Silsila Pyaar Ka Latest news: Kajal realizes Janvi’s secret

May 15, 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka Latest news: Raunak upset with Kajal not being able to trust Janki

Silsila Pyaar Ka has moved to another mysterious track where Kajal is trying to find out Janki hidden secret.

Kajal had earlier seen Janki at the hospital although she had told her that’s he is at and engagement party. Kajal immediately realizes that Janki is once again hiding some big secret.

Kajal and Janki don’t share a good relationship and Janki is determined to get Kajal out of the house.

However, Janki knows that Raunak is crazy in love with Kajal so she behaves nicely with Kajal although she hates her.

On the other hand, Kajal sees Janki entering into a secret room which no one is aware about.

Kajal once again starts having a doubt on Janki and wants to know what is hidden inside the room.

Kajal tries to open the door but Nidhi comes there and advices Kajal to stay away from Janki and her secrets.

However, Nidhi too wants to know the secret so that’s he can use it against Janki.

Nidhi, Kamini and Munmun are making their plan to create problems for Janki and her family to seek their revenge.

On the other hand, Raunak is upset with Kajal as she is unable to trust Janki. Raunak wants Janki and Kajal to be united for his sake. In the upcoming episodes of the show it will be seen that Kajal will notice the bunch of keys and will try to get the key of the secret room. However, Janki will catch Kajal and reprimand her for it. Kajal’s attempts to get the keys will fail but she will not lose hope and will continue with her attempts to find out the truth.  What is Janki’s hidden secret? Is it related to her husband? The truth will be knowing in the upcoming episode of the show.

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