Shakti: Soumya avenges Harman by charging money for every action

Aug 11 , 2017 | | 17 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Harman gets drunk and confesses love to Soumya

The upcoming episode of Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring in a major twist in the relationship of Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik). Soumya will be seen in her negative avatar towards Harman as Soumya’s misunderstanding towards Harman will continue to prevail.

Shakti serial has been showing the high voltage track of Soumya’s auction in Bangkok where even on the verge of being sold off Soumya refuses to be with Harman. Finally, Harman bids highest for Soumya and gets her back in India with him. Soumya’s arrival gives a shocker to Preeto (Kamya Punjabi), Harak Singh and the family. Soumya herself remains negative towards Harman and refuses to accept his special gestures or attempts to win her heart. Soumya remains angry towards Harman while Harman changes his attitude towards Soumya and makes her do the housework.

Harman even ties Soumya next to him in the bed in the night. In the upcoming episode of Shakti serial, Soumya will be seen taking revenge on Harman for buying her in the Bangkok auction. In the upcoming episode, Harman will be seen drunk and will force Soumya to sit with her for dinner. Harman will also confess his love to Soumya. However, Soumya will tell Harman that since he has bought her, Soumya’s every action will cost him money. Soumya will demand money for even talking to Harman.

Harman will be left shocked, annoyed and hurt by Soumya’s attitude. Will Soumya’s anger ever get pacified? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

17 thoughts on “Shakti: Soumya avenges Harman by charging money for every action”

  1. Only reason for trp. Next, the story track will move to dhubai. Already, this serial is crossing all the limits and overdose haya’s love war ratios. Surely it will be continue. So i think the best way we will quit the show

  2. There was a kinnar theme in dance plus 3 presented in a very touching and dignified way tonight Shakti has failed there. saumya was not even interested to know how her sister Surbhi was. Her sister who was tortured because of her. She is being shown to be totally self centred. No affection for poor Chintu either. No amount of trauma explains Saumyas actions nor the article on insecurities. Let us see how long the TRP lasts with this childish track made by the creatives who have become creatively barren.

  3. Audience will soon get tired with this Malik Gulam unrealistic war. Is Harman still eating on Harak Singhs shoulder without working and running after the stupid selfish Saumya. They try to teach us about Saumyas love through Preetos dialogues. Really laughable. Even the greatest psychologists will not be able to give a reason for Saumyas behaviour. The only explanation is that her mental age has become 4 and she is behaving like a spoilt child.

  4. I also feel Preeto entering the room with a key and asking Saumya to leave was inserted later after viewers criticised Saumyas decision of selling her body.

  5. If a producer goes to the market in Bangkok to search for the right costume or their husband is spending a long time each day in directing a serial that is not a big deal. They are trying to sell their to show to us the viewers to earn money. So it is a business for them. Similarly if an actor is shooting from morning till night they are getting paid for that. What is the big deal? We the viewers are the customers who are not gaining any money but paying to watch shows for our entertainment and relaxation. It is because of the viewers and the sponsors the producers and actors are surviving. Therefore we have the right to criticise a show if it is full of negativity, crap and illogical and immoral messages.

  6. shahed when we watch unrealistic moves we comment.but the production do not understand.but atleast they themselves can think or not???
    saumya was born & brought up by her mother.she was never ever aware of outside gods grace if born as a kinnar she was married to a person who was as normal as others.but when he came to know her truth initially he hated her but then uski masoom si insaniyat se use pyaar ho gaya aur us insaan se bhi ,use farak hi nahin pada ki woh kinnar hain.unconditional love.
    he never ever expected anything from her accept love.uska pyaar be ihteha badta gaya,saumya uski jindagi bangayi.saumya ko harman ke alava koi itna pyaar nahin karta aur na kar ne dil main kuch socha woh harman jan gaya aur usne use de diya.such relations are jewel of one will ever try to loose it.
    any were in the world he fought for her he care a damn of the world if her indentity is exposed.she should have a blind trust on harman but the attitude of saumya what makers are showing right now is pathetic.
    she has a blind belief on preeto who never ever exsist in her life.preeto herself is a bad luck for singh family.after her marriage a family lost a son.she got a new life with harak singh but harak singhs mother lost his son.preeto lived her life very happily she got a husband like harak singh,who is mad for her with two kids,money power everything.she is just interested in her heir not in her son.being a mother she is not ready to understand her sons feelings.he want to live his life with saumya because she is a simple girl who only loves him & wants to live life with him.inspite being married to surbhi he was never happy nor he was ready to marry mahi.saumya knows that, then to she is spoiling her own life & harmans life just for sake of preeto.she is spoiling harmans life listening to preeto,daily he is drinking,he wants only love from saumya which he is not getting,she herself is getting immense love from harman but she is not ready to accept listening to preeto.what will she do if harman loses his life?? will she live her life in kinnar community with only his memories & her so called astitva.
    what preeto will get?? and saumya what will she get keeping preeto wish.
    atleast show her using her own brains production,getting together living life together & fighting with society for astitva make sense.take care of harman give him a happy life as he has given to saumya.if she had loved harman she could have finded out why harman cried why did he behaved so diffrently,why was he insecured for saumya.
    malika & other kinnar realised love & relations because of harman.the way he loved saumya & always protected her.
    the way he found saumya in bangkok was heart touching.without having food,sleep he just searched for saumya.
    agar harman us raat saumya ko nahin kharid tha, ek kinnar hone ke bavjudh saumya ko us raat kisi aur ke sath sona padta.kya use woh zindagi itni pyaari this ki woh harman ko dekh kar wapas us narak main bikne chali was shocking.aur kis liye sirf preeto ne kaha is buddhi ne apni zindagi ji li aur woh harman ki life kharab kar rahi hain.itna karne ke baad bhi saumya pagalon ki harkat kar rahin hain harman se.she is not ready to listen to him nor talk to him??very strange.apni jaan ki parvah nahin karta,khud bhooka rehta hain,uski life line saumya hain,zindagi ke se jada use pyaar karta hain.uske saath ek khushi se choti si zindagi jina chata hain.bas itna woh saumya use nahin de sakti.
    but apne aap ko bech kar doosre ke sath so sakti hain very strange.aree fight with preeto & give a better life for harman he will give your indentity your astitva back with respect which he always does.
    agar woh preeto ki sun rahi hain toh kit no ki zindagi barbad kar rahi hain.sabse pehle apni phir harman,surbhi,chintu,nani,malika aur baki kinnaron ka.
    cant trust these production they can turn positive character negative just for preeto character to be they spolied saumya character to show the lead character preeto & harak singh.they might turn harman negative.

    1. Yes the makers are showing Saumya trusts, respects and loves Preeto more than she loves Harman. She lives to satisfy Preeto and obeys her commands like a slave regardless of whether she is destroying Harman or Surbhis lives, people who love her and have sacrificed for her.

  7. Harman ke jaise pyaar karne wala shayad hi kisko milta hain. Harman Ka pyaar itni had Tak hain ki woh apne Aap Ko belt Se Marne laga jab Tak khoon nahin nikla.saumya ke liye goli khane ko tyaar hain.aur kya baki hain yaar. Saas bhi Le raha hain Toh uske liye.aisa pyaar saumya ko nahin dikh raha hain ya dekh kar bhi andekha kar rahi hain. Too much just for preeto.
    Saumya ke jagah Koi aur ladki hoti Toh sirf Harman ke liye jeeti chahe kuch bhi Ho jaye.use palkon pe bitha ke rakhti. Forget it feels very hurted for Harman. He deserves his love but????

  8. Logically here harman must be angry with saumya for not listening to him & just left him & went to bangkok & got trapped in prostitution case.and misunderstanding him.
    she should be shown convincing & apologising him & harman must take full advantage of it were his gulaboo is expressing her love to him.he must make her so desparate that she confess her love to him that to in a mesmerising way in their bedroom both spending quality time.
    but this will never happen .

    1. This will not happen simply because the makers don’t want to show intense romance between Haya. They are conservative.

  9. shahed you were right.actually we both catch the makers team very well.might be a good sense.
    they have made harman a villian now.wah wah aaj ek dum se saumya tragedy queen ban gayi.harman pagalon ke tarah use ke piche bagkok chala gaya use wapas lene,aur jab woh itne bade mushkil main pad gayi aur harman jab use din raat dhond raha tha aur woh samne aayi tab woh khud apne aap ko bechne chali gayi.
    and now she is telling that dialogue to nani that kinnar onko becha jata hain.she herself had sold her,and when he saved her she was not ready to come back & wanted that prostitution life.these kinnars will remain kinnars only.
    a live example is there in front of us.when that stupid malika pretend that she is a mother to saumya,she should be ashamed of herself.she is very well aware that saumya is in a misunderstanding with harman & try to resolve it,nimmi will never forgive malika for that.for saumya she always wanted a normal life as everyone has and by gods grace harman was the person which god fullfilled as nimmi wish.and malika herself is the proof of their love,harman is the only one person who loves,protect,respect & is the whole world for saumya.inspite she turned and shook hands with preeto.very disgusting & foolishness.what life malika will give to saumya ?to stay in a kinnar community,begging & dancing around?or she will take her to other country & be a maid herself & saumya also?malika is crossing her age how she will protect saumya & from people who will never come to know that she is a kinnar?she might be kidnapped,raped or made in prostitution business again how she is going to save her.did she think of it,when she is joining hands with preeto.if she really think that she is a mother to saumya & she will keep her promise to nimmi she must use her brains & tell harman that preeto is planning the same way as she did earlier.she must tell harman that saumya is not safe inside his house only.his family members with mastermind mother preeto are not ready to accept saumya in his life.
    harman & saumya both together must fight with the society.but these foolish makers dont understand.
    and still shocked the way preeto plays with his son.really makers just want to show preeto the lead of the show.with his mad husband harak & other family members.
    preeto is having everything .if she wants harrman out for sometime to misplace saumya she do it in a minute,after showing harman so smart makers turn him dumb,he went very easily.she have all kinds of medicine as chakar ane ka,health kharab hone ka,every every damn thing.
    now might be that dumb saumya will tell malika that this time i will repay the money 20 lks by serving him in his house & then return to kinnar community. that foolish saumya doesnt want a good life with harman.she wants the life to be in kinnar community.she doesnt want his love but wants to full fill that bloddy preeto wish were she is spoiling the life of harman or might she will loose him.
    forget it yaar it is too much to digest.

  10. and chintu is such a darling.what a child he is.he is the only one who deserves to be harman & saumyas son.their heir of the family.a sweet family.
    preeto is a disgusting woman ,she never respects elder even.the way she behaves with nani.what respect she will give to others.she calls her buddhiya.may god this preeto bluddyyyyyyyyy
    but makers favourite lead character who always wins.this time she is sending saumya dubai.harman ke nak ke niche se woh sab kam kar gujarti hain,or use till date tak pata nahin hota uski maa kya kya galat kam karti hain aur kaise logon ki zindagi barbad karti hain.harman ke bhari bhari dialogue dhari ki dhari reh jati hain.
    bangkok main walking street main is baar usne saumya ko promise kiya ke woh abhi se saumya ko apne aap se kabhi door nahin hone dega.but look at that preeto is back with her action.again to dubai with malika .
    episode will start after two weeks.

  11. harman jab saumya ko le kar gurdaspur chod kar ja raha tha,usne clearly saumya ko bola tha ki uske maa baap galat kar rahe hain aur unko sudharne ka koi matlab nahin.
    but tabhi isi idiot gyan devi saumya ne kaha tha hum unhe badal denge aur unhe samjhayege unke sath rahe kar.
    harman ne bhi preeto ko warn kiya tha agar is baar agar usne koi chal bhi chali toh woh kisiko chode ga nahin,phir woh kaise bhool gaya yeh sab uski maa ka kiya dhara hain.
    aur that idiot saumya sab bhool gayi preeto ne kya kya galat nahin kiya aur harman saumya ko nayi zindagi dene ke liye zamin pe soya,bhooka raha,kya khatarnak stunt kiya sirf saumya ke liye.uske sab sacrifice se baddi thi saumya ke liye harman ka mana karna uske indentity ko bahar lana.ek baar bhi woh yeh nahin soch sakti ki akhir harman ne kyon inkar kiya.
    uske pehle harman hi woh insaan tha jo duniya ko chik chik ke kehna chahta tha aur saumya nahin chahti thi ki kinnnar hone ki baat bahar nahin ayae.very strange of the makers just for preeto lead character they spoiled each an every track of the story.all bull shit scenes of preeto in front of saumya for not letting harman leave the state.
    why harman is dumb yaar.why cant he directly ask chintu what all happened with saumya in his absence.and why cant he himself find out about preeto at her back as she harman was listening behind saumya & nani talk.then why cant he do the same with preeto.he must stop talking to her.he knows that if he still behaves childish he will again loose saumya because of preeto.he needs to take some big step against preeto.
    if that day if he would have left the city with saumya he would have been happy.but he lost his bonding & love with saumya itself because of preeto.together they fought with the society,but preeto won in separating them.harman is a fool.
    acha khasa gadha ban gaya apne maa ke khel main.

  12. I don’t think Harman is a fool because if even he suspects his family of doing anything bad to Saumya he doesn’t have the prove and those who are witness to this evil deeds are not telling him. I think the reason why Chintu didn’t tell Harman about his mother and Shanno pushing Saumya at the balcony is because he doesn’t want to expose his mother since at the end of the day Raavi is still his mother. The same goes to Saumya and Surbhi, they won’t tell Harman anything because they don’t want to be the reason for enmity in the family so they’ll prefer to endure all the torture the family gives them.

  13. The only way that Harman and Saumya will be happy together is for Saumya to realise her mistake and apologise to Harman and for them to leave that house because as long as they stay there, Preeto will never let them be happy. Saumya should also trust in Harman’s unconditional love for her and forget about what people think about her identity. As long as Harman has accepted her identity, others opinion doesn’t count, she should at least be happy for once in her life. She has been unhappy since childhood, she deserves some happiness.

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