Shakti Spoiler: Soumya turns Tarana, refuses to go back with Harman

Jul 05 , 2017 | | 20 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Latest News: Soumya takes Tarana avatar, Kinners keep Harman away from Soumya

The upcoming storyline of popular Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will bring in a shocking twist that will turn Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) and Harman’s (Vivian D’Sena) lives upside down.

Preeto’s (Kamya Punjabi) plan of creating a misunderstanding amid Harman and Soumya will finally be successful as Soumya will come in Preeto’s trap. While Harman and Soumya would move towards living a life filled with love and respect, Preeto will manage to create negativity in Soumya’s mind towards Harman. Preeto and Harak Singh want to throw Soumya out of Harman’s life at any cost and accordingly, Preeto traps Soumya. On Harman’s birthday, Soumya and Harman celebrate Harman’s birthday with family but later Harman leaves from the party.

Preeto takes the advantage of the situation and informs Soumya that Harman loves only the outer beauty of Soumya. Preeto tells Soumya that Harman wants to hide the reality of Soumya being a kinner from the society as Harman is ashamed of it. In reality, Harman hides Soumya’s kinner identity as he is worried about her safety and security in the society. However, Soumya falls prey for Preeto’s words and will decide to test Harman’s love. In a shocking twist of the upcoming Shakti serial episode, Soumya will be seen in the avatar of Tarana kinner.

Soumya will behave like a kinner and Harman will be shocked to find Soumya in the Kinner house. Harman will plead and even force Soumya to be back home with him, however, Soumya will refuse to go back with Harman. Moreover, other kinners will join Soumya and will block Harman from meeting or talking to Soumya. What is Soumya up to? Will Harman get his Soumya back? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Shakti serial.

20 thoughts on “Shakti Spoiler: Soumya turns Tarana, refuses to go back with Harman”

  1. Omg what is happening, why is Saumya doubting Harman, upon all what he has done for her. Preeto is really very wicked, she knows very well that Harman is trying to protect Saumya that’s why he doesn’t want society to know her identity but she twisted everything so that Saumya will be angry at Harman and leave the house and she succeeded. She hasn’t realised what she has done to her son, she’ll regret hurting her son like that.

  2. Come to think of it, I think this coming track is necessary because their seperation will make Saumya think of all that she has gone through with Harman and will realise how much she loves Harman. Up till now, Harman is the only one whose actions and confession shows how much he loves Saumya but she hasn’t confessed it and though her actions shows that she also loves him, it’s not enough. It seems like Harman is the only one who shows so much love to Saumya and she is not doing enough to show her love to Harman rather she is doubting him because he doesn’t want society to know her identity. I hope being separated from Harman will make her realise his worth and confess her love to him already.

  3. makers had ruined the show earlier also & now also they will do it again.makers are always towards the society means harak singh & family.they will always support the society,harman & saumya unique love story will never end up with happiness that is for sure.if they are showing that saumya has been influenced by preetos words,at the same time they should have been shown saumya wise enough to judge preeto instead of harman.
    she is very well aware of harman intentions & his unconditional love for her.when harman was married to surbhi there he was ready to take saumya to terrace & announce to people that his wife is a kinner & he loves her.harak singh had pointed him gun at that moment of time.everytime harman was ready to announce to people but saumya herself had stopped him.
    so if she loves harman she must realise that if he is stopping her there is something wrong going on.she must bluntly say preeto that whatever harman will think will be right & she will never go against him.
    and this point of time harman & saumya love should be so strong that their misunderstanding must be cleared between themselves only.
    now its time were saumya should think of harman not about herself.
    as when she went to shanoo & said that do not try to kill her as if she dies harman will not survive,so she must remember that if any wrong decesion if she takes she will loose harman.
    common yaar we are just wasting our time behind this.makers have lost their mind.spoiled the whole show.
    such people like preeto & team will never be human in life.instead teaching them a lesson makers just target the lead roles.

  4. harman should come to know that all this is planned by preeto.this time he must give them back.he must show his hatered towards them.he must say them that they will never get their son back.
    they wanted only their so called waris for that they are ready to loose their son,so now they will never be able to see their son.
    & will never get their son.once they almost lost their son but because of that foolish saumya they got him back,now that stupid saumya is also not there.she went back to her so called vajood the end yaar let harman marry some proper girl as his family wants & give them the waris & finish it off.
    stop with this kinner drama nonsense.instead of making cruel people realise their mistake ,here makers are mad showing dispute between two people whos love was a unique love story.forget it.what a pathetic story line after fighting so much with the family & society harman had a peaceful breath that he can live with his wife saumya ,here that mad woman in a second she left him & suddenly went to bangkok also,and again he went searching for her,how disgusting is this.hopeless show yaar.
    really surprised.when she wanted that kinner life why the hell she stayed with him as his wife??????.she herself didnt want to stay to the world that she is a kinner.totally stupid.

  5. Cannot stop writing when makers make mockery of this show. For every ten days Harman saumya are together as husband and wife in their bedroom and again separated by the family members.
    After leaving surbhi Harman and saumya adopted a baby stayed as a couple and finally preeto played trick and the baby went along with nri couple. Till date Harman is not aware that preeto was behind many times preeto poisoned saumya, Harman still not aware.saumya was pushed by shanoo and ravi from terrace.still he is not aware everything is planned by preeto. It would have been very interesting if Harman takes saumya to abroad informing preeto that now it’s enough of planning. You will never accept
    Her as my wife. So I will never come back to this house and set a new place for saumya. Show something different. Harman saumya finally do something new in their life and starting their own sweet home with their married life without interference of preeto and harak family

  6. You’re all absolutely right, I’m surprised that Saumya has doubted Harman upon all that he as done for her. Harman has risked his life so many times for Saumya and earlier as San said Harman was ready to announce Saumya’s identity on the terrace but Harak Singh stopped him with a gun. The same Saumya wanted her identity to be hidden but now suddenly she believes Preeto, the same person who has made her life miserable over Harman who has stood by her in every situation. As San said, if she is a smart girl she should have realised that there is something wrong with Harman that’s why he didn’t want to reveal her identity. He wanted to earlier but now he doesn’t so she should have been smart enough to figure it out but because she is so daft and dump she has fallen into Preeto’s trap again. The Kinner’s community that she was afraid to go before, now she has gone there herself willingly. How stupid can she be. What has she really done for Harman compared to what Harman has done for her, she has not yet confessed the love she feels for Harman because she feels insecure of her identity, and even that Harman has not forced her to confess it though he wish she’ll tell him how she feels for him but no she is always in the receiving end being showered with love and affection from Harman but always hesitate to show her affection towards him. I wish someone like Saya will put some sense in her and make her understand how lucky she is to have a handsome man like Harman to love a kinner like her. Not all kinners are that lucky. I don’t know how they’ll end up in Bangkok, whether they’ll solve the problem and go together as planned or Saumya will go there first and Harman will follow. Well let’s wait and see.

  7. very surprising to see in youtube saumya back to kinner house?????what a shit of this show.when makers wanted to show this crap why did they show her with harman in his house as his wife,being a mother.oh god how disgusting is this.then why the makers showed harman rescuing saumya from kinner world ?????.if she was suppose to return to that world willingly herself then why this drama of love she once said to harman “bahut dookh hota hain jab kisiko uski duniya se koi door lejata hain”.when she herself wants that world why she returned to this world???????
    why she fought to come back to this world??? why she cried to harman on phone to take her back from kinner society were she was forced to stay.this is really ridiculous & disgusting new track.

  8. Exactly San, it’s really disgusting that the kinner community that Saumya doesn’t want to stay suddenly she goes there willingly, maybe she wants to get back at Harman. Saya is acting as a mother and supporting Saumya. They’ve all forgotten what Harman has done for Saumya. Anyway, I saw that Harman is kidnapping Saumya I hope he succeeds.

  9. what the makers are showing is really very disgusting & ridiculous.saumya (kinner) is been shown selfish to get her rights from the society.this right if she fights with the society its ok,but here she is using harman for this which is totally wrong.harman never backed out from the society to reveal saumya is a kinner,but at present if he is backing out is not that he hates kinner but he wants to save harman is been shown selfish which he is not.
    whatever saumya,malika & team are doing with harman is not right.
    here preeto & family should have been targeted.but idaly here preeto will realise that what mistake she has playing games to separate harman & saumya they have lost their son.harman the poor one has lost himself on saumya,now he will not be normal again.he himself will lose his identity.if preeto begs in front of saumya for harman she will never get her son back.she must regret for what she has done.she just wanted to win from saumya the kinner,but harak & preeto never realised that they will loose their son forever.
    infact saumya will also loose harman & his unconditional love,influenced by preeto for her rights & indentity from the society saumya must not have hurted harman so badly.
    infact saumya also turned selfish as preeto,she does not deserve so much of love from harman.the attitude what saumya is showing to harman as tarana she should have used that guds to preeto & maninder not harman.her own father who is responsible for her birth deserves that not harman.
    after knowing saumya is a kinner for the first time he reacted which was obvious on his part,but at the same time he does not even cared about the damn world to say that he loves saumya inspite she being a kinner.
    very dissapointing track what makers showed.felt very sad actually.very upset.its finished now.

  10. Actually feels like killing saumya. In just a fraction of a minute she changed so much. She use to shiver in front of preeto. And for Harman she is showing so much of attitude. If she was so eager with her so called astitva why didn’t she came with the kinner get up in front of the police when she got the witness for Harman rescue when he was in jail. Surprised with saya can even she instigate saumya to take this step. She knows preeto very well. She should have made saumya realized that Harman will never back out this way there has to be some problem. So do not take such step. We’re are those kinners were Harman went with the money to help them. He was ready to fight with society for their rights.shit shit this is really a shit what is been shown.

  11. people will start hating more for kinners.saumya is gone mad she has become blind,but saya inspite of being little sensible how can she give wrong advice to saumya.instead of making her understand she is supporting for her wrong thoughts.
    what not harman did for saumya.he left his house for her,he starved and feeded her food in langar.he risked his life so that he can earn money & atleast give her two times food.he wored the same cloth & got her no of his house he always supported her inspite of marrying surbhi.there was no limit of harmans love towards saumya.he just lived only for her.
    for this foolish woman kinner.for her nonsense astitva she just walked away.she does not deserve that love from him.the man who lived for her from the start when he knew what she was this mad foolish woman just beleived what preeto said.disgustiing woman,she deserves to be in kinner world.she will realise what life harman gave her with him & what life she will get being in kinner world.

    1. Agree with San. Show attitude to Harman but behave like a beggar for pity and love with Singh family and her father. I do not like this Saumya at all. Makers have destroyed Saumya character yet again. As it is this character is an unpopular lead. Why keep on making her unpopular by making her behave in this way. If I were Harman I would be fed up and leave this psycho ungrateful person and start a new life fresh. Enough is enough. First a crying baby, then a robot and a puppet, nodding her head, then forcing him to marry Surbhi, Preeto ki Gulam, then the Kasam queen and now this. I have lost all my sympathy for Saumya. If she wants to reveal her identity fine. But don’t Harman. Talk to him properly. Find out what is bothering him. Trust him. Makers are menoryless Harman has so many times told her she dies nor need to change, she is complete, she is perfect for him. Now they have made Saumya menoryless. Then makers had always portrayed Saumya as a foolish idiotic person who is generous to the wrong people. Because of her stupidity she made Kareena her enemy and now if she loses Harman serves her right. No sympathy. Bye bye Haya. Harman go and find someone who will give you the love you deserve.

  12. in the morning I studied one spoi that harman will success to kidnapp somuya of kinner’s house and then both they will go Banghok and there will send together. now it is proper time that harman should solve misundrestanding and say the truth so that somuya ashamed of her big mistake and confess her love to harman and when they come back, later somuya be pregnant and even also they should bring aditya. somuya should say to harman that preeto say me and also chintu should say to harman everything. preeto and haraksingh will shock with somuya’s pregnancy. now somuya must realize that before preeto tried for separation her of harman so she should’t show her baby to they and she force harman that go away of this house because now shano and ravi can hurt to our children.

  13. It’s confirmed that the Bangkok trip will happen that means Harman will succeed in kidnapping Saumya and clear up the misunderstanding between them then they’ll travel as planned. If its really true then I’ll be happy that Preeto didn’t succeed to separate them.

  14. whats the guarantee that saumya will behave properly with harman & quietly go with him to bangkok?? how will he take him??tieing her mouth,hands & legs.that character is brainless.she will scream shout in public & say that he is forcing her.
    or she will try to escape from harman ?? god knows what that stupid makers will do.
    and that stupid rubina in her interview t viewers she is blamming the character of harman instead of an individual atleast she can say the truth.she is supporting preeto & blamming harman.
    preeto & all kinners will also go behind these two to mess more.
    without preeto & her planning makers cannot think beyond that.
    the main leads are preeto,ravi,harak,shano everybody other than harman,saumya & chintu.
    spoiled the show everytime by separating bot harman & saumya.and that hopeless kinner look.oh god.when people are aware that some looks cannot be shown they do that again & again.disgusting.

  15. makers have shown harman saumya passport is been made just now.but sudden surprise will be when other kinners,preeto & family will reach bagkok behind them to.makers can do anything accept saumya becoming pregnant & not being a kinner.

  16. actually saumya deserves to be in the kinner world only.she is lucky enough that god has atleast given her beauty inspite being a kinner.and if she is getting harmans love she is the luckiest one.
    when after marriage harman got to know that saumya is a kinner at that moment, inspite of saumya being beautiful he hated her,but after being with her he started liking her with her innocence,sweetness,her nature which was without any selfishness.he started liking her as a individual.there itself he loved her with her own identity & individuality.he was ever ready to say that saumya his wife is a kinner & he loves her more than anything in this world.
    now poor one he doesn’t want to lose her,this saumya must understand.inspite she is been influenced by preeto the woman who never respected or loved any one in this a human being she is never to be respected.
    whatever saumya said to harman was absolutely wrong and useless thought.
    for this show there is only one thing saumya got more than what she deserved.she is supposed to live her future life in kinner house with her own so called vajood.she must also realise that what love & life she got when she was with harman and what she is getting with other kinners.infact saya too had realised that she got that respect from harman if she was a kinner
    harman loved her more than his own life,the poor fellow will never be able to love anybody again.he must just go away from this city forever.his parents must also realise & they deserve that they have lost their son forever.
    and saumya must also realise that because of her that foolish decesion she lost harman too.and she will never again be able to meet or see harman.
    people in this life should know that what they get they should be happy & satisfied.never force yourself for anything which you dont get in life.

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