Shakti Spoiler: Harman’s Stunt Man act shocks Preeto & Harak Singh

May 10 , 2017 | | 23 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Harak and Preeto witness Harman’s stunt man act for earning money

The upcoming episode of Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will show a new twist in the tale of Harman (Vivian D’Sena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) as Harman and Soumya are striving to build their life own their own.

The future story of Shakti serial will revolve around Harman and Soumya’s efforts to make money to support each other. It is seen that Harman leaves Harak Singh and Preeto’s house for Soumya. Harak Singh disowns Harman from his property and this makes Harman and Soumya penniless. Harman and Soumya find an old hut which they turn into their home. Harman looks for a work to run the house while Soumya feels guilty of Harman’s condition. Soumya also decides to work to help Harman.

Mallika helps Soumya to get a job as a maid in Harak Singh’s friend’s house. Soumya turns a maid and covers her face to keep her identity hidden. On the other hand, Harman takes up the work of a Stunt Man to earn money. The upcoming episode of Shakti serial will showcase Harman approaching a film unit for work. Harman will be asked to do the role of the stunt man, for which Harman will agree. As per the scene, Harman will be followed by two fierce dogs while Harman will have to run to save his life.

While Harman will manage to complete his stunt successfully, Harak Singh and Preeto will watch Harman secretly. Harman’s act of putting his life in danger for money will shock Harak and Preeto. Harman will be happy to receive money for his stunt. What will be Preeto’s next step to get her son Harman back? Keep reading this space for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories, and spoilers on Shakti serial.

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23 thoughts on “Shakti Spoiler: Harman’s Stunt Man act shocks Preeto & Harak Singh”

  1. why these makers are showing preeto a very emotional woman,which she is not.she is making a plan to kill saumya.other hand the way she still behaves with people.tommorrow coming up were the way she behaves with saya still the same.arrogant & attitude .still she address people as “hat”both harak singh & preeto absolutely does not deserve the respect & love.disgusting humans they are.
    bull shit pathetic to watch them & untolerable.

  2. and such a beautiful baby its was.makers have ended its role also.and no chance of getting it back.harman is not able to stand enough.he is getting no proper house.and preeto & harak are just making harman helpless so that he comes back.
    they are trying to create rifts between saumya & harman,so no scope of getting back the baby.

  3. Did not understand Harmans actions today. No matter how much I love my mother if my mother assisted in torturing and harming a baby and beat up my wife several times I would not keep relationship with that mother. Nothing justifies evil and violence but unfortunately the serial makers are trying to justify Preetos sheer evil nature and cruelty. Sorry I don’t buy that. NOTHING justies evil acts and cruelty.

  4. THIS means if preeto blackmails to harman he might leave saumya & return to his house
    as it is still surbhi is available with newly married get up with a tag of harman singhs wife with mangalsutra,sindoor,chuda bangles in her hand & fully heavy dressing get up.
    if preeto creates misunderstanding between harman & saumya,or might brain wash harman against saumya he might go it is there is no hope of aditya getting back also.the baby role is ended by sending it abroad.
    everytime that mad man harak says “harman hamara khoon hain” and all ??????????
    makers can do anything.saumya might return with saya.
    preeto & harak singh will never change.they are not humans.they dont have humanity in them.
    insaniyat ke naam pe unlogo ne kabhi kisi ke liye kuch nahin kiya.
    unko ekhi ghamand hain ki unke pass bahut paisa hain aur woh paise se sab kuch kharid sakte hain.preeto ko ghamand hain ki usne harak singh ko waris diya hain.agar itna ghamand hain to let her give him one more waris now.
    the way she talks with chintu,saya,saumya,nani,small baby & many more.its pointless.

  5. They need to put more layers into Saumyas character to fetch more TRPs. Rubina Dilaik ruled in Choti Bahu portraying 5 different characters. But she has not been given that scope in Shakti. Her character needs to develop. Working as a maid , then perhaps doing more in terms of work that brings in more human interactions. Her acting around Harmans watch selling was the best scope given to her to act in the last 2 weeks.

  6. I think Saumya is coming around slowly, being a kinner is not easy to open up to romance and now that Preeto is not there to torture her, gradually she’ll relax and open up to romance. I don’t think harman is at fault missing his parents, despite how evil they may be they’re still his parents and he will miss them but he’ll definitely not allow preeto to blackmail him since he knows how much she hates Saumya. San, didn’t you watch the episode where he told his parents that, they have disowned him so he has also disowned them. He also wants to achieve something on his own without getting help from anyone so I don’t think he’ll allow himself to be blackmailed by Preeto. I am sure that the love that Harman and Saumya share is so strong that if even Preeto creates misunderstanding between them, it will be cleared up because they can’t stay away from each other for long and haven’t you realized that when it comes to Saumya, Harman tolerates anything for her sake.

    1. It is not only about romancing but it is her self development and confidence as a person. Most kinnars have been shown to be confident in this show. Yes it will happen slowly I understand but Rubina needs to be given more scope to act and add spice not just in romance.

  7. The graph of Saumyas character has been kept rather flat. Not much variation has been added. I would like to see her stand up for herself sometimes, have more variations. Even the traumas she had faced were not given much screen space. Too much screen space is used to show Preeto emotions. I sometimes switch the channel when that happens. What about Samuya?

  8. coming up for monday was not positive by makers.this should not had happened from harman.saumya is already demotivated by all that she is a kinner & she cannot be a wife for any men.she cannot give that happiness to any men in life.
    preeto had already told earlier to saumya that after some time harman also will want that happiness & he will take that pleasure from some women.
    so if saumya comes to know that harman was with that heroine she will just almost break & get demotivated & let harman go out of her life.she will go to preeto & make harman go back home.
    makers ko yeh nahin dikhana chaiye tha.preeto ko bahut acha muka mil jayega saumya ko dikha ke dene ka ki maine tujhe kaha tha harman tujse thak kar kisiko dhoond lega.
    saumya hides her feelings in front of harman that she loves him a lot & she cannot share him with anybody
    because she is aware that she is a kinner & she cannot be his fully wife.
    so this scene for this show was not right.makers are spoiling the episode nahin hue the ki do no ek dusre ke karib aaye the,par sab pani phir gaya.shit all flop show

    1. I hope it does not happen but this was so unnecessary. Spoilt my mood, particularly after the dream sequence. Do many tracks the maker can use. Why this?

  9. when you watch the recap closely it looks like Harman was drugged by that heroine but I don’t think she’ll succeed in her seduction. If Harman sleeping in the same room with Surbhi he never touched her, I don’t think this woman will succeed because he can’t be seduced that easily especially by a strange woman. Harman’s character in this serial is unique and though he can’t sleep with his wife because of her identity, he can’t cheat on her. That heroine too is a cheap woman, how can she seduce a man she just met, doesn’t she have any respect for herself as a woman?

  10. yes of course harman was drugged agreed.its not his mistake but makers.why this kind of scene.
    it was not necessary or required.
    why spoiling his image in front of those action directors.who never knew harman but he realized that he was doing those dangerous stunts for his love.
    is preeto sees harman this way,or anybody will use against saumya.
    infact malika must see this & she must teach the very good lesson to that heroine.she will understand that harman has been drugged.infact saumya must show her jealous towards that woman & love,worry for harman.because now its purely love story.

    1. Agree it was not necessary. Such petty tracks. Makers pl think beyond petty tracks when you had the courage to pick up such a bold topic. Think big.

  11. U’re all right Saumya must have self confidence in herself and stop being weak, and l aslo don’t like he precap I saw on Friday, it wasn’t necessary. I just hope Harman doesn’t sucumb to it. If Saumya finds out, she’ll feel guilty for not being a full wife to Harman and will go back to pushing him away.

  12. why this kareena matter is not finished yaar.really dissapointing.this period of time when harman & saumya are going through a tough time why this publically humilation of saumya.
    why negativity is wining?give them chance to prove themselves & their immense love.makers are not allowing them too do something just ruining with either preeto,harak,kareena,veeran,ravis fatherin law,that stupid heroine & many more.
    instead makers do other way let harman & saumya leave this city & go somewere else were they can start their life without anybodys interfierence.

  13. Shahed ask again, what is the plan? She has to take that mangalsutra off her neck already. It’s irritating.

  14. now its time saumya should be stubborn towards harmans drinking.she must stop talking to harman after todays episode.he must be restless & hold saumya tightly and ask her what happened?
    she must take kasam from him that he will never drink again or else she will just leave him and go forever from him.
    she must make him understand that his drinking habit is hurting her & makes her feel insecure and she feels that he is missing his family and this happened because of her.
    so she doesnt want him to be helpless & spoil his life.because of her he left his family & house.his situation is just because of her.and he is drinking because he is regretting.
    listening to her harman should be afraid of saumya leaving him & he must swear on her that never in his life he will touch the drinks.some love nok jhok must be there in between harman & saumya.
    makers let them stand on their legs yaar.allow them to do something.why these kareena is spoiling everything

  15. Tonight’s episode was silly. After a few weeks of good episodes this crap. We wanted strong Saumya who is strong in her mind, confident, believes in herself and Harman and what is right, can stand up for herself, face society, have ambitions to live life without losing her goodness and compassion, have dignity, inspire kinnars. But makers thought that showing fighting goons will make Saumya look strong. How childish and unbelievable.

  16. Veeran like Kareena became a muderer overnight. If 90% of the people in this world were murderers as shown in Shakti Mahinder Bebe Preeto Varun veeran Ravis father and husband no one will be alive in this world today. Veraans acting was not convincing at all as if he did not believe in the role either.

  17. todays episode was very confusing & sad also.very strange to watch harman so relaxed mood.last scene were director says harman to come for the party that heroine was looking so happy and harman was also very happy looking at her as if nothing happened.she seems so happy that she kissed harman & touched him & he too had a good time with her.
    if he had pushed her from touching him he would have in a angry mood which he always is.
    but never thought harman would change like this.saumya is so hurt by this but harman is not bothered also.
    here makers are just showing their separation slowly by themselves & others plan too.
    instead harman love saumya too much when they were in harak singh house.
    very strange & dissapointing watching this.were this love story is going to end with separation & sacrifice.

  18. I don’t think Harman has taken any importance to what the Heroine did, he doesn’t even know about the lipstick on his neck and I don’t think he was looking at the Heroine when he came to the shooting sight, I think he was looking at the Director. He looks happy because the Director told him to bring his Gulabo to the party. I have the feeling that the Heroine intentionally planted that lipstick on Harman’s neck to cause trouble between Haya but she won’t succeed. I’m sure the makers wants to show us the strength of Harman and Saumya’s love for each other and one of the text they have to face and also despite Saumya being a Kinner, Harman will never cheats on her. I saw a segment where Saumya hugged Harman, I thought it’ll be on today’s episode but it wasn’t shown so when are they showing that scene? Anyway, we shouldn’t talk negative all that time, we should have a little faith on the makers.

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