Silsila Pyaar Ka: Kajal shocked seeing Janki giving wrong treatment to Randhir

May 30, 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka: Raunak (Abhay Vakil) asks Kajal (Chhavi Pandey) to take care off Randhir’s health

The current track of Silsila Pyaar Ka has taken an interesting turn with Kajal determined to get Randhir treated. Kajal pretends in front of Raunak that she does not want Randhir to be in the house. However, Raunak sees Randhir walking in a daze being harassed by roadside people so he gets him to the house. Raunak tells Kajal that Radhir is her responsibility now. Kajal is happy hearing this and taunts Janki that now all her hidden secrets will be exposed to Raunak. Janki is furious with Randhir's return and decides to keep an eye on Kajal. Kajal gets a new doctor for Randhir and Janki interferes saying that he is already being treated and does not need a new doctor. Kajal takes Janki out of the room forcibly and Raunak sees her and gets angry on Kajal. However, Kajal will soon come to know through the doctors that Randhir has been given a wrong treatment. Kajal will be shocked knowing Janki’s evil truth and will decide to expose it to Raunak.

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