but not taking the get up of kinner or blackmailed by preeto.
    harman must come to know about his parents evil strategy twrds saumya & harman.he must refuse to take help of god knows makers will show a disappointing show or encouraging one,with immense love of saumya & harman .

  2. I hope that this time Saumya will be strong and will not allow Preeto to manipulate her. Preeto will sing the same old song that if Saumya disappears from Harman’s life, she will bail him but with what Harman has done for her, now is the time she proves to Harman’s whole family that she can free her husband single handedly without anyone’s help. She will show her shakti and prove to Preeto that she is no more the weak person she used to torture. It’ll be very interesting to watch a strong and determine Saumya.

  3. IT means makers are sure that saumya will never be harmans legal wife in this show.she will remain kinner itself.she will be forced to choose her life in kinner society per promo she has changed to kinner get up.
    harman will be brain washed & he will be forced to accept surbhi………………..
    This will be the ending of this show.the reason is saumya will never express her love to harman.
    and everytime she will sacrifice her love hiding to harman.
    there will be no positiveness in this show

  4. I also don’t understand why Surbie is still wearing that Mangalsutra. Why are they not divorced yet and why do they need divorce? I thought Saumya is the legal wife? Does it mean that in India people can marry two legal wives. The series is about Harman and Saumya so I don’t think Harman will ever have interest in Surbie. They will fight to the end and prove to Harman’s family and society that a kinner can live a normal life with a husband and children and that stigma of considering kinners as outcast must be broken and let everyone understand that we’re all God’s children and no one has the right to discriminate or judge kinners.

  5. I did not know that in this day and age when media is so alert a big film hero has time to play cheap tricks on a stunt mans wife.

  6. there is nothing left in this show now.saumya finally has to go to kinner world as we predicted.
    it can be in any because harman is in jail she wants shelter thats why saya is taking care of her.saumya nanis house is also there why cant she go there or why cant they take her there.why only kinner house???????? when everybody is just waiting for her to go there why makers are sending her there.this decesion is not right by makers.
    surbhi.nani saya directors everybody should support & help her but she must stay with her family.
    surbhi & nani are her own blood,then why kinner house.
    harman should come out of jail only with efforts of saumya.
    when makers want to show harman & saumya apart only then why so heavy dialogues & all yaar
    they adopted a child,in fraction of second they lost it.then they started their new life that too it stopped in between what nonsense is going on this show cant understand.
    when makers had show a new step taken by them it should be continued showing their struggle to suceess not aparting in between & illogical should point in giving them suggestion.
    makers are the spoilers of this show.this show negativity wins & positivity loose.
    always preeto & harak singh wins

    1. Agree that rather than focussing on the beautiful story of struggle and love blossoming focus is now on making everyone evil. Now getting tired of watching Veeran and Balvinder. Feel like switching off when watching Veerans evil expressions. He does not look convincing at all.

  7. by todays episode it is clear that harmans getting in to murder case is planned by “HARAK SINGH” with help of those police & the goons.when corps got those goons in front of harak singh he got out everything from them that who has done that and now he is aware that veeran & raavi father in law are involved in this.
    now he wants his son back so he has used those goons & the corps to play this plan.
    this story will never be in love track now.harak singh will create misunderstandings between saumya & harman.same as preeto did earlier.when she blacmailed saumya & she shifted to guest room & then she left home and so on.
    hardly 2 days or 2 episode they were together.everything is halfly ended.if at all saumya comes to know about harak singh plan against harman behind bars,she will not be able to do anything as he has close contact with the corps & law.police station runs under harak singh decesion.actually here harman should be shown smart were he will come to know about his fathers plan & he must play with the corps
    no point in commenting to these makers they will do what they think what is right.

  8. Poker faced Veeran was a lot more charming and pleasurable to watch than the trying to be evil Veeran. Not working.

  9. Harman had said shano & veeran that whenever you will take your baby in hand you will realise that your baby is there on earth just because of saumya.but these both are such hopless people that they are not even ashamed of themselves.not a pinch of humanity is there in shano & veeran,where that ugly woman shano is throwing & pushing her out of the house.
    and that raavi inhuman & ugly female today if she is with her husband & son that is also just because of saumya who is a kinner.were this poor girl was not even aware what is kinner & never lived the life of a kinner.
    preeto & harak singh those both inhuman people without heart & humanity are selfish people who will never in life give importance to humanity,they only believe in power & property.
    that harak singh is always doing illegal things.
    and the police government is supporting such people who are doing such illegal things were making a person trap in false murder case.ridiculous & dissgusting story line
    instead show something unique.make saumya so clever that she will be able to present the law that harman was trapped by a fake murder plan by the indian police with help of harak singh.
    harman must be aware that his parents are always doing wrong things.

  10. My problem with Shakti is that the evil doers are never exposed. therefore there is no triumph element in a Shakti. It is always oppression of the good by the evil and that is what is responsible for low TRP despite some beautiful tracks.

  11. very strange about the makers thought.saumya is harmans wife.and both were spotted together in the murder place,
    in indian law its is legal that family members are allowed to come inside the police station.
    specially when husband is taken to the police station wife is allowed to go inside,but she was stopped outside & inspector personally goes to harak singh house and give a grand welcome to harak singh and family to the police.
    very very strange.looking at this,harman must understand that whatever is happening his parents are behind it.
    because he must know everything how they destroyed his house ,how saumya has been thrown out by his family members.
    but these makers are totally opposite.cannot predict anything

  12. what a plan harman will be forced to stay inside the jail and saumya will go away from harman so that he comes out as per his family wants.
    saumya must support harman,she must remember one thing that he will never live without she must bring the truth in front of the court and harman must also come to know about his parents what they are doing to separate saumya & harman.
    he must just leave them and go very far

  13. According to what I’ve seen in haya’s interview, Saumya will be the one who will fight for Harman’s innocence. Her inner strength will come out and she won’t be the shy and weak person anymore. It’s her turn to fight for Harman and I’m sure she’ll win. This time Preeto, Harak Singh and the whole family will see the other side of Saumya. I can’t wait to watch this new track. San you’re very right, Saumya is Harman’s wife and she has every right to see her husband but no they rather let Harak Singh and family went to see him just because he is rich, what nonsense. I remember Harman telling Manindar that when it comes to Saumya he can give up his life and also take someone’s life and he has proven it today.

  14. Tonight Shakti had 20% brilliance ( ravina ranis conversation) and (Harman Saumyas conversation) and 80% poor concept and execution. Particularly the goon scene what was that? Did anyone check the dead body. If Shakti wants to increase its tRP it needs to up its game. Viewers are not fools. Even fans have a limit to their patience. First there was the torture of the trio wedding now this silly portrayal of evil, so childish. This is from a well wisher of Shakti who wants Shakti to succeed. Great actors, good dialogues but very poor story writing and direction. No proper thought goes into the plots. From May to Dec Shakti was good. Then Aditya track was good. Harman Saumyas struggle was interrupted by silly portrayal of Veeran and Balwinder and the film heros evilness and dragging Kareena. With so many alternative choices on TV Shakti needs to make its game more sophisticated to gain TRPs. My opinion.

  15. It’s obvious that this fake murder case was planned by Harak Singh, the police and the goons b’cos how did the police get to know about the incident immediately Harman shot that goon and why was the body not checked whether he was really dead or unconscious. It was so clear that they did it to separate Haya since they know Saumya is weak and Preeto can easily manipulate her and make her helpless so that Saumya will have no choice than to give in to their condition that if she vanishes from Harman’s life they’ll free him from jail but I’m glad that this time Saumya didn’t give in to them but fought to free Harman herself. Now Preeto and Harak Singh will witness the new Saumya.

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