Silsila Pyaar Ka Latest news: Raunak confronts Janki for trying to kill Randhir

May 18, 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka Latest news: Kajal (Chhavi Pandey) drinks poison milk to prove to Raunak (Abhay Vakil) that Janki is trying to kill Randhir

The upcoming episodes of Silsila Pyaar Ka will see the big confrontation between Raunak and Janki where Raunak will demand Janki to reveal the reason for her trying to kill Randhir. It was earlier seen that Janki, Kamini, Nidhi, Harish and Munmun together plan to get Randhir killed by adding poison in his milk. Janki wants Randhir to be out of the house before he gets back his memory or else all her past secrets will be revealed. Janki feels that she cannot lose Raunak at any cost but he will go away from her if Randhir reveals her evil deeds. Therefore, Janki and her gang make a big plan to kill Randhir. However, when Kajal gets the milk for Randhir, she notices that the ants around the milk have died. Janki is also shocked to see the diya flame going off which is a bad omen. Kajal immediately understands that there is something added in the milk. Kajal confronts Janki in front of Raunak about why she added poison in Randhir’s milk. Raunak is furious with Kajal’s allegations and warns her against talking badly about his mother. However, Kajal does not get bogged down by Raunak’s words and decides to take a big step to prove her point. Kajal drinks the glass of milk and Raunak is shocked to see Kajal becoming unconscious with blood coming out of her mouth. Kajal rushes Kajal to the hospital while Sakshi too starts crying for her mother. On the other hand, the evil gang of Janki, Kamini, Munmun Harish and Nidhi gets scared thinking that Raunak has come to know about their evil plans. It will now be seen that Raunak will confront Janki about the reason for trying to kill Randhir. Raunak will also blame Janki as Kajal’s life is in danger because of her. Will Janki reveal her secrets to Raunak or will she make another web of lies? Stay tuned for more updates.

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