Shakti Spoiler: Soumya turns a maid to stay away from Harman

Jul 15 , 2017 | | 21 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Beyhadh fame Imran Khan to enter Shakti, Soumya to be a maid

The upcoming story track in Colors’ popular serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will keep the viewer and fans of Shakti on toes as Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) will remain adamant about not uniting with Harman (Vivian D’Sena).

Harman and Soumya’s life has once again taken the sad turn as Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) succeeds in filling Soumya’s mind with negativity towards Harman. While Preeto knows that Harman hides Soumya’s kinner identity to keep Soumya safe and protected, Preeto feeds Soumya that Harman feels ashamed of Soumya’s kinner identity and loves only Soumya’s outer beauty. Soumya confronts Harman and upon not receiving a satisfactory answer from Harman, leaves Harman and his house. Soumya goes to Saya’s kinner house and turns into Tarana kinner.

Soumya accepts the kinner way of living and tries to forget Harman. On the other hand, Harman tries to bring back Soumya by every possible mean and way. Harman uses force, kidnapping, pleading and requesting, but Soumya refuses to be back with Harman. Soumya asks Saya’s help for going to Bangkok to get away from Harman. However, the kinners from Saya’s kinner house will attempt to unite Harman and Soumya. However, as per the latest news, Soumya will remain adamant and refuse to be back with Harman.

Soumya will go missing and will turn up as a maid in a household. Beyhadh fame actor Imran Khan will be seen and will own the house where Soumya will work as a maid. Will Harman find Soumya? Will Imran Khan’s character play a major role in Harman and Soumya’s relationship or in finding Soumya’s astitva? Keep reading this space for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

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21 thoughts on “Shakti Spoiler: Soumya turns a maid to stay away from Harman”

  1. Road pe aadmi ko saumya Se ghin anelagi jab Pata chala woh ek kinnar hain, use uski beauty Se bhi pharak nahin pada.
    But Harman when he knew she is kinnar he reacted but then he loved his innocence.
    And later everyone knows what happened. Harman ko saumya Se kuch nahin mila Jo ek aadmi ko chaiye,par Harman ne ek insan Se pyaar chaha aur pure dedication Se pyaar Kiya.
    Duniya main aisa sachha or unconditional pyaar kisko nahin milta hain.
    And that idiot saumya ko Harman Ka pyaar nahin dikhta????
    Makers are mad not characters because characters are made by makers.
    What a shit is this.ek aadmi ne apni puri zindagi kharab kardi ek pagal kinnar ke pichhe

  2. I thinks makers will break Haya. That is their mission. After 3 weeks there will be no Haya the way things are going. Makers never wanted Haya. They did not even have a Haya only montage until viewers requested. They never promoted Haya before. So this time they have succeeded by making people believe in this separation which did not make sense anyway. I feel they have fooled the viewers.

  3. such a sweet love story it was of harman & was harman’s gulabo a innocent doll with gods special child as kinar.
    a sweet,innocent,simple face with gods beauty given to her.
    ordians had really mesmerised harmans unconditional love for saumya,were fans wanted harman to take saumya & start a new life and they started also with their was good to watch.
    but now makers have spoiled everything ,very depressing to watch saumya in such make up & attitude for harman who is no were wrong doesnt make sense of he cheating the misunderstanding what is been shown between them is illogical.she being rude & leaving him is another illogical.
    actually the track is illogical.
    always thought it will be a superb love story & continue with their bonding & end also in a happy note.
    but makers have spoiled the show with dirtyness & saumya attitude for harman.
    harman woh insaan hain jisne saumya ko zindagi jeena sikhaya,use duniya ki choti si choti khushi di jise woh anjan thi
    uski maa se bhi yeh khushiyan saumya ko nahin mili kyonki uska baap nahin de raha tha.
    harman ne saumya ko sab kuch diya ,apni zindagi tak bhi uske naam kardi.uske badlemain use sirf saumya ka saath aur pyaar chaiye tha,jo saumya itna bhi use nahin de payyi.
    infact use itna hurt kiya & he poor fellow is still following her because he loves her more than anything in this world.
    he only survive for her. aise pyaar ke liye ladki duniya chode de astitva to door ki baath hain.
    any girl would have shouted publically that she loves harman & own her life to him.
    but so sad to see this love story continuing & might ends up with very negativity.feeling very very sad.
    par ab yeh wish adhuri hi rehjayegi saumya ko harman ki gulabo aur uski biwi bane dekhna .

  4. Saumya will not be Harman innocent saumya now. She cannot be loved now.harmans saumya was only his.she use to only survive for him.harman was her whole world.
    Now saumya has changed to tarana who wants everything like astitva, money, name accept Harman and his unconditional love.
    If she comes back to Harman she will have motives behind it.tarana who was saumya cannot be trusted now.this Harman will also realize now. And with disheartened he will stop following her.
    Makers have changed saumya character as tarana. She will never become saumya guys now saumya urf tarana has become like preeto and gang for planning and plotting.
    Harman is the only one who will break down and feeling pitty for him,that he is hurted so much.
    Actually Harman must just leave everything and go somewhere without informing his address. Leaving a All the best letter for saumya & preeto.
    Harman ne saumya Ko likhna chaiye Maine tumhe chalna sikha diya gulaboo aur ab tum bahut door nikal gayi Jahan tume mere
    Sahare aur pyaar ki jaroorat nahin.toh main dua karoonga tum hamesha khush raho.
    Par Maine hamesha meri gulaboo ko chaha
    Jo bahut bholi aur masoom thi , aur sirf apne Harman ji ki thi isliye main uski yaadon ke Sahare apni zindagi ji loonga. Ab main tumhe taang karne aur jabardasti karne tumhare samne kabhi nahin aaoonga.main Yeh sheher chod ke ja raha hoon.
    And for preeto he must say that is janam main mai saumya ke alava kisi Se pyaar nahin kar sakta, Jo tujhe gavara nahin hain.
    Apne dil Se majboor hoon.
    Tera karz agle janam tera beta banke chuka doonga. Bhul jana tera Koi beta bhi tha.

  5. If it would have been in our hands,would have made saumya sold out to Bangkok kinner & made her realized how much Harman loved her & how much safe,secured,happy & respected she was with him.she would have regretted why she misunderstood him and got influenced by preeto words.would have made malika to beg by Harman to save kinar saumya and apologize for her mistake. Would have made saumya desperately wait for Harman. Would have made her hurt her emotions so much as she did with Harman
    if she attempted for suicide after being tortured would have not let her do that and made her suffered more and remembered Harman. For hurting Harman without no reason. She says mata rani if I get Harman ji never in my life leave him listening to others. Use bulvate Harman ji ko ek baar dekh ne ke baad agar maut bhi aa jaye Toh gam nahin

  6. I’m really fed up with Saumya. I wish Harman will stop following her and live his own life. He should leave the village, his family and everyone and move to a place where he’ll have some peace and maybe find a good woman to love him unconditionally because it seems Saumya doesn’t love him enough. She keeps on hurting him and I can’t stand it. She is lucky that though she is a kinner, someone loves her unconditionally and she is bluffing. I saw in one of the segment that the kinners tried to unit them but Saumya was still adamant to stay with Harman. I wish Harman finally leaves her and kinners too stop supporting her and lets see how she will survive without him. Going to Bangkok all alone without knowing anyone, how can she survive there? I wish she falls into deep trouble and start yearning for Harman to come and save her that’s when she’ll realise Harman’s importance.

  7. Tonight 17 July episode was terrible with full episode occupied by side characters and plotting plus taunts. Why has Taranas lips become square shape? Looks really odd.

  8. Normally intelligent Harman was so stupid today that they took Saumya away and he did not see. Illogical to the utmost. Stupid stupid track.

  9. preeto & harak singh are the lead roles of this show.their love story is going to take a lead.harman is not aware what preeto is still planning.
    jab harman ko pata hi chalna nahin tha ki preeto,harak,shanoo,ravi,varun,balwinder,maninder yeh sab saumya ke against plan karte hain toh chintu ko malum hote hue kyon dikhaya jaraha hain.dont understand.
    chintu knows everything as saumya ko tereace se ravi aur shanoo ne dhaka diya tha.aur abhi bhi preeto kareena ke sath milkar saumya ka planning chalu hain.varun harman ke saath rehkar uski sab khabar preeto ko deta hain.aur ghar main kinar ko bula kar usme saumya bhi hain jo nach ne wali hain,yeh sab chintu ko pata hain but harman ko nahin.very strange????????
    what a stupid idiot pathetic illogical track.
    saumya toh sab jagahe nachne ko tyaar hain,road pe,harman ke ghar pe,usne toh harman ki pyaar ko badnaam karke rakh diya.
    saumya fullfilled the wish of preeto & family by dancing & with her so called disgusting astitva look.
    ise kehte hain bin mange moti miljana.and that poor fellow harman is not even aware what is happening in front of him.aaj toh preeto ka ghar kotha hain aur wahan saumya nachne wali hain aur preeto aur sab maza lene wale hain.
    jaise jab aditya ka nek lene kareena aur team aayi thi aur bache ko hava main pheka jaraha tha.
    tabhi harman apni maa ka kuch nahin kar saka tha.
    tit for tat woh hota jab harman aise time main saumya ko leke romantic dance karta.
    but for makers preeto & family (kamya punjabi) are the lead roles in this show.
    never thought shakti ka show itna gir jayega.
    harman ko hero jaisa dikha hi nahin rahe hain.he is like a dumb smartness of catching the culprits like varun,preeto,ravi,shannoo,balwinder.

  10. that day saumya was not ready to go to doctor because she wanted that nobody should know that she is harak singh daughter-in-law.
    and today she herself is going to their house for nek & to do mujra stupid as that.
    this is just she is hurting harmans emotions & feelings which is not right.hopeless show.
    and that stupid rubina is having so much of attitude when she is talking to the ordians with an oxford accent.disgusting.

  11. It was so nice to see saumya’s innocence with Harman. The episode were saumya went to meet maninder without informing Harman and he brings her back and their sweet fight were Harman pampers her and hug her so cute it was. Itna achha lagta tha jab Harman saumya pe apna hakh jata, aur use bhi won achha lagta tha.
    When theives attacked both of them,tab bhi dono apne bandage karte hue.
    Her innocence and sweetness with Harman was mesmerizing to watch.but now makers lost that charm of saumya. It’s difficult that she willhave such innocence once again. Harman will never get her gulaboo back
    With such kinar look horrible make ups,attitude, habits. Lost her identity of being Harmans wife and daughter of Nimmi.
    All dirty shit of Bangkok. Sold her out. Cheap will still continue. Will never be able to see her in simple saree,simple charming face, always under Harmans love shell.
    Will alway miss those sweet moments between them. Both were very happy. Preeto is the main culprit. She snatched her sons love & innocence of a girl. That woman should never be spared.harman must be aware about it. But preeto kamya punjabi is the lead of the show.

  12. New track of Shakti
    Sleeping beauty Surbhi wakes up. She sees Prince Charming Harman standing near her bed looking very sad and lost. Harman tells her about Tarana. Surbhi consoles Harman, pours her love on him. Gradually over time as Tarana builds her name as an entertainer in Bangkok, Harman falls in love with Surbhi. Finally Harman rescues Surbhi from the demon named Varun and takes her with him to the kingdom of Queen Preeto. Queen Preeto is ecstatic. She gets Sleeping beauty Surbhi married to Prince Charming Harman. They produce 10 waaris in 10 years. As Tarana kinnar gets famous for her entertainment shows in Thailand prince Harman lives happily ever after with princess Surbhi with his 10 children in Preeto kingdom. They have so much money that don’t need to work or send their children to school for education. They eat pani puri, pulao and paratha all day and play carrom. The kinnars all lose hope after watching Saumyas transformation into cruel mean entertainer Tarana and they all commit suicude. The world is now free from kinnars. And Shakti which is now renamed as Extinction of kinnars by Tarana ends on its 350th episode and goes off air.

  13. I’ve even lost interest in watching Shakti. Saumya told the kinners that Harman has done so much for her and loves her very much and she also admitted to them that she loves him then why is she behaving so stupidly? If she is smart she should have find out why he didn’t announce her identity to the society but rather she left him. Its a pity that with all that they’ve been through, she didn’t know Harman very well. Now I don’t even know how they’ll reconcile.

  14. Exactly makers have lost idea what are they up to.normal people don’t get love in this society.”stupid dialogues in the promo pyaar se vishwas uth gaya harman ji”mad woman what vishwas she wants,infact harman ne kehna chaiye pyaar se vishwas uth gaya.ek kinnar ko itna aur jaan se badkar chaha usne hi aaj chod diya.
    and what a kinner is getting from harman is speechless.
    harman a person with full of dedication towards his love is staying outside kinner house and still that fool doesnt understand.dont understand what happiness she is getting staying in kinner house.what will she do with her astitva if she wont get a secured,happy,loved life which she had got from harman???still there is time to go back to him,dont understand the makers logic.there is no sense in her fight.and that mad woman malika she is been shown stupid.all kinners should tell that mad woman saumya that she has lost it.
    such life,love & partner she cannot even imagine in her life,she will never get such human being.its her luck & gods wish that she has got.stay with him,respect his love & do help other kinnars ,then there will be some meaning for her harman had come to help them.
    being harmans wife ,do some good deed for the society including kinnar so that they are respected & they will get a life in the society.
    what bull shit these makers are showing,solding of tarana to foreign country & nonsense.
    stop this before spoiling the show.let saumya realise her mistake & confess harman that she loves him & come back to him & and start a new life with him doing some social cause
    teaching kinnar to earn respectfully,joining NGOS helping some sensible story.we love the show thats the reason we still suggest.
    let harman know his mothers cruel planning behind this.
    atleast respect ordians suggestions.

  15. Makers want to show preeto kamya punjabi as a lead in shakti. So after so many episode she is still strong and more intelligent than everyone.
    She can stop every one.and spoil everyone’s life and mind. The way she wants to move Harman and saumya she do it. Creates misunderstanding,plans with other negative kinner, stops chintu,varun is her messenger,ravi as her assistant for putting poison in dishes.harak Singh as doing illegal things with police.she is the most powerful woman.she plays chess.creates situation in public. Each an every plot planning done by preeto. What a lead character. Humilates people. Throw them out. Show them their aukad.she wants when people get unwell. Inspite of doing all planning she is safe and sound. And if character like dumb saumya projected by makers are there then of course ball will be in her court itself.
    Makers must show saumya strong in front of preeto. That inspite of your planning to separate Harman and saumya you will never succeed. But makers favorite character is preeto the lead she cannot be shown weak,so others have to suffer. Others will have to look dumb.moral of the story.

  16. Sans and Sheila no point in getting angry with Saumya. It is the nonsense illogical makers who have come up with this plot. I fear that reconciliation is not in their minds. And yes Preeto is playing chess game with the stupid character Saumya and Harman And this time she won. Evil wins over good in this serial and no upliftment for the kinnars. The kinnar progression in this serial is shown like spraying a little bit of pepper in a big bowl of soup. Kinnars work as entertainers and servants. Why not as a seamstress, tailor, making handicrafts and pottery. Why was Tarana placed with kinnars in gurdaspur and she couldn’t tell the kinnars this is is her in laws house?0

  17. Does sleeping beauty Surbhi not need to use the toilet or has Varun put her in diapers? I am also surprised that she she is not getting dehydrated.

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