Silsila Pyaar Ka: Janki tricks Raunak and Kajal with false story

May 23, 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka: Janki bribes Bua to trap Raunak (Abhay Vakil) and Kajal (Chhavi Pandey) with false story about Randhir’s past

The upcoming episodes of Silsila Pyaar Ka will show that Janki’s evil truth will finally come out in front of Raunak and Kajal and they will be dazed to know that Janki can stoop so low. Raunk threatens to leave the house knowing that Janki tried to kill Randhir. However, Janki brings in Raunak’s Bua and asks her to tell the truth. Bua says that Randhir was in love with another woman and wanted to kill Raunak,Neeti and Janki to get them out of his way. Bua also says that Randhir met with an accident and went missing. Janki says that that she kept the past secret hidden from Raunak so that he would not be hurt knowing about the truth. Raunak is not sure whether to believe Janki and Bua but Kajal convinces him for it. Kajal coaxes Raunak to forgive his mother and patch up so that all of them can live like a happy family. However, Janki once again shows her evil face as it gets revealed that she had bribed Bua to tell a false story. Janki gives Bua bundles of money and also gives her jewelry to make sure Bua never discloses her secret. Bua tries to dig out information from Janki but Janki asks her to stay out of her matters and she would keep providing her with money. Kajal comes in just then and both Janki and Bua gets shocked seeing her. However, Kajal will not hear their conversation and will continue to believe that Janki is innocent. Nidhi will be aware about Janki’s past and will warn Janki about it. Raunak overhears their conversation and once again starts having doubt. What is Janki’s real secret? What will be Kajal and Raunak’s reaction knowing Janki’s real evil intentions and past secrets? Let’s wait and watch.

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