Shakti serial fame Preeto aka Kamya Punjabi hospitalized

Jun 27 , 2017 | | 15 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’s Preeto aka Kamya Punjabi suffers from severe vomiting

Color’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki fame Preeto aka Kamya Punjabi has been recently hospitalized for the complaint of severe vomiting and uneasiness. Kamya Punjabi is a big name in Indian television industry and Kamya is one of the very well known actresses.

Kamya Punjabi is currently seen as Harman’s (Vivian D’Sena) mother, Preeto in popular serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. Kamya plays a negative character in Shakti serial who wants to separate her son Harman from his love, Soumya (Rubina Dilaik), who is a kinner. Kamya has always been in news either for personal or professional reasons. Recently, while Kamya was at her home, she started suffering from severe vomiting and also started feeling dizzy. Kamya’s family got her admitted in the nearby  Gokul Hospital in Kandivali, Mumbai.

The said news has been confirmed by Kamya Punjabi’s daughter. Kamya Punjabi is known as the hardworking actor and before Shakti serial, she was seen in shows like Doli Armanon Ki, Bigg Boss, Parvarrish and Banoo Main Teri Dulhan. Kamya Punjabi was also in news over her breakup with famous Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fame actor Karan Patel. Kamya Punjabi has never hesitated to speak about Karan even after Karan got married to Ankita Bhargava. Kamya Punjabi also was in news for making a film on late friend and actress Pratyusha Banerjee.

The reason of Kamya’s illness is not yet revealed and also Kamya’s current state of health is not yet known. We hope a speedy recovery for Kamya. Stay tuned in for more updates in this regard.

15 thoughts on “Shakti serial fame Preeto aka Kamya Punjabi hospitalized”

  1. Vivian desena a very happy birthday to you,have a blessed year ahead.a friendly advice never again marry a tv reel she is different & real is is different,same applies to actors also.
    marriage was a early decesion for you.
    do not make this mistake again.if your role model is salman khan then learn something from him.he is still right now you just concentrate on your carreer.
    many will try on you now.when you become immense rich your vahbiz will also come her dreams are very high.concentrate on your show.
    now when kamya is hospitalised,this scene could have been shown in the show also.
    were saumya takes care of preeto & take her to hospital inspite raavi & shanoo being at home.
    harak singh & preeto will realise saumyas kindness as a human being.
    next preeto will teach saumya how to be strong to face such people like raavi & shanoo.
    and harak singh teaches harman how to judge people like varun & veeran,maninder,balwinder

  2. totally agree with u san
    want preeto to be positive n accept somya full hearted n realize her mistake in front of harman n somya

  3. now when kamya is hospitalised,this scene could have been shown in the show also. were saumya takes care of preeto & take her to hospital inspite raavi & shanoo being at home. harak singh & preeto will realise saumyas kindness as a human being. next preeto will teach saumya how to be strong to face such people like raavi & shanoo. and harak singh teaches harman how to judge people like varun & veeran,maninder,balwinder

  4. I quite agree with san and neerja garg. yes this is a good and appropriate situation that preeto and harak find out somuya’s kindness and intimacy as a humen. I am sure that if preeto getting sick, raavi and shanno will not take care her but somuya isn’t like their or preeto and harak also should realize that viren, balwinder and varun are betrayer because several times they proceed for harman’s killing.

  5. show some more & more romantic moments between harman & when harman is so possessive for saumya there should be more closeness between them.a clean sweet romance.
    chintu teaching harman how to love his mami.chintu sholud tell him that whenever mami is with me she hugs me,she loves me holding tight,she kiss me.she make me ready by combing my hair,lifting me up in her you also do the same with mami she feels very happy when she do this with me ,so she will be happy with you too.
    show the romantic harman back when he was just married to saumya also has left her hesitant behaviour with him.because she also feels secured under his some moments were he pulls her towards him close.give a kiss were she will just feel like his wife.she hugs him tight with a shy expression.these are things were trp goes high

  6. now what new,harman just slapped saumya she took poison,why makers cannot show love between them yaar.everything is there in this show accept love between harman & saumya.
    and if she has not taken poison then who gave her??and when she had the poison were was harman.
    because after the kinner murder incident he had been over protective for how it happened without his knowing??
    or honeymoon trip got cancelled because of preeto game plan for not letting them go abroad.
    it was true it was harmans dream sequence.
    till the end of this shakti,harman & saumya will never come together as husband & wife.
    they will never be one.this is for sure.

  7. San, I guess we have to understand that Shakti is not the same as other normal drama serials we’ve been watching on tv where there is romance btn two normal human beings, in this case its btn a normal man and a kinner and it’s not that easy for them to have a normal romance so it’s natural for Saumya to hesitate when Harman tries to romance her and I guess makers want us viewers to realise that it’s easier for two normal human beings to romance than a kinner and a normal man so lets be patient and watch what happens because now the track is getting interesting and seeing the precap today means Preeto doesn’t want Harman to leave the country so she is using Maninder to poison Saumya and Harman being the smart one realised it and went to pick Saumya from there and she being so naive and ignorant as she is, she thought her father has started liking her so she was happy but doesn’t realise that they want to kill her. I’m glad Harman raised his hand but didn’t slap her so that Saumya will realise how serious he is. Her being poised means maybe some of the food touched her mouth. Let’s see what happens next week.

  8. sheila this is your point of view,but makers doesnt think like the new promo you will come to know what they are going to show.this has been decided that these two will never get together as makers wont do this.
    this is a separation story were harman & saumya will never come together.
    this promo were it is cleared that they will never get that happiness.finally preeto & harak singh will win.
    now harman has left his hope ,and he has lost saumya also.infact saumya will also realise that she will never be able to live with harman as his wife.

  9. If Preeto and Harak Singh wins then Shakti will end, but I don’t think they will win because it’s about Saumya as a Kinner and kinners in general fights to be accepted in society and Saumya winning will open doors to other kinners to be accepted in society. This serial is to portray the struggle and stigma kinners go through and if Saumya has gotten a husband like Harman to defend her, she should never listen to Preeto and doubt Harman. With all that he has done for her she shouldn’t be that stupid to doubt Harman.

  10. yes of course and absolutely agree with sheila.saumya should have a blind faith on harman.because where saumya is now is only because of harman.if she is alive also that is just because of harman.
    so whatever he does will always be right for her.he loves her more than anything in this world.infact he does not even love his parents more than whether he love with her astitva,her face,or as a human being whatever he just love her & thats all should be for saumya nothing else.
    how can she even trust his useless father & grandmother.on the day surbhis&varun marriage he told her to stay away from her.
    then how can she even believe him disgusting.
    now saumya must understand that she is only for harman.

  11. Exactly San, Saumya shouldn’t be stupid to believe Preeto because her aim is to cause misunderstanding between her and Harman and if she recollect what Harman has done for her, she shouldn’t dare doubt him. She shouldn’t forget that Harman told her not to do any surgery because he loves her and doesn’t care about her identity so she should be wise and not fall on Preeto’s trap. Preeto is doing this to cause a rift between them so that they won’t travel as Harman planning to. I hope Saumya wise up and never believe Preeto. My God Preeto is real evil. Will they be able to travel? I hope so

  12. shakti is getting really very complicated.there is no happiness in this show.preeto is wining by creating
    misunderstanding between both of them now.
    ideally anyone in place of saumya will never believe anyone other than harman.for saumya harman should be her whole world.not a single person stood up for saumya other than her own times surbhi was also against her.but now harman is the only person for her.and if he thinks like that also how does it matters to saumya.he always loved her as a simple,sweet,innocent human being.she must respect his feelings.she must not trust preeto & confront harman.
    if at all she is living in this society with dignity that is just because of harman.and if any such hard times come to saumya harman will always cover her as she is his only 1st & last love.
    show such bonding between them.not this misunderstanding scenes.
    youll had made mistakes earlier by surbhi harman marriage.dont do this mistake again

  13. Exactly San, I agree with you 100%. I thought Saumya herself doesn’t want society to find out about her identity so what is the problem if Harman doesn’t want society to know about her identity. If even Preeto is right and Harman loves her beauty what’s the big deal here, she’s lucky someone loves her unconditionally, other kinners are not that lucky. The important thing Saumya should cherish is that Harman knows she is a kinner but still loves her. She shouldn’t be bothered about other silly things like Preeto’s tricks.

  14. Todays episode were the bonding between them was very nice to see.the way harman hugged saumya & without any hesitation saumya too loved him this confidence of love we wanted to see in between both of them.
    for every situation & misunderstanding created by anyone they both must sort it out in themselves without anybody knowing.
    that will be worth to unconditional love between them were nobody can create dispute.
    may what the situtaion may be.why harman should love her astitva?? he loves saumya thats a sweet,humble,pure,innocent person.and his love is unconditional for her,so inspite questionening him she should appericiate that.

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