Shakti: Soumya trapped in Prostitution Racket in Bangkok, Harman to save

Jul 20 , 2017 | | 34 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Soumya goes to Bangkok and gets trapped in Prostitution racket

The upcoming episode of Colors’ popular serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will have a new massive twist as Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) will go to Bangkok and will find herself trapped in the International Prostitution Racket. Shakti serial has taken a major turn as far as the story of Shakti serial is concerned.

The ardent viewers of Shakti serial have seen Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) filling up Soumya’s mind with negativity against Harman (Vivian D’Sena). Soumya falls prey for Preeto’s trap and leaves Harman to find her astitva as Kinner Tarana. Soumya pays no heed to Harman’s attempts to get her back from kinner life. In fact, Soumya adopts kinner ways and tries to get dissolved in the world of Transgenders. Seeing Harman’s love for Soumya, other kinners try to unite Harman and Soumya, however, Soumya remains adamant and runs away from Harman.

Soumya turns a maid to keep away from Harman and from there comes in touch with another kinner played by Anand Goradia. This new kinner will take advantage of Soumya’s lack of world experience and will send her to Bangkok. Soumya will easily get trapped as she wants to be away from Harman and hence will go to Bangkok. However, soon Soumya realize that she is trouble as she will get roped into Internation Prostitution Racket. The other kinners will inform this to Harman and while Soumya would be getting transported to Pattaya from Bangkok, Harman will reach there and save Soumya.

Harman will successfully and safely get Soumya back to India. Will Soumya realize Harman’s real love or will she still remain adamant to be away from Harman? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

34 thoughts on “Shakti: Soumya trapped in Prostitution Racket in Bangkok, Harman to save”

  1. Serves Saumya right. Harman should leave her in the kinnar world so that she can keep on doing those repetitive eye and lip expressions with her hand on her waist with her mime make up.

  2. Everyone is aware practically about the prostitution rackets and all.
    But shakti makers must not have shown this on daily soap which was a love story.
    It has become very dirty now.
    What to comment on this. Feels very ashamed. If they bring this back to love story track as before it will be clean to see.
    That makers will realize it slowly.

  3. Saumya ne Harman ko kahan lakar khada kar diya.
    Kahan woh Harman ki biwi bankar apne dignity ke sath thi.aaj uske astitva ne use zaleel kar ke rakh diya.
    How is she going to face Harman now??? Still she will demand from him her astitva to going back with him???as per production team yes because they have decided for negative saumya.
    Logically she should not.but makers don’t do logically. God save this

  4. It serves her right, Saumya should face this problem so that she’ll realise how stupid she has been to Harman. As usual Harman will save her and I hope she’ll apologise once and for all and go back to him. I’m fedup with her attitude.

  5. makers are not all doing the right thing.they have turned malika also negative.everyday episode saumya is been shown negative day by day.her character is been potrayed very negative.
    preeto ki jaisi maa is duniya main kisiko nahin milni chaiye.woh jeetne ke liye apne bache ka balidaan bhi de sakti haiin.usko jeevan main jeetna hi mayne rakhta hain.
    itna paisa spend karke shakti ki team nonsense track lekar international ja raha hain.
    ek hi suggestion is team ko dena hain,expect toh kiya tha harman aur saumya kuch quality time spend kare ek doosre ke sath jab harman ne passport ready kiya tha dono ka.
    stiill expect kar rahe hain harman saumya ko bachane ke baad atleast no dream sequence but realiity main dikhao do no ka bahut close quality time spend karna.jahan saumya apne pyaar ka izhar karti hain harman se aur use kehti hain ke duniya main ab use harman ke alava kuch bhi nahin chaiye.aur woh use apne se kabhi door na kare aur uske gale lag jati hain,aur do no ek doosre main kho jate hain aur night spend karte hain.saumya apna hesitation bhool jati hain,kyonki woh international racket main bahut insecure feel karti hain harman ke bina aur jab woh use milta hain woh bas uski bahoon main rehna chahti hain.woh bahut dar jati hain us incident ke baad.
    atleast internationally romantic secenes beautiful location main ho sakte hain jo india main nahin milega.atleast itna spend kiya hain toh pyaar ke liye karo yaar naki negativity ke liye.
    internationally woh harman ke saath itna waqt bitayae ki cheek cheek kar kahe woh harman se pyaar karti hain.harman ne jo itne time se saumya se pyaar ka izhar caha tha woh saumya ka jawab dekh kar bas saumya ko sathve asman main rakhe.aur woh use itna pyaar aur pamper kare ke do no ek doosre ke liye jite ho.
    show the ordians love and love yaar.

  6. If Saumya is forced into prostitution and imprisoned will she give Kasam to Harman not to come and save her i.e. She would rather be a prostitute and remain in a foreign jail, away from her beloved Surbhi and Nani to teach Harman a lesson and to avenge him. Fine. It is her karma. She can rot in that hell. I have no sympathy. I would just like Harman to give up on her even if that means Preeto wins. Because at least Harman will find peace away from this brainless stubborn arrogant person. Saumya is tormenting him mercilessly without a good reason. Now Mallika has become negative again and is joining hands with Preeto to separate Haya. I don’t think I will ever be able to like the Saumya character again or accept her. She has made mistakes and tormented Harman too many times now. Forcing him to marry Surbhi and announcing their relationship in public, being Preetos puppet and now this. Misbehaving with Chintu was the last straw. The producers have torn the Saumya character into bits. It seems they have absolutely no love for this character. Kinnars don’t only do prostitutions or dance on the road or work as maids. They are doing much better now. But the serial Shakti, its production house and Colors channel are determined to show kinnars in this light only.

  7. Makers need to watch laxmi narayan thripaty. She is a kinar married to a man. Having gained education degree.
    Why don’t they show saumya being respected wife of Harman.enlightening educating other kinnar with help of Harman.instead bull shit is been shown, herself after getting a good life from her mother and loving husband Harman she is dancing around, going to houses for begging. And now prostitution case. Disgusting mentally retarded woman. These all things are created by hopeless production team showing the characters as negative. And shown Harman as dumb. He is not aware about malika preeto varun everyone is planning behind him.
    Makers are Not ready to show saumya positive and changing her attitude toward Harman and realizing her mistake & confessing her love to him.

  8. Exactly San, there’s one thing I don’t understand, how can a kinner be a prostitute, is it possible? I need an answer.

  9. Yes prostitution in kinnars is quite common. They are badly exploited. You can google and you will find many articles about that. My relatives have witnessed one such event firsthand. How they do it I don’t think can be discussed in a public forum. But again these articles will inform you. Moreover an intersex woman can have a physical relationship and also be corrected with surgery. This is also common. They may be able to give give birth with hormone treated started at their young age or through surrogacy.

  10. I have to say I had high expectations from Rashmi Sharma after watching Pink and when she introduced this concept in Indian serial. I applauded her. But she has let us down very badly. Could not handle this concept creatively. If Saumya is an intersex woman she does not need Harman get married to her sister. I have said this before. Why did Harman and Surbhi not try to find out what is Saumyas actual physical condition and how she can be helped? Whilst fighting with society they could have educated the kinnars. But instead of uplifting and inspiring the kinnars and giving them hope Saumya is ruining all their hopes and turning into a beggar, street dancer, and now a prostitute. The message Saumya is passing on is that there is no place of kinnars in society. So all her mothers, Surbhis and Harmans hard work have gone in vain. They have made mistakes but their intentions were good. Saumya could have used that to her advantage but the narrow minded writers turned her into darkness. People like me are therefore not enjoying this. It is not about the intensity of a love story and the excitement of a misunderstanding that make a serial watchable. I understand serial is for entertainment and is not a documentary and there will be melodrama exaggerations etc. Romance, love, one being angry with the other are enjoyed by viewers and therefore should be used as ingredients. But we are not fools. Shakti as a concept will not have mass appeal. It will only appeal to certain sector of the audience. Pl respect them if you want continuous viewership.

  11. exactly shahed .inspite of ordians suggestions these narrow minded writers don’t understand.saumya is a legal wife of harman.
    when he use to come closer to her she use to hesitate.
    and now she is ready for prostitution that means she is ready to sleep with customers who are strangers.this is what dirty shit things will be shown to the viewers from bangkok.for this disgusting crap they are spending internationally.
    this is what production,writers,&rashmi sharma is going to define what saumya wanted her astitva to be exposed by harman.
    my god too much to digest.dont understand why saumya’s character is been ruined so much & forcefully shown her so negative.they started a clean relationship between saumya & harman,a clean love,understanding,respect,caring for each other living & dieing for each other then why suddenly saumyas character is been shown totally opposite.which cannot be logically.
    we can only suggest you to bring them both to track.they cannot be separated.let her realize her mistake & confess her love to him & let harman come to know about his mother again and let him take a major step against her to teach her a lesson.
    she deserves that.

  12. actually watching old episodes are relaxing of harman & saumya.their innocence love.spending time with each other.harman only surviving for was good.

    1. I was also watching some old clips. They are beautiful. The producers have ruined it. It is important for the characters of a serial to be loved. Even love to hate. But apart from Harman and now Chintu no one can be loved or liked or love to hate.

  13. One good thing tonight real kinnars were brought in saregamapa lil champs prog in Zee TV. If that Shaktis influence I am happy.

  14. why cant they show a clean show yaar.the character saumya was very sweet,lovable,beautiful,innocent,out of the world.
    and her prince harman same adorable as saumya character.why production has spoilt the show yaar.
    show some respectable epsiodes yaar.saumya must confess her intense love to harman.she knows harman that he only live for her & die for her .saumya after coming back with harman must do some good job for kinnar.with harman help. she must motivate malika and other kinnar to do some respectfull job as joining NGO’S to help orphan children.
    open small shops in gurdaspur & start working.
    expecting but production team has lost their mind.

  15. Disappointed with production team for portraying saumya character so negative.
    The photos shown in sights of saumya with kinnar looks & and pretending herself as guruma of prostitution gang.
    Disgusting she has lost it. Her mother sacrifice & Harman sacrifice and love she has disrespected them very badly. These are done by production team. They are changing saumya character very badly. The lead role is been losing its dignity and show as well.we always wanted this show to be clean instead this kinnar track. But ultimately the level of the show is been humiliated.
    It feels very ashamed to see saumya in such looks.

  16. shakti production team should be given a padmashree.vow what writers & production team they have.
    The super hero of the show shakti preeto (kamya punjabi) harman mother give the passport to malika and harman is not aware.
    passport was done by harman & he himself cannot guess how saumya passport is missing from his house & she went to bangkok.he knows his mother very well but he is not the lead hero of the show shakti so how can he be shown smart enough to guess.
    janta darti hain kinnar se kyonki woh logo ko jabardasti haath lagate hain,sar par hath rakhte isiliye log hich kichate hain kinnar kahin nahin hota woh shakti main hota hain.great good going.
    is show main ek hi character thi jismain daring tha woh nimmi saumya ki maa.jisne apni beti ko mahakali ki tarah raksha kiya.apne pati maninder se,malika se infact sab se.jab tak sauyma nimmi ke pas thi koi bhi use haath bhi nahin laga paya tha.aur malika ko jitna strong dikhaya tha aaj woh hi malika loose character ho gayi hain.
    woh preeto ke sath hath milakar saumya ki zindagi barbad kar rahi hain.she knows very well saumya is so beautiful,simple,bholi aur duniya dari kuch nahin janti woh use doosre desh anjan desh main bhej rahi hain jidar uske saath bure se bhi bura ho sakta hain.aur use wahan bachane wala bhi koi nahin.
    she is very well aware aaj ke din main aur is zindagi main harman ke alava saumya ka koi savior nahin.
    saumya agar respectfully ji sakti hain toh woh sirf harman ke saath.aur woh use use hi door bhej rahin hain.harman aur saumya ke shaadi ke baad agar jitni bar saumya harman se door hui hain toh woh sirf preeto the super hero of the show kamya punjabi.aur yeh harman ko pata hain phir kyon harman is been show dumb.
    and other kinners have lost it or what ,cant they see malika is doing wrong & taking wrong decesion for harman & saumya.
    she must try to make them together inspite raising misunderstanding more.
    what a indigenous makers,writer & production team.
    and what a character is preeto by god,what a woman,she does not deserve to be a human being.and saumya is shown so dumb & foolish.she is very well aware that preeto is been master plan for every misunderstanding between harman & saumya then to she doesnt trust harman????? what makers thought.
    if a sensible writers would have been there they would have shown a power pack track.
    harman must give left & right to malika & make her realise her mistake what she has done by sending saumya far from him
    and harman must give leaft & right to saumya also that for her what harman baar toh harman ne saumya ko khich ke thapad laga dena chaiye ki uske is pagal pan ne dono ko kahan musibat main lakar khada kar diya.aur harman ke ek jhapad se saumya ki akal thikane aaj jani chaiye.aur pure bangkok main saumya harman ke ghuse ko shant kar ne ke liye manane ke 100 tarike dhoon ne chaiye.
    last but not the least preeto,this time harman warning for preeto must be extra ordinary.and he must stay away from preeto.but god writers & team of shakti can never expect sensible story line.stop this kinnar & prositution drama.what a shit it is

  17. Disgusting disgusting episode. Saumyas character has not only been spoilt by making her negative , but all kinnars have now become negative. This is what Rashmi Sharma and Colors want to portray. Negativity, negativity and negativity. As I said before some of my relatives had witnessed the murder of a man by a kinnar. The kinnar used to come every night to spend the night with that man. Then something unknown happened which led to the murder. So exploitation of kinnars do happen. But this is too much. I have no hope anymore for Shakti. I think the Bangkok episode will be wasted because of the narrow minded old fashioned mindset of the makers.

  18. So far Saumya has emotionally blackmailed Harman by giving Kasams and not she has become destructive. We don’t want to see a lead character who is weak misguided indignified illogical imbecile and destructive. There is nothing to love in Saumya anymore apart from her so called beauty that she thinks she has. And Saya has become horrible again. Is Saya an imbecile or greedy? The makers have made it so that people will hate Saumya and Preeto equally.

  19. Saumya has become tough and strong in front of Harman but she’s still weak when it comes to Preeto who is rather the one who is causing so much trouble in her life. Preeto brought the passport that Harman made to Saumya to leave the country, does she think by doing that Harman will just sit down and not do anything. She separated Aditya from Harman and Saumya and she thinks she’ll succeed again by sending Saumya abroad. This time she’ll have the shock of her life that Harman will bring Saumya home.

  20. production will never make saumya positive.they have decided to show her negative now.preeto kamya punjabi is the lead hero of the show shakti.
    harman character will just go on like that.he will never come to know this was planned by preeto because as per production team preeto is the lead role.
    so saumya has to be shown negative towards harman,she will never come back to him now.she will never realise his love & her mistake.she will never confess her love to harman.
    this is decided by production team.

  21. Both Saumya and Saya are heartless. Unlike Mahakali Saumya is being nice to everyone but is killing her priceless husband day by day. Tonight whatever little feeling I had for the Saumya character has gone. I don’t want Harman to be able to find Saumya. Instead if he finds someone else in Bangkok who unlike a Saumya deserves his love I will be happy. Or following serial formula let Harman meet with an accident and forget Saumya forever. Let Saumya revel in her prostitution trade because that is what she deserves.

  22. The character Saumya did not even shed a single tear for her sister or Nani. She smiled and took off. She is an arrogant egoistic person who thinks she is very beautiful with no care for all the people who have sacrificed so much for her including Surbhi.

  23. I have never been a passionate Haya fan. I liked the Jodi. Had the story been written differently with love between Haya but them not a couple, I would not have minded. I never hated Surbhi or Roshni. I hated the trio marriage track. I liked some aspects of Surbhis character and never thought it was a useless one. But I now passionately dislike Saumya, more so than Preeto.

  24. The makers had a stellar cast and concept. What I was looking for was a good logical connected storyline that would flow, move us, excite us, grip us and good execution. I rate Shakti makers -1 out of 10.

  25. From the beginning of the series up till now, the person who has shown so much love is Harman, I’m still not sure if Saumya genuinely loves Harman because her attitude makes me doubt her love for Harman. The way despite all that Harman has done for her, she still watch him suffer like this, makes me wonder what kind of love she has for Harman. She is being very cold and heartless towards him and she claims she loves him and will love him forever, what a liar. I wish Harman will forget about her and his family and live faraway from everyone, find someone who deserves his love, marry again and start a family with that person and live a happy life because he is suffering too much and I can’t stand it. Saumya should go to hell for all I care, I hate her now.

  26. good news guys as we said the story is moving the same way.atlast surbhi woke up & came to his prince charming harman.
    harman & surbhis marriage begins.poor fellow harman is not in his senses.
    the lead role hero preeto has gifted her childhood mate malika a saree for harman & surbhis wedding.saumya has got a promotion and she is the head of international kinnar & prostetution group.
    she has got her astitva and international name.kinnar are also having a dance practise for harman & surbhi haldi & mehendi.
    preeto & harak singh are getting ready for their waris.
    and there will be a entry of tarana international kinnar & prostetute to give blessings for harman & surbhi baby.
    invited by preeto.
    saumya urf tarana turned in to a negative role.good going production team.what a intelligent show.
    in this society kinnar will remain kinnar only.
    a message from shakti show to the viewers after giving respect,love,relation,caring what harman gave to saumya (tarana)these kinnar will never understand these gestures.they show their colors.
    “three cheers to shakti” hip hip hurray.

  27. So Saumya was shown not to be able to read English. How did she manage to exit through immigration etc in Bangkok airport? Did she receive unlimited Thai visa? Then the crocodile tears of Mallika Di. Who cares for her? And as predicted sleeping beauty has come to Prince Charming. So there is a possibility of love triangle starting again. The makers so love the love triangle track that they want to insert it by any means. That is why they made Saumya negative. Even if love triangle happens again this time I don’t care.

  28. superb scene will be fun to see “jab saumya ke saath pehle hua tha,jab ek arab saumya ki kimat laga kar use le jaraha tha apni keep bana ke.aur use arab ko dikhate samay uska duppatta hata ya gaya waqt use darr mehsoos hua tha.aur jab harman use bachane aya woh use gale lag gayi thi darr ke mare.
    same will happen with her this time but internationally, for which shakti is sending so much money shooting abroad.but this time surbhi is not there with her nor harman.
    malika pe bharosa karke saumya abroad gayi hain,so makers will show it that she deserves that.and she will turn into prostitute as international kinnar.
    never thought shakti will be so disgusting show.

  29. shakti production cast has lost their senses.they have made the mokery of womans dignity on daily soap.
    ek ladki ,aurat,ya phir ladki jaise dikhane wali kinnar ka ek hi sapna hota hain,ki ek time pe uski acche se shadi ho jaye, ek perfect ladke se (jaise ki harman character jaisa) jo apni wife ko respectful jindagi de aur use bahut pyaar kare.
    but shakti production team jabardasti apne marzi se dikha rahi hain ke ladki yeh zindagi jhod kar ke prostitution wali zindagi chahti hain.its not true.they are playing with emotions of a woman.
    how much hurted she feels when she is been brought to stage for sale.these people have no womans in their house to tell them.what disgusting episode shakti is showing.they should be ashamed of themselves.
    then what symathy or feelings they will understand when an woman is been raped,molested.

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