Shakti Spoiler: Harman saves Soumya from a big trouble in Bangkok

Jul 19 , 2017 | | 20 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Soumya lands in huge trouble in Bangkok, away from Harman

Colors’ popular serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is showing high voltage drama in the ongoing story line that revolves around Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik). A huge misunderstanding has separated Harman and Soumya while Harman’s mother Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) is very happy with the outcome.

Harman’s family, especially Preeto and Harak Singh want Soumya to be out of Harman’s life forever and hence have been striving and plotting for the same. Preeto fills Soumya’s mind with negativity against Harman as she tells Soumya that Harman only loves Soumya’s outer beauty. Harman would never accept Soumya as a kinner. Soumya confronts Harman and Harman’s silence breaks her apart. Soumya fails to realize that Harman wants to keep her safe and protected and hence is hiding that she is kinner.

Soumya leaves Harman, goes to live in Saya’s kinner house where she turns kinner Tarana. Soumya starts behaving like kinners and tries to adopt their ways. Harman gets furious and tries to get Soumya back in his life. Harman leaves no stone unturned yet Soumya chooses to stay away from Harman. Even the kinners of the kinner house try to unite Harman and Soumya, but Soumya will remain adamant. Soumya will get away from Harman and will take Saya’s help to go to Bangkok.

However, Soumya will fall in a big trouble in Bangkok and will find herself helpless. Apparently, Harman will turn up in Bangkok to rescue Soumya. Will Soumya realize Harman’s true love for her? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

20 thoughts on “Shakti Spoiler: Harman saves Soumya from a big trouble in Bangkok”

  1. after saving saumya what she will understand his love.and why cant the makers expose preeto in front of harman.why she is been saved????????

  2. Why should Harman spend all his life and time saving Saumya from situations that have been created by her idiotness? Another silly plot by the makers probably. As silly as the plot I have written and repeat below;

    New track of Shakti
    Sleeping beauty Surbhi wakes up. She sees Prince Charming Harman standing near her bed looking very sad and lost. Harman tells her about Tarana. Surbhi consoles Harman, pours her love on him. Gradually over time as Tarana builds her name as an entertainer in Bangkok, Harman falls in love with Surbhi. Finally Harman rescues Surbhi from the demon named Varun and takes her with him to the kingdom of Queen Preeto. Queen Preeto is ecstatic with joy. She gets Sleeping beauty Surbhi married to Prince Charming Harman. They produce 10 waaris in 10 years. As Tarana kinnar gets famous for her entertainment shows in Thailand prince Harman lives happily ever after with princess Surbhi with his 10 children in Preeto kingdom. They have so much money that don’t need to work or send their children to school for education. They eat pani puri, pulao and paratha all day and play carrom. The kinnars all lose hope after watching Saumyas transformation into the cruel mean entertainer Tarana and they all commit suicude. The world is now free from kinnars. And Shakti which is now renamed as Extinction of kinnars by Tarana ends on its 350th episode and goes off air.

    This is how silly Shakti’s tracks have been since January.

  3. makers are mad spoiling the characters of lead roles as saumya.makers are not ready to show people who are negative to be preeto & family.
    jaise woh shanoo tarana se keh rahin hain bache ko dua dene ke liye,areee jis ke wajah se woh bacha is duniya main aya us maan ko rati bhar ki kadar nahin hain us tarana ki.aur woh preeto woh aurat toh kabhi nahin sudhar sakti.
    inspite being so planing & plotted woman she is clean in front of his son.
    aree track should be were they show us making preeto & family realise their inhuman behaviour with saumya.
    aur nonsense yeh dikha rahe hain harman aur saumya suffer karte hue.they both are sufferring they are parting apart.
    agar saumya aur harman sath laut aate hain toh kya fayda.preeto phir se koi nayi chal jalegi un ko alag karne ke liye.
    because makers lead role is kamya punjabi preeto.
    if makers show a strong bonding & intense love between saumya & harmman after coming back that will be interesting to watch.infact saumya’s love shower on harman must be so much that everyone must be shocked to see it.
    the way harman was possessive for saumya now it must be visa versa saumya must be possessive for harman.she must not allow preeto to come close to harman.
    preeto ko saumya ne respect diya apni maa samaj kar.aur maa bete ke pyaar ke beech nahin ana chahti thi.par ab ssaumya ne preeto ko attitude dikhana chaiye ke harman sirf us ke liye jeeta hain.
    now we want to see saumyas love,possessivness for harman and he is just under saumyas love.
    if in bangkok harman saves saumya & she confess her love to him,show some extraordinary love scenes.
    saumya jorse harman ke gale lag jaye aur kahe ke woh harman se door nahin jana chahti hain.harman use apne bahon main sabse chupa kar rakhe.aur use harman ki biwi ke alawah aur kuch bhi nahin chaiye.use sirf harman ka pyaar chaiye.aur aaj ke bad agar woh harman se dur jayegi to maut aane par woh bhi use kandhe par.
    makers also show some scenes were they bioth are spending quality,romantic time in bangkok after harman rescuing dream sequence please.and both coming very close to each other.
    some special moments between them in their bedroom.
    once when she was kidnapped by arab she felt that insecurity when they touched her,the same she faced in bangkok.
    toh ab saumya ko harman ke bahon ki security mehsoos karvani chaiye.toh woh ab apne apko harman ke havale kar deti hain.and they deserve a kiss too.after coming back they must stay different
    but makers will never happen this.they have spoiled everything by this track which will never be streamlined.
    so no point in dreaming.

  4. Actually wrote a dream sequence for shakti. But it won’t happen. Because the makers have set everything.
    Saumya will never come back in Harman life. Preeto said her that you be in your astitva life and let Harman be in his family life.saumya looked back and went to her flash back for the last time.
    Preeto is the hero of the show. Aur hero kabhi nahin harta hain. So saumya lost Harman and went permanently to her kinar world. And Harman life track is set by preeto.
    Akhir usne Harman ko pida Kiya hain. Toh preeto Ka Yeh karz Harman ko utarna hoga.
    Aur preeto apna Yeh karz lekar rahegi
    Preeto jab dono main kabhi bhi misunderstanding karva sakti hain Toh woh kabhi in dono ko ek hone nahin dengi.
    So saumya has changed now.
    If she wants also they will never come together.its been decided by the makers
    Of separation of saumya ‘?&?Harman,
    So no point in telling them.

  5. I think the only way Saumya will stop behaving stupidly and finally accept Harman is when a tragedy happens and Harman is fighting for his life after saving Saumya in Bangkok. That’s when she’ll realise that if she cares for Harman’s life she should never leave him and stay with him forever.

  6. Thanks for your compliment Shahed, it seems tragedy is the only way Saumya will accept to stay with Harman, when she sees that Harman is in the verge of death, she’ll come to her senses. In today’s episode what Preeto told her will make matters worse, she’ll now be determine to stay away from Harman and I’m sure that’s what made her decide to leave for Bangkok but I’m glad Harman will follow her and the experience she’ll get in that strange country will make her realise her mistakes and stay with Harman but I’d wish that shakti producers will let her apologise to Harman for all the pain she has caused him.

  7. But any such ways shakti makers will never unite saumya & harman now.because they just want to run their show.when trp falls they will unite them for 2 to 3 days & again back to square one when trp raises.and again they will start with the kinnar saumya is for a picnic for some time she goes to kinnar house with malika & then for some time she will come back to harman & again she goes for some time to kinnar world & again back.its just coming & going & coming this will story ki toh aisi ki taisi kar di hain is show ne.ek baar harman use wahan se bacha ke le aaya toh dubara yeh track internationally dikhane main kya sense banta hain????or again they will show preeto harman ko majboor karde dubara shadi karne ke liye.kya yaar khatam karo “harman & saumya are husband & wife and stick to that.varun ki kya story hain?? he talks about his mother that preeto & harak ne uski mother ke sath bura kiya tha.instead he should help harman to make saumya & harman together so that he can hurt preeto & harak who has hurt him he is supporting them & taking revenge with harman.what logic yaar.if he unites with harman he will be happy too & he will get surbhi love also.what a stupid man.harman is been shown totally a fool & dumb character.
    his parents are playing with his emotions & he is not aware.too much to digest.and those kinnars including that foolish woman malika instaed of supporting harman they are against her.
    common yaar.its too much

  8. When ever Harman takes a firm and right decesion, saumya over rules it.
    This time he had taken a right decesion of leaving the city,but that foolish woman saumya listened preeto words and said we are wrong and bull shit. Spoiled Harmans & her own life too.everytime preeto plays her game with saumya and starts brain washing her and she gets in to that trap

  9. I’m sorry to say this but Saumya is a big fool. If she really cares for Harman she wouldn’t have listened to Preeto, she would’ve found out the real reason why Harman didn’t announce her identity to the society. She should know Harman by now but she is so dumb that she’ll rather be trapped by Preeto’s manipulations. I feel very sad that Harman has to go through all this pain for this silly incomplete woman. She is luckier among the other kinners and is fooling around. What a pity.

    1. She is luckier than most woman to get a man who loves are unconditionally. He did such dangerous stunts just for her. He could have stayed in his luxurious house and eaten pulaos and parathas. But he chose a hard life for her. But because he said one wrong thing Saumya turned unto a Tarana making disgusting indignified expressions. At least keep your dignity in anger. The misunderstanding that Saumya has with Harman makes no sense even if I put myself in her shoes and empathise with her. There is not even a little reason to support Saumya in this track. The Production team has successfully make the lead character Saumya extremely unpopular. this is for TRPs and perhaps to bring Surbhi in to start their love triangle story again. They are taking the relationship between Harman and Saumya beyond repair.

  10. Production team has spoiled the love story.the misunderstanding shown is illogical.ordians are more clever than the production team.
    the show might catch up interest only if saumya & harman come together,take it in writing
    if they both dont come together the show will loose its trp & forcefully they will need to take it off-air.
    the show is on only because of saumya & harmans love story.
    we need not say to the production team,they are very well aware,let them try & see.

  11. watching old episode of harman & saumya romance on voot feels nice.watching saumya in her originality as nimmis daughter & harmans wife its better to watch rather than watching the nonsense current episode with horrible kinnar look & idiot saumya showing attitude without no reason.
    lost interest in this wants the innocense harmans gulaboo.
    not that international kinnar & the india kinnar.its disgusting guys.and if more crap starts again with love triangle will be most disgusting one.if the clean love story revolves between harman & saumya without dirty sold of kinnar saumya internationally its horrible.
    cut short it to 2 episode.spending so much money shooting internationally then show intense love moments between saumya & harman and more strong love after this incident.

  12. How many times production team has changed the track when it is wrong, this time Also they can do it, but they won’t.
    They can show the misunderstanding is been cleared by saumya and Harman in India. And for change Harman takes saumya for honeymoon to Bangkok.

  13. chintu’s acting was superb.really don’t understand with the production team.why saumya’s character is been shown negative.
    day by day she is been so negative and her acting is pathetic.
    dialogues are completely pathetic.ek normal human being ko bhi sabka pyaar nahin milta.aaj ke zamane main mother teresa ko tak bhi sabka pyaar nahin mila.phir saumya ko sab ka pyaar kahan se milega???
    chintu,surbhi,nimmi,nanni aur sabse badkar harman jo pure duniya ke barbar hain kya itna pyaar kafi nahin.
    aur preeto & family jaise logon ka pyaar ki kya jarorat hain???makers are showing foolishness.kya harman ke chere se use pata nahin chalta ke woh insaan pagalon ki tarah use pyaar karta hain.
    koi bhi ladki apne aap ko harman ke liye qurban karde.harman use itna pyaar karta hain ki woh khana,pina toh door ki baat hain usne jina chod diya hain.itne baarish main woh us tent main itni thand main reh raha hain.
    its really a shit.what a lovely life they use to spend yaar.makers spoiled everything because of their lead character preeto kamya punjabi.could have shown their struggle life being no apne sapnon ka ghar bana rahe the woh life achi thi unke liye.make saumya confess her love to harman that too in innocense saumya style.when she cries like a kid with stammering and says that is very sweet & harman also likes her that way too much.
    still it can be continued.make them together and let harman take saumya away from everybody,and make preeto & family search them.
    fans are mad actually still they are waiting for their dream of saumya harman together.which production team will never do it

  14. Tarana uses more make up than the other kinnars and looks like a mime artist, particularly the lips are painted like that of a mime artists. I don’t know why the make up was designed like that. Such heavy mime make up makes Tarana look quite old, a few years older than Harman in fact. The look in her eyes and the expression of her lips looking at Harman with such hatred yet begging the kinnar who hates her not to hate her. Moreover she hurt the innocent small child Chintu. This person has lost all humanity. Looks like an old vindictive woman.

  15. makers are just trying their level best to change the character of saumya from positive to negative.
    full & final they have decided to separate harman & saumya so thats the reason they have to turn saumya character negative from they are trying their each & every tactics for that.
    so ordians will also start hating her & will be easy for them looking in negative role.
    as shahed said the new track of shakti.surbhi getting up & prince charming harman saving her from varun & again harman surbhi marrying each other & giving 10 waris to lead role preeto (kamya punjabi) to win her game & saumya turning to tarana internationally as a high paid prosetute kinnar.
    dirty story line & shit.
    spoiled everything a simple love story between two innocent people harman & saumya turning to a dirty end or start.whatever ????

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