Shakti: Rubina reacts on Fans’ flak over Harman-Surbhi wedding track

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11 Responses

  1. ammu says:

    We lost our patience and we don’t want surbi with Harman.

  2. Shahed says:

    Warm wishes for your career and life Rubina. But still cannot watch the current track of Shakti. Whatever you say this track was unnecessary. There were zillion ways the story could have evolved for its longevity. This track humiliates the characters and the intelligence of the audience and society. However much we may support you we cannot support this track. Will wait patiently for the track to change and then will resume watching.

  3. Sheila says:

    I hope you’re right Rubina that we the fans won’t be disappointed b’cos we want to see more of Harman and Saumya’s love flourishing and both of them fighting for their love and also Saumya being a strong person and fight for her right in society.

  4. Sree says:

    We have patients to watch the changes of plot .we respect your hardwork. But we are against the jija saali mrg .this is the concept of an ordinary serials .Shakti’s concept is not an ordinary one. So we can’t accept this twist as easy. Not in any serials.marry saali is very bad concept. We are not against Shakti makers we are against this mrg twist.

  5. Zouz says:

    Finally we had a response from the cast! I was just wondering why there werem7n’t any response from either of the main characters regarding the twist and the fans’ criticisms on the ongoing track.

    With all due respect to Rubina whom I love her superb talent as she managed to play her role extremely well which is totally different than her actual character and succeeded to show how Saumya is so weak, helpless and over trusting.. however, in my humble opinion, I should not opt for unprecedented rituals such as jiju-sally marriage, double marriage and triplet pheras for the sake of longevity… I believe any show will go on air for as long as the fans are liking it without so much rough unnecessary twists which could be easily replaced by other more sensible tracks.

    This track has been going for long time and God knows will be going till when…we’ve been patient enough for over a month now… and our rage now just because we feel we’ve reached a point of boredom and frustration of the ongoing track.

    I wonder what other twist should we wait for to bring back our satisfaction in the show? Surbhi’s life has been linked to Harman now…whether or not Surbhi will turn negative against her sister in the future will make no difference coz she is now Harman’s wife…so how will the maker going to deal with this situation???? will Harman divorce her once he knows that she’s been forced to this marriage and be only married to Saumya?? if he does…then what will happen to Surbhi afterwards???? will Abhishek’s family accept her as their Bahu????
    If he doesn’t divorce her, then what will be the future of their marriage??? what about Saumya??? and what about the heir??? Preeto will keep taunting Surbhi for the heir.

    As Shahed said above …unfortunately the current track is not by any means appealing to watch …but will keep checking the updates to decide when to go back to watch the show…

    I think the new twist will be bringing back monster no 3 i.e Varun and empowering the role of monster no 4 i,e Shanno 🙂

  6. For Vivian , Rubina and Haya …. I will be patient !!!

  7. mozhgan says:

    I will patient only for haya

  8. Jayashri purandare says:

    How much patience we can keep? We already fed up with Soumya’s dampness. We can’t watch this serial furthermore with Harman and surbhi.

  9. Lanie says:

    Left the show…Its not Vivian’s or Rubina’s fault. That disgusting 2nd marriage happened and all the spell of HaYa is broken…It was a waste of time to watch this series.Hope Vivian chooses a nicer show next time…This kind of shows dont suit him..

  10. Shama says:

    For the first time, after a very long time, I was enjoying watching this serial, the cute innocent love developing between Harman and Saumaya, despite their many difficulties/issues. Harman always being there for Saumaya and saumaya constantly calling him ‘her Harman’. Then they go and destroy the whole show, ridiculous second wedding! Why would you go and do that?
    This has got nothing to do with being ‘patient. Patient for what? As Zous has said, there is no way that this can be rectified.
    I can’t watch this serial anymore. it has become stupid!
    Rewind back to before this fiasco of a so called ‘marriage’ and will start watching it again.

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